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People Born on February 29th: Destiny, Future

Last updated onFebruary 29, 2024

February 29th Birthday Numerology

No. 2:Shows resilience and power in gentleness, often provides the role of mediator, and linked to psychic abilities.

February 29 VS Pisces, 2 , Successful rarity

People Born on February 29th: Destiny, Future

February 29th Birthday Destiny

You were born on a leap day, which means a ‘proper’ birthday comes along just once in every four years, and yet you are simply not bothered. In fact, you quite like being this special and if that means you only get a party every four years, well then let’s make it the best party of the year. Money loves you and you’ve a knack for making more of it than you’ll ever need. What you like best of all is getting money out of other people, but not in any underhand or unacceptable way – you like the game of the exchange to be fair and so it may be that you work in the antiques trade or an auction house or on a market stall. However you do it, there’s no question that you’ll do it well; you’ll go on doing it and get to enjoy the reward of the finer things in life because thanks to this particular gift, you can afford them. You’re a loyal life partner, will stay with one person for life and will pine to the end of your days if for some reason you become parted.

February 29th Birthday Future

The special individuals born on Leap Year's Day are likeable, charming, and diplomatic. Your magnetic personality attracts many friends and acquaintances. With your fine social skills and equitable manner, you get along with all types of people. You have an ethereal quality that makes you appear less resilient than you actually are. As a result, your personal agenda is often misinterpreted. Although some may consider you an inconsequential social butterfly, you're actually surprisingly ambitious. And you're not afraid to use your subtle powers of persuasion to get people to see things your way.

Your mysterious, otherworldly air captivates and confuses people. You have a great deal of insight into what motivates them, yet they can't quite figure you out. You are sympathetic and sensitive to people's difficulties and sincere in your desire to help. As you listen to their problems, instinct tells you what they need to do to achieve the best possible results. With your refined and artistic temperament, you may find your best avenues of expression in the arts or the helping professions. However, you are extremely sensitive. If your efforts do not elicit the response you expect, you have a tendency to become discouraged.

In an intimate relationship, you make a loyal, loving, giving partner. You're inherently romantic and idealistic, and you need a mate who is equally caring and affectionate in return.

February 29th Birthday Tarot

King of Pentacles:This is the card that shows the self-made man (or woman) who has been so materially successful in life they can now sit back on their throne and take an early retirement. Put simply, they’ve made it, made it big, and made it in a such a rare way that nobody got ripped off or was offended or left the transaction feeling used. Now that’s some skill.

February 29th Famous birthdays

Gioachino Rossini(Italian composer); Tony Robbins(American life coach and motivational speaker); Pedro Sanchez(Spanish politician and prime minister of Spain); Born Today:

Jimmy Dorsey (bandleader); Anne Lee (founder of the Shakers); James Mitchell (actor); Michelle Morgan (actress); Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard (hockey player); Gioacchino Rossini (opera composer); Antonio Sabata, Jr. (actor); George Seferis (poet); Dinah Shore (singer/actress/TV talk show host); William Wellman (director)

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