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People Born on January 28th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onJanuary 28, 2024

January 28th Birthday Numerology

No. 1:A powerful entity and results-oriented force, all about initiating action and getting things done.

January28 VS Aquarius, 1, Dreamy romantic

People Born on January 28th: Destiny, Future

January 28th Birthday Destiny

Astute in business and among the best wheeler-dealers of the zodiac, there’s nothing that can distract this good-looking Aquarian from their search for true love. For those born on this day, love is everything; love is all they really care about. More dreamy-romantic than go-getting Romeo or Juliet, the only problem is that this intense yearning to find and give love lies deep inside a shy outer shell. This means that, although love really is the thing they care about most, they will sit back passively waiting for fate to intervene and send the perfect partner their way. And so, unless family and friends take it upon themselves to act as matchmaker, it may take quite a while to find that longed-for soulmate.

January 28th Birthday Future

The self-motivated January 28th individual is not your typical team player and doesn't respond well to other people's rules. Brimming with enthusiasm, you are a hearty adventurer. In addition to tremendous mental and physical energy, you have a resolute attitude and an upbeat, positive outlook. You want the best for everyone, and you're prepared to do something about it. Unlike some water bearers who seem to enjoy watching life from afar, when you're summoned to a cause worth fighting for, you respond by suiting up for battle.

The nonconforming mavericks born on this day live in a way that reflects their personal style and originality . With your inventive mind, progressive ideas, and pioneering spirit, you're a natural born crusader. You're quick to champion any cause or ideal that catches your fancy. In social situations you're friendly, generous, and warm-hearted. However, diplomacy is not your strong point, and when the adrenaline starts pumping, you plunge ahead with little regard for tact or subtlety. You say exactly what you mean, and you expect other people to be as up front as you are.

Despite your self-sufficiency, relationships are vitally important to you. Friendship is almost as necessary to you as love, and your initial attraction to someone is often mental. You're more passionate than most Aquarians, and you prefer a permanent romantic involvement as long as your partner doesn't try to restrict your freedom.

January 28th Birthday Tarot

The Lovers:What other card could signify the deep yearning of those born on this day to find their soulmate and true love? The naked man and woman depicted on the card represent the blending of the male and female energies in a perfectly balanced and magical union the alchemists would refer to as ‘the sacred marriage’. It is sacred and this is why finding that love is so important to you.

January 28th Famous birthdays

Henry VII(Tudor King of England); Nicolas Sarkozy(French politician); Gianluigi Buffon(Italian goalkeeper); Born Today:

Alan Alda (actor/director); Mikhail Baryshnikov (dancer); Henry VII (king of England); Parry O'Brien (shot-putter); Claes Oldenburg (artist); Auguste Piccard (physicist); Jackson Pollack (artist); Arthur Rubinstein (pianist); Sir Henry Morton Stanley (explorer); Bill White (baseball player/National League president); Elijah Wood (actor)

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