March 19th True Grit Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 19, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to listen to the viewpoints of others

☆The way forward is to understand that by listening to others you will learn far more than by clinging to your beliefs.

The Birthday Of True Grit, The Day Of Dogged Persistence

March 19th True Grit Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 19th Birthdays

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Sun, the individual

Tarot card: The Sun (enthusiasm)

Favorable numbers: 1, 4

Lucky days: Thursday and Sunday, especially when this day falls on 1 and 4 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, orange, green

Birthstone: Aquamarine

People born on March 19 are blessed with considerable motivation and vitality. Others are often drawn to them because they possess a childlike energy and openness. Although they may give the appearance of being dreamy at times, they are extremely practical and determined.

Once they have settled on a goal, these people will work tirelessly to achieve it. They are a brilliant combination of imagination and action, creating a mental image of what they want and then taking assertive, methodical and practical steps to achieve it. In fact, they are virtually unstoppable when they have put their action plan in place, and however difficult, mundane or repetitious things are, they will see it through.

This determined approach is a recipe for success and—if directed toward a worthy goal—can take them not just to the top but to new ground. It can, however, also backfire. When their goals can’t be realized, it can leave them feeling disappointed and depressed. Part of the problem is that many of their goals and dreams are based on material success and the recognition of others. They need to learn that fulfillment does not just come from outward things but also from inner contentment. Only when they are able to look within and understand the importance of both personal and professional satisfaction will they achieve lasting happiness and success.

Until the age of thirty-one there is a tendency for these people to be active in the pursuit of their goals. From the age of thirty-two to sixty-two they may be more relaxed but may also show signs of stubbornness. These are the years in which they should not neglect the importance of their inner life or stop sharing their feelings with their numerous friends.

The blend of vision and action that people born on this day possess is a powerful and seductive combination. As long as they remember to keep their ego in check and acquire a degree of self-knowledge, they have both the fantasy and the fire to make their dreams come true.

☆ On the dark side:Inflexible, depressed, materialistic

☆ At your best:Determined, charming, thorough

Those born on March 19 have the clogged persistence needed to achieve their ends and know how to use their charm and allure to help them. These highly directed people are both dreamers and doers. They are able to translate their imaginative ideas into reality.

Though assertive, March 19 people may not be the most self-aware individuals, and indeed a strong unreality7 factor may be at work here.

March 19 people are outwardly directed and intent on winning others over to their viewpoints.

But what those born on this day may be attempting at times is to change external reality to conform to their inner picture of it. This may sound like a dubious proposition, but through their tenacity, those born on March 19 are surprisingly successful.

March 19 people possess very pure and childlike qualities. But though they are expansive types who sometimes give the impression that they are in another world, they are in fact forceful and businesslike. Thus they are a bit paradoxical in nature, and can appear to others as being alternately dreamy and fiery.

Some March 19 people are explorers who break new ground and go where no one has dared to go before, but more often they are pragmatic individuals who proceed methodically.

Whatever the nature of their undertakings. March 19 people usually move in a straight-line fashion, convinced that their principles are just—as a matter of fact they may even see themselves as reformers, putting everything right after years of neglect by others. Due to a lack of objectivity, however, they can well be headed off track or in the wrong direction.

It is indeed important that March 19 people chart their course with care, because once they are convinced they are on target they will want to follow through to the end. They are also extremely diligent and capable of operating on a personal level with little need for fanfare, reward or acclaim. They will doggedly pursue their goals, even though it may mean endless repetition of tasks. They never seem to tire of their own activities, perhaps at times even going at things too slowly. This thoroughness is one of their most basic attributes and usually guarantees a successful outcome to their ventures.

As hardnosed and hardworking as March 19 people can be, they must learn to be more realistic about who they are. Acquiring self-knowledge and an awareness of limitations is extremely important. Part of their development will inevitably include learning not to overreach.

They must make an effort to keep their egoism and egotistical impulses under control. By adopting a modest attitude, they may prove to be still more successful in their efforts.

Power Thought:I am ready to open up my world to something new,All life is sacred

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 19th day of the month are ruled by the number 1 (1+9=10, 1+0=1 ). and by the Sun. Neptune and Mars (rulers of Pisees and Aries, respectively) combine their influences with those of the Sun to reinforce the dreamy yet forceful March 19 nature described above. Those ruled by the number 1 like to be first. They bridle at restraints and don't like being subordinate to authority. This characteristic is even more pronounced for March 19 people, since in addition to being ruled by the number 1. they are also born on the first day of the Pisces-Aries cusp. No other number has greater meaning to March 19 people than the number 1 and this business about being first can amount to a mania with them.

March 19th Birthday Tarot Card

The 19th card of the Major Arcana is The Sun. It can be considered the most favorable ol all the Major Arcana cards, and symbolizes knowledge, vitality and good fortune. Due to both their number and Tarot card, March 19 people are granted strong Sun influences. It must be noted, however, that misusing such power can bring disastrous effects.

☆Luck maker:(Keep your eyes and ears open)You must explore new possibilities if you want to strike lucky. Lucky people are always hungry for new information, alternative viewpoints and fresh experiences.

Love Goal-focused

You’re drawn to people born on July 24 to August 23:Your mutual passion for achievement and need for security make this a fulfilling and satisfying bond.

Romance and intimacy are essential to people born on March 19. They can put their relationships at risk by appearing to place more importance on their professional goals but, once they understand how important it is for them to share their feelings with loved ones, they make loyal and imaginative partners. Their ideal lover would be someone who believes in their goals and their ability to make them come true.

Health Soothe stress away

Because people born on this day tend to be outwardly focused and successor goal-orientated, they are often prone to stress-related disorders such as headaches, fatigue, comfort eating, and insomnia. They will probably need to find ways to ease the tension; regular massages, walks in the fresh air as well as soothing herbal teas, such as chamomile, will be beneficial. As far as diet is concerned, they should make sure they don’t neglect to eat healthily. Plenty of nutritious snacks, such as fruit and a handful of nuts during the day, are recommended to keep their energy levels constant. Vigorous exercise isn’t recommended because so much of their life is competitive, but moderate to mild exercise, such as jogging, walking and swimming, will help them feel and sleep better. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with soothing shades of purple will encourage them to look within for answers.

March 19 people are success-oriented, and therefore must constantly guard against headaches, as well as other effects of psychic stress, including insomnia. Soothing teas and massage ( particularly of the feet, toes and neck) may be helpful in dissolving tension. March 19 people are generally adventurous in the kitchen, often disregarding recipes and freely improvising. This may not, however, lead to the healthiest combinations and therefore they should rein in some of this enthusiasm and focus a bit more on nutritional balance in their diet. It is also important lor March 19 people to exercise vigorously during the clay. They will sleep better when physically spent.

Career Born movers and shakers

Whatever career they choose, once these people devote their prodigious energies and powers of organization to it they have the potential to be highly successful. It may not be their first choice (business or management may initially appeal) but they are often at their happiest when working in fields in which they know they can do some good, such as politics, the military, science, social reform, the arts, the healing professions, or education.

Destiny To effect social improvements

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to get to know themselves better. Once they have acquired a degree of self-knowledge, their destiny is to use their prodigious determination and talents to effect social improvements.

Get to know yourself better, examine your motives. Beware of having undue influence on the lives of others and maintain respect for them. Don't push so hard, cultivate modesty and keep your egoism under control.

Celebrities Born On March 19th

Julien McDonald(Welsh fashion designer), Ashley Giles(British cricket player), Tommy Cooper(British comedian),

David Livingstone (Scottish explorer, first non-African to view Victoria falls, found in jungle by Sir Henry Morton Stanley), Wyatt Earp (US marshal, brought law and order to Western towns [including Tombstone, Anzona], gunfight at OK Corral), Sir Richard Burton (Bntish onentalist adventurer), William Jennings Bryan (US statesman, congressman, Democratic Party leader, presidential candidate [tried three times], prosecuting attorney in Scopes trial), Earl Warren (US Supreme Court chief justice), Glenn Close (film actress), Albert P.nkham Ryder (late-Romantic landscape painter, visionary), Bruce Willis (TV, film actor), Serge Diaghiiev (Russian ballet producer, Ballet Russe founder, premiered Stravinsky's Rite of Spring), Moms Mabley (comedian, singer), John Sinca (Watergate judge), Philip Roth (novelist, Portnoy's Complaint), Irving Wallace (novelist, The Chapman Report), Lennie Tristano (jazz post-bop pianist, blinded in hood), Courtney Pine (British jazz saxophonist), Patrick McGoohan (film, TV actor, The Prisoner), Ursula Andress (film actress), Baroness Maria Vetsera (lover of Archduke Rudolf of Austria, dou- Die-suicide at Mayerling). Adolf Eichmann (Nazi official, mass murderer), Albert Speer (Nazi architect)

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