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People Born on March 19th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onMarch 19, 2024

March 19th Birthday Numerology

No. 1:A powerful entity and results-oriented force, all about initiating action and getting things done.

March 19 VS Pisces, 1, Poetic dreamer

People Born on March 19th: Destiny, Future

March 19th Birthday Destiny

Kind-hearted and generous to a fault, there’s nothing that makes you happier than rushing to help someone in need. But you have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde streak because on the other side of this dreamy, poetic and heroic nature is a super-strong will, a steely determination and, hiding as it does behind the dreaminess, an unexpected force to be reckoned with! Helping people, by the way, is one thing, telling them what to do and how to do it another; and if you persist with the latter – which is bossiness and not far from controlling – don’t be surprised to find your calls being unreturned and parties or other social gatherings among people you consider close friends taking place without you. Your determination makes you brave and so you’re probably an adventurous traveller with a secret wish to be a real explorer, and when it comes to relationships, you’re equally brave, rushing headfirst into a union which may not be a good match. When you discover that it’s not, you’re at the door marked ‘exit’ without a backward glance or a second thought.

March 19th Birthday Future

People with birthdays on this day are a strange mix of dreamer and doer. A dynamic, powerful, persuasive crusader on the one hand, you're a gentle, dreamy poet on the other. When your aggressive, pioneering spirit takes charge, you feel as if nothing can stop you from reaching your worldly goals. But when the gentle, dreamy side of your nature surfaces, your creativity and artistic talent point your attention in another direction entirely. No matter which mode you're in, when your imagination is fueled by an exciting project, your determi-nation can surpnse everyone.

March 19th births lead to idealistic reformers inclined to dramatize their own lives. Typically, you rush to the aid of those who need help and then see yourself as some kind of mythological hero. You are exceptionally kindhearted and generous to a fault. However, you tend to be more outspoken and aggressive than other Pisces natives. Although your help is appreciated, your habit of telling people what to do is not. Some with birthdays on this day are explorers destined to break new ground in the physical world. Others prefer staying home and exploring the inner worlds of the psyche.

Because you are impetuous, you are likely to rush into a love relationship without prior thought. As a lover, you are caring and considerate as long as the union lives up to your expectations. But if you become disillusioned, you'll make a beeline for the exit.

March 19th Birthday Tarot

Queen of Cups:She’s a dreamy queen, this one, but truth be told, quite secretive about just how deep her emotions run. This is a person who is going to hang on tight to the precious yarg she is depicted holding in this card – a sacred vessel full of … what? That’s the big mystery with this person, and there will be few with the talent and perseverance to break through the protective layers surrounding those emotions. But when they do, the rewards of a relationship with someone born on this day will be more than worth the trouble it has taken.

March 19th Famous birthdays

Julien McDonald(Welsh fashion designer); Ashley Giles(British cricket player); Tommy Cooper(British comedian); Born Today:

Ursula Andress (actress); Sir Richard Burton (adventurer); William JenningsBryan (U.S. congressman/statesman); Serge Diaghilev (ballet producer/founder of the Ballet Russe); Wyatt Earp (U.S. marshal); Glenn Close (actress); David Livingstone (explorer); Moms Mabley (comedian/singer); Irving Wallace (writer); Bruce Willis (actor)

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