January 30th Assurance Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onJanuary 30, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is coping with being left alone while others enjoy the companionship you long for

☆The way forward is to learn to accept people the way they are, and not find too much fault in them or expect them always to agree with you.

The Birthday Of Assurance, The Day Of Take Charge

January 30th Assurance Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of January 30th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aquarius

Ruling planet: Uranus, the visionary

Symbol: The Water Carrier

Birth date ruler: Jupiter, the philosopher

Tarot card: The Empress (creativity)

Favorable numbers: 3, 4

Lucky days: Saturday and Thursday, especially when these days fall on 3 and 4 of the month

Lucky colors: Sky blue and all shades of purple

Birthstone: Amethyst

People born on January 30 are confident in their convictions and beliefs and like to put their personal mark on things. They live their life according to their own moral code and are always on the side of the underdog or those less privileged. Their strong social conscience, combined with their determination, charm and intelligence, means they are born to take control.

Everybody who knows people born on this day will be in no doubt of where they stand on the important issues. They have a talent for bringing like-minded people together; living in a commune on the edge of society would not be unacceptable to them if it meant they could live according to their all-important ideals. Although they arrive at their position of certainty through reasoned judgment, they do also rely heavily on their instincts. This ability to combine intuition with logic will mark them out as exceptionally gifted leaders.

Although self-assured and with strong convictions, people born on this day are prone to worry and to acting impulsively just like everyone else. A need to win the approval of others can lead them to fudge the truth if they feel it will get others on their side. It is important for them to find some sort of balance between their convictions and reality, and to know when to stick to a plan regardless of opposition or difficulties. Once they understand that their determination to succeed, if channeled positively, will always help them win, they will be less prone to anxiety and mood swings. Fortunately, around the age of twenty-one and then again at the age of fifty-one there are significant turning points which make them more confident and assertive.

Highly ambitious and strong-willed people born on this day like to give rather than take orders, and although they give orders extremely well they should learn to value the viewpoints of others. Once they have learned to discover their humility and to listen for and trust their inner guidance, they can move mountains with both their convictions and their generosity of spirit.

☆ On the dark side:Driven, temperamental, untruthful

☆ At your best:Generous, outspoken, creative

Those commanding personalities born on January 30 are bom to lead. They have a great talent for guiding, entertaining, teaching, explaining and in general making their ideas clear to others. It is most often these communication skills that lend them the power to head families, businesses or civic organizations, and indeed their inspirational quotient is very high. Rarely dictatorial in their outlook, those born on this day are happiest when they are building something from scratch, getting in there on the ground floor and directing the project from first go. When required by life to administer to existing structures, their impulse is often to scrap them and start all over again, thereby giving their undeniably personal stamp to the new version.

January 30 people pride themselves on having very good judgment. Consequently, when crises arise they are in their element. Much of their life may be seen by them as a necessary preparation for decisive acts to come, roles they will one day assume. Consequently, they do not recognize failure as anything more then a temporary setback and ultimately as an important lesson to be learned. Somewhat ruthless, these individuals will let very few things stand in their way, so convinced are they of their moral correctness. Unfortunately, some of their behavior can be quite questionable, particularly when viewed from the tail end of hindsight. Not uncommonly January 30 people are very much concerned with their image, and will sometimes sacrifice their ethical principles to come out smelling like a rose (rather than a fish).

Highly persuasive individuals, January- 30 people are not above bending the truth a bit to accomplish their purposes. This they do in a very easy fashion, which does not invite undue suspicion. However, behind the scenes they may be engaged in some very fancy footwork in order to keep their social balance. Most often the justification for their actions is that they are acting for the good of the individual, family or social group concerned. This may be generally true but a bit dishonest when in some cases it is their very own. personal ambitions that are their true motivations. January 30 people are most often very practical and astute financially, but do not suffer from a mercenary image. In fact, they may be seen as idealists. This image aids them in money matters, for they arouse less antagonism and jealousy. Thus, in these as well as in other important areas of life they play their cards close to the chest.

Trust is vital to January 30 people, as they cannot operate without it. They should try to justify that trust as much as possible. Others often come to believe in them so deeply that great damage can be done if those born on this day do not come through.

Power Thought:Today I will let go of expectations and let happiness in,Keeping one's eye on the goal does not preclude enjoying the surroundings

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 30th day of the month are ailed by the number 3 (3+0=3), and by the planet Jupiter. Those ruled by the number 3 generally seek to rise to the highest positions within their sphere and. as already mentioned, January 30 people are often driven toward high levels of achievement in their search for success. As Uranus rules Aquarius, a Jupiter-Uranus combination results for January 30 people, indicating that they tend to do things in a grand, and sometimes idealistic manner. Because those ruled by the number 3 are characterized by a love of independence, January 30 people generally do best working on their own, without too many external rules and limits placed on them.

January 30th Birthday Tarot Card

The 3rd card of the Major Arcana is The Empress, symbolizing creative intelligence. She is the perfect woman, the ultra-feminine. Mother Earth nurturer, who embodies our dreams, hopes and aspirations. This card represents positive traits of charm, grace and unconditional love, but also negative traits of vanity' and affectation, as well as an intolerance for imperfection.

☆Luck maker:(Don’t have the last word)Every time you find yourself following someone’s story with your own or pontificate, ask a question instead and listen for the answer. Know-alls aren’t lucky because they isolate themselves from other people.

Love Comrade

You’re drawn to people born on November 23 to December 21:The principled and idealistic but also light-hearted and adventurous people born on these days are good for you and you are good for them.

People born on January 30 don’t just want a partner; they want a comrade, someone who shares their convictions, their ideas and their plans. They are more than likely to meet their partner in community affairs which provide the perfect outlook for their social needs and leaderships skills. They need to be careful, however, that their relationship doesn’t take second place to a cause. They do best with partners who can make them laugh and take them out of themselves every now and again.

Health Take it easy

People born on this day are extremely energetic and it is important for them to schedule time for regular rest and relaxation and even the odd afternoon nap. As far as diet is concerned, they need to cut back on meat and alcohol; for exercise, jogging or brisk walking is particularly recommended as it can help tone the body and calm the mind at the same time. Waking up every morning to the smell of hot water and lemon rather than coffee will help revitalize and re-energize their system.

Those born on January 30 may experience difficulties with their circulatory system and with their lower limbs. Paying more mind to their health is important, since they tend to ignore what is wrong with them. As January 30 people are highly active, they may have to find time for rest periods, particularly with advancing age—afternoon naps may be suitable for them. As far as diet is concerned, consumption of meat and alcohol should be controlled particularly, so that aggressive impulses are not heightened or aggravated. For physical exercise, moderate walking, jogging or swimming is recommended.

Career Born campaigners

These people have the potential to succeed in careers that are people related and which require them to lead and inspire or educate and inform. They may also find themselves in executive positions or in management or negotiation. Routine doesn’t really suit them unless it is for a higher purpose, and they could do well as airline personnel, pilots, navigators, or consultants of any kind, be it head of a department, doctor, social worker, psychologist, or even a producer or director.

Destiny To transform empathy into direct action

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to respect and value the input of others without seeing it as a threat to their convictions. Their destiny is to transform feelings of empathy into direct action and, by so doing, make a real and positive difference.

Be more transparent—image is not everything. Let people know what you really think and want. Learn to share in a deep sense: focus on your personal relationships

Celebrities Born On January 30th

Christian Bale(British actor), Franklin D. Roosevelt(32nd President of the United States), Phil Collins(British drummer and singer-songwriter),

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (US president, WWII leader, elected more times than any other president [four], brought US out of depression with New Deal, instituted Social Security), James Watt (Scottish steam engine designer, engineer, unit of power namesake), Barbara Tuchman (Pulitzer Prizewinning historian, A Distant Mirror), Harold Pnnce (Broadway producer, director), Vanessa Redgrave (stage, film actress, political activist), Gene Hackman (stage, film actor), Ernie Banks (baseball shortstopfirst baseman, 2x NL HR, RBI champ, MVP), Roy Eldridge (jazz trumpeter), Sharon P. Kelly (Washington DC mayor), Delbert Mann (film, TV director, Marty), Richard Brautigan (writer, Trout Fishing in America), Richard Cheney (Defense secretary), Charles Lord Metcalf (Bntish 19thc. peer, governor of India, Jamaica, Canada), Boris Spassky (Russian world chess champion), Curtis Strange (golfer, 2x US Open winner). Francois Felix Faure (French president), Louis Rukeyser (financial analyst Wall Street Weekly), Dick Martin (TV comedian, Laugh-In), Olaf Palme (Swedish prime minister, assassinated), Dorothy Malone (film actress)

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