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People Born on February 7th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 07, 2024

February 7th Birthday Numerology

No. 7:Very analytical and detail-oriented, likes to observe and investigate things, and has a keen, inventive eye.

February 7 VS Aquarius, 7 , Thoughtful communicator

People Born on February 7th: Destiny, Future

February 7th Birthday Destiny

You intrigue others with the strange mix of a magnetic and gregarious personality, which people find hard to resist, and your need to disappear, on a regular basis, into solitude and silence to work out your original thoughts in private. Gentle and sensitive to the needs and plight of others, you may choose to work in the media or campaigning, where your ability to analyse and powerfully communicate the problem, but then also to visualise the solution to an injustice or hardship, will catch people’s attention on a global scale and galvanise them to help. You are a wonderful and loyal friend, but you may idealise romantic relationships and end up disappointed when you discover that your lover has feet of clay. You want a close connection, but you are so scared of losing your independence that you may push someone who is right for you away. Talk about this fear with them before it happens.

February 7th Birthday Future

The water bearer born on this day projects an allur-ing magnetism that is hard to resist and impossible to define. Your complex, contradictory personality tends to mystify most people, yet they find themselves drawn to you as if by magic. Although outwardly gregarious and genuinely helpful, you possess a contemplative inner core that demands periods of privacy and solitude. You are an innovative, independent thinker with an otherworldly demeanor and a strikingly original way of looking at things. When your Aquarian intellect merges with the number seven's intuition and imagination, you're capable of visualizing possibilities that others don't even dream about.

Your gentle heart and sensitive, impressionable nature make you a crusader for social causes. Because you identify with people and their problems, you long to help then1 improve their lives. Your scholarly command of language and talent for communicating your unique insights help you convince others to JOtn you in your humanitarian concerns. Although your solutions to the world's troubles are a rather oddball mixture of logical, scientific ideas and metaphysical principles, they can be surprisingly effective.

In close relationships, you waver between romantic idealism and rational Aquarian detachment. You make a wonderfully loyal friend, but in an intimate union you feel exposed and vulnerable. You want to be involved, yet you're deathly afraid of losing your independence.

February 7th Birthday Tarot

The World:One of the Major Arcana, the world is both your stage and your oyster if you manage to get the right balance between being a magnetic force for the greater good and someone who needs to retreat and recharge through solitude. When the time is right, you will get the opportunity to make a contribution that really will expand our collective consciousness and help us right long-established wrongs in society. Whether you take this opportunity will be up to you.

February 7th Famous birthdays

Charles Dickens(British writer and social critic); Laura Ingalls Wilder(American writer); Eddie Izzard(British comedian); Born Today:

Alfred Adler (psychiatrist); Eddie Bracken (actor); Buster Crabbe (actor);King Curtis Gazz musician/bandleader); Charles Dickens (writer); Ashton Kutcher (actor); Sinclair Lewis (writer); Chris Rock (comedian); James Spader (actor); Gay Talese (writer); An Wang (computer entrepreneur); Laura Ingalls Wilder (writer)

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