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January 28th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 28, 2024

Aquarius puts lovers on a pedestal and can be bitterly upset if they fall off. So it’s safest for this perfection demanding star to mate with those born between May 21 and June 21 and between September 21 and October 21.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 1, 2

January 28th Birthday Love Astrology

January 28 lives for love. If there is none, this timid moorhen puts her head under her wing, doing nothing, but longs for something to happen. Fortunately both sexes have fine Aquarian looks, large empathetic eyes, shapely heads and excellent noses and usually something happens eventually. In matters of love the problem is they wait too patiently at all of life's bus stops. If the double decker comes along and the conductor says it's full, 28 would never dream of leaping on board anyway.

If 28 is partnerless for a time, everybody understands that this good-looking individual does hang back rather than coming forward and fortunately they have lots of friends who spend lots of time matchmaking them. Also fortunately, the blind dates and planned outings with possible new partners work.

All shyness forgotten during the day, our winter child may be the most brilliant person at meetings. They deftly deal and wheel, closing an agreement with the softly disguised ferocity of a shark in a velvet bonnet. Yet all the while they are probably thinking about their love life, about the night before and the night to come. Or maybe assessing just what all their colleagues would be like naked and suffused by passion. Try looking at them directly during a board meeting and see if they blush. Then you'll know it's true.

Many make money but few spend it generously, more of a savings bank date than dinner for four at the Savoy. Certainly there seems no point in buying a £600 suit when bargains can be spied in the nearby ‘Nearly New' shop. (Compliments bring the triumphant response that their dress cost £3.50.) Although January 28 is generous enough with lovers, especially before marriage, and usually with children.

Most have a dreamy, talented side which needs to be encouraged outside work. Involved with a local theatre group or choir they give pleasure to others and to themselves.

In Love

You pride yourself on living life your own way. In love too, you’re something of a nonconformist. You don’t go by other people’s rules, and you don’t expect them to follow yours. When choosing a romantic partner, you rank friendship and a sense of fun as high as sexual compatibility. You prefer a permanent relationship, as long as your partner doesn’t attempt to restrict your freedom or tell you what to do. You can be jealous and possessive of your significant other, even though you refuse to tolerate similar traits in him or her.

In Bed

Passionate and straightforward with regard to your sexuality, you thoroughly enjoy lovemaking. However, sex is just another of your many passionate interests, and at times it may require a wake-up call to get you going.

Usually it takes little more than a gentle reminder of what you’ve been missing while your mind was focused elsewhere. Once your attention has been redirected to bedroom activities, you make an affectionate, ardent, and inventive lover.


January 28 may have suffered in love, but with a new partner needs to clear away leftover pain. This is the banishing pain magic spell, done at full moon. Place four light blue candles at bath corners. Use blue light bulb, blue towels and put blue flowers in room. Burn jasmine oil and put four drops in bath. Or seven jasmine flowers if in bloom. Now say aloud, ‘In you, jasmine, my body I feel. In you jasmine, my heart I heaV Get out, wrap up in blue towel and don't look back at the water. In bed, fall asleep holding pink quartz (it's healing) in your hand.


You are freewheeling, open-minded, unconventional, and sexually liberated.

Yet despite the touch of kinkiness in your makeup you truly dislike vulgarity. While a detailed account of your bed partner’s lustful intentions toward you is a genuine turn-on, really crude speech or raunchy behavior is more of a turnoff.


Aquarius puts lovers on a pedestal and can be bitterly upset if they fall off. So it’s safest for this perfection demanding star to mate with those born between May 21 and June 21 and between September 21 and October 21.

Reality Check

Brimming with originality and enthusiasm, you conduct your life in a manner that reflects your own personal style. Although social and personal relationships are vitally important to you, diplomacy is definitely not one of your strong points. When the adrenaline starts pumping you tend to plunge right in with little regard for tact or subtlety. You tackle problems head-on, always say exactly what you mean, and expect everyone else to be as honest and plainspoken as you.

January 28 Date Share

Ronnie Scott, famous London jazz club owner, saxophonist Alan Aida, American film star, TV actor, director. Mikhail Baryshnikov, Russian-born ballet dancer, film star, choreographer. Sidonie Colette, French actress, writer, Gigi. Claes Oldenberg, artist, painter. Jackson Pollock, painter. Arthur Rubinstein, Polish pianist. Sir Henry Morton Stanley, British explorer, found Livingstone in jungle. Piccard twins, Swiss engineers, aeronautical innovators. Richmond Barthé, sculptor.

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