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People Born on January 29th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onJanuary 29, 2024

January 29th Birthday Numerology

No. 2:Shows resilience and power in gentleness, often provides the role of mediator, and linked to psychic abilities.

January29 VS Aquarius, 2, Determined campaigner

People Born on January 29th: Destiny, Future

January 29th Birthday Destiny

Always the first in line to volunteer for a charitable cause or goal, you have the gifts of a quick wit and reasoned thinking with which to convert people to the causes that you champion. You have a natural sense of justice which may propel you from the start into a career as a politician or campaigner and, with some real-world experience under your belt, you can become a formidable operator in both fields. Preferring reasoned persuasion to outright confrontation, it is hard to say no when you come knocking and it can be a struggle for you to restore your equilibrium if someone does turn you down, because you take rejection very personally. Look for a mate who will bring a breezy happiness to the relationship and stop you tipping over into martyrdom.

January 29th Birthday Future

The challenge of those born on this day is to maintain a balance between the independent spirit of the Aquarian outsider and the number two's desire to be part of a group. This paradoxical aspect of your nature stems from your conflicting beliefs. You are torn between your ideas about the sanctity of individualism and a deep-seated need to belong. Naturally broad-minded and tolerant, you are eclectic in your choice of associates. Your intuitive insight into human nature makes you a good judge of character. Despite your caring, humanitarian outlook, your idealistic solutions to the world's woes are not always . practical and tend to work better in theory than in practice.

Talkative, friendly, and socially aware, you have a way of drawing people out and finding out what makes then1 tick. You believe in cooperation and think most problems are best resolved through discussion and compromise. Basically rational and reasonable, you approach things intellectually rather than emotionally. Your unusual combination of a scientific mind and an artistic temperament comes from the ability to mix and match your creative ideas with your love of beauty and technological insight.

You are more romantic than most Aquarians and more likely to want a partner to share your life. However, once you find your soul mate, you expect an ideal relationship. In love, you are capable of real devotion, but if your significant other should disappoint you in any way, you're also quite capable of leaving without a backward glance.

January 29th Birthday Tarot

Seven of Cups:All the Cups in the Tarot deck reflect an emotional state and with this destiny card, you, more than most, will realise how material possessions fade to insignificance once you understand the importance and value of the things that money cannot buy and which we cannot and would not want to live without: things like justice and equality, fairness and love.

January 29th Famous birthdays

Oprah Winfrey(American TV show host); Anton Chekhov(Russian playwright); Tom Selleck(American actor and producer); Born Today:

Paddy Chayevsky (playwright/screenwriter); Anton Chekov (writer);W. C. Fields (actor); John Forsythe (actor); Sara Gilbert (actress); Heather Graham (actress); Ann Jillian (actress); Greg Louganis (swimmer); Ernst Lubitsch (director); Victor Mature (actor); Katherine Ross (actress); Tom Selleck (actor); Oprah Winfrey (TV host)

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