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January 29th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 29, 2024

A simple good/bad relative test is whether he or she, having used up the loo roll immediately fetches another roll and puts it in place. Even when not planning to return to the house that day.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 2, 3

January 29th Birthday Love Astrology

January 29 has a massive Hercules Complex. They keep setting themselves impossible tasks and think that they alone are holding up the world. HC people always do too much, get exhausted and complain about it, then make everybody around them feel guilty. Which is a pity because this is a lovely, generous sweetheart who would be completely perfect but for the martyr streak in it psycheology.

It's all probably the result of stress - although there's a smidgeonette of vanity here. This date can do a lot more than most, faster, and likes to show off about it. They find it difficult to lie about doing nothing, but this is exactly what benefits January 29 because they are thoughtful creatures with big ideas and they need time to get their minds clear of the everyday round. Most January 29s are surprised when they take their hands down to discover that nothing more important tumbles to the ground than their own exaggerated sense of duty.

Women particularly need to learn time-management and how to let others do things. As do the men, who are given to instructing people half-way through a job they are more than capable of completing by themselves. Stick to the maxim ‘Never give advice' and in particular, ‘Never tell someone to do what they're already doing'.

Not all members of January 29's family group admire him or her. Most Aquarians ignore uppity relatives, but they do get up January 29's shapely nose. It's best if our star stays steady, resisting all temptation to send sharp little meteorites in the direction of the indignant sister-in-law who thinks January 29's spoiling his children by allowing them to eat crisps.

Like most Aquarians, this person may expect to live an exceedingly long life and may find romance sweeps them off their feet well into their fifties or sixties. It's the nature of this young at heart psycheology. Should this lead to a much younger partner just ignore the quizzical looks.

In Love

Despite your independent nature and strong sense of self, you want someone at your side to share life’s joys and sorrows. The emotionally challenged water bearer often runs into difficulty when confronted with too much intimacy. Nevertheless, the security and stability of a long-term relationship appeal to you on many different levels. Moreover, you are more solid and dependable than other airy members of your Sun sign. You actually prefer being one-half of a team, as long as your partner doesn’t try to impinge on your personal space. You are inherently faithful and affectionate, and you expect fidelity, love, and devotion in return.

In Bed

Up-front and direct about your sexual impulses, you have no compunction about initiating lovemaking when the mood comes upon you. Yet aside from your small regard for society’s ideas of proper behavior, you are a genuine romantic. You particularly like that part of a love affair that involves courting and being courted. As part of your lifelong search for beauty and order, you enjoy creating a harmonious bedroom atmosphere for yourself and your beloved.


Sometimes portly January 29 should try the Food Combining Diet, based on the idea that inadequate élimination of waste products occurs when protein and starch are mixed at the same meal There are five basic rules. 1. Don't mix sugar or starch foods with proteins within one meal 2. Increase intake of fresh fruit, veg and salads. 3. Always eat fruits in isolation. 4. Don't mix milk with protein or starch within one meal 5. Avoid processed foods. Typical Day: Breakfast (starch): homemade Muesli. Mid-morning (alkaline): bunch grapes. Lunch (alkaline): veg. crudities with avocado dip. Dinner (protein): grilled lemon sole with green salad.


You crave creature pleasures and respond to all the trappings of love and beauty. Anything that appeals to your earthy sensuality and titillates your senses may serve as a sexual turn-on. From food to sex—anything that smells especially delicious, or looks extremely seductive, or tastes really good can stimulate your appetite for lovemaking.


A simple good/bad relative test is whether he or she, having used up the loo roll immediately fetches another roll and puts it in place. Even when not planning to return to the house that day.

Reality Check

In love, you are capable of real devotion. However, you have little patience with imperfection and don’t suffer fools gladly. After you’ve found your soul mate, you expect an ideal relationship that includes shared interests and intellectual, sexual, and spiritual rapport. If your significant other disappoints you, you’re perfectly capable of picking up all your marbles and leaving the game without a backward glance.

January 29 Date Share

Died: Hollywood heart-throb Alan Ladd. Jimmy Durante, movie great. Born: Oprah Winfrey, TV confessional programmes hostess. Germaine Greer, academic beauty, wit, writer, revolutionised female thinking, The Female Eunuch. Katherine Ross, Hollywood film beauty. Tom Selleck, tough guy, film and TV actor. John Forsyth, filmstar, TV actor. Frederick Delius, British composer. Thomas Paine, political theorist. Anton Chekhov, Russian author, playwright, The Cherry Orchard. WC Fields, early Hollywood film comic, misogynist. Ernst Lubitsch, film director, Ninotchka.

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