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January 30th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 30, 2024

In folklore a woman's luckiest days of the week for sex, conception, major tasks and important decisions are Tuesdays and Fridays. Masculine fortunate days for all of these are Mondays and Thursdays. Saturdays are unlucky for weddings.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 4

January 30th Birthday Love Astrology

They are the golden apples of the sun, the silver apples of the moon. Bite them and everything changes for the better. There's nothing snakey about January 30 and certainly not likely to cause goofy Snow White harm. Because this remarkable person is the mature wise sign of the zodiac, he only wishes good to others. Both sexes have the generosity which goes with complete self-confidence in deeply established talents. When either sex is around things go right for others.

So this is also a magical apple, a little intoxicating for some, a little sophisticated for others. Quite a few January 30s do work extremely successfully in big companies, imperviqus to politics or bureaucratic irritation, but it's not unlikely that the silliness of some managers finally causes him to go off by himself and be much more successful. Essentially this is an independent operator. Slightly less confident people born today take longer to leave, sometimes sufficiently outstaying their welcome to get sacked or made redundant. Fear not. Given time everything comes right for The Admirable Aquarius. In fact both sexes make the sack or redundancy into a style statement.

It's a psychic day, manifesting itself in both sexes so strongly that they have an inside track on life. Hunches pay off. Many can tell a wrong ‘un as he walks in the door, and although they always reserve their judgement, it usually turns out that they were right. Involved in artistic, creative fields, which now of course can include many sciences, there are many new ideas and discoveries, helped by their psychic talent, which means mean that oodles and snoodles of cash comes winging into their magnetic hands.

Rich or poor, January 30 lives peaceably. Both sexes surround themselves with family and friendly affection, welcoming the odd, the beautiful and the talented without any kind of snobbery -anathema to this fair-minded person whose mind soars away from mundane gossip.

In Love

In your intimate relationships, you send out mixed signals without even realizing you’re doing it. You come off as loving and caring on one hand while simultaneously appearing detached and aloof on the other. The origins of your passions and sexual impulses are mental rather than physical or emotional. You can take romance and sentimentality or leave them alone.

However, you invariably respond to the person who ignites your mind and imagination. You need a partner who is your friend and companion as well as your lover, someone who willingly shares your many and varied interests.

In Bed

You have a secret fantasy of being carried away and swept off your feet. But in real life, your rational mind rides herd on your emotions and keeps this from ever happening. Maintaining a cool head makes you feel safe and in control, so you scrutinize each idea mentally before acting on it. The weird thing is that despite your analyzing, you can be pretty wild in bed. There are very few taboos in your Aquarian bizarro world.


Sensuous January 30 indulges in perfume, drink and food while making love, which can go on for a whole day and night. For them the body should be a varied feast of scent, neroli on pubic hair, vetivert on thighs, jasmine at the navel, sandalwood for the genitals (safe). Myrtle is slightly rubefacient, which means it brings heat to wherever it is applied, so dab in on the inside thigh or higher - appropriate because it was the Greek goddess Aphrodite who used myrtle to hide her nakedness. Pre-prepare snacks, keep in fridge. Try fresh bread and smoked halibut. Plus prawns, diced veg and lemon mayonnaise.


You possess a lively, biting wit and have a way with words that goes far beyond mere ordinary chitter-chatter. As far as you’re concerned, any lusty, free-flowing erotic verbal exchange, whether in your own bedroom, on the telephone, by letter, in a chat room, by fax, or via email is a guaranteed sexual turn-on.


In folklore a woman's luckiest days of the week for sex, conception, major tasks and important decisions are Tuesdays and Fridays. Masculine fortunate days for all of these are Mondays and Thursdays. Saturdays are unlucky for weddings.

Reality Check

Eccentricity and unconventionality are at the very core of your identity. It’s as natural for you to rebel against accepted ideas of behavior as it is for a Capricorn to respect and uphold tradition. You thoroughly despise sameness and dull routine, and the restrictions of a humdrum existence can send you into therapy. Even in your closest relationships, you need to retain some sense of freedom and independence.

January 30 Date Share

Vanessa Redgrave, British stage, film actress, dynasty family. Gene Hackman, Hollywood film star, comedian. Boris Spassky, Russian, world chess champion. Olaf Palme, Swedish prime minister, assassinated, crime never solved. Dorothy Mahne, Hollywood film star. Harold Prince, Broadway producer, director. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, US president, World War II leader, elected more times than any other president. Francois Faure, French president.

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