March 17th Magical Sparkle Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 17, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to make a commitment and stick to it

☆The way forward is to understand that commitments can only drag you down if you fear them. If you face them, they can bring great satisfaction.

The Birthday Of Magical Sparkle, The Day Of The Aerialist

March 17th Magical Sparkle Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 17th Birthdays

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Saturn, the teacher

Tarot card: The Star (hope)

Favorable numbers: 2, 8

Lucky days: Thursday and Saturday, especially when this day falls on a 2 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, maroon, violet

Birthstone: Aquamarine

People born on March 17 have an ethereal quality about them and often appear to others to be floating through life. This isn’t to say that they are lazy or never experience setbacks and difficulties; quite the contrary, as they are incredibly hardworking with their fair share of frustrations. Yet however tough life gets, they always seem able to transcend the mundane, endowing all their actions with a lightness and sparkle.

Often charismatic with creative talents, people born on this day are also imaginative, optimistic and receptive, making enchanting company both at home and at work. Their difficulty lies in their drifting from one interest to another; rather than facing a challenge, they prefer to avoid or flow around it. There are many possible reasons for this: lack of self-confidence, dislike of confrontation and, above all, a fear of commitment and responsibility.

When properly channeled, their curiosity and sense of optimism can bring great rewards, and the admiration and support of others. However, the more they evade conflict and difficult situations when a project or relationship encounters setbacks, the more they might be considered irresponsible, flighty and unreliable. It is important for these people to learn to face up to tedious or difficult situations; this will provide them with greater satisfaction than drifting lightly but aimlessly through life. Before the age of thirty-three there is an emphasis on change and new ventures, but thereafter they often become more secure, responsible and less flighty.

Blessed with a caring nature, these people are often in a position to help others. The responsibility of this may be a struggle for these sparkling souls, but the ability to be patient and reliable in their relationships with others and in their professional life forms a vital part of their self-confidence. Once their butterfly nature has learned that touching the ground doesn’t mean the death of their creativity and optimism but rather the making of it, they have the potential to lead not just exciting and creative lives but truly magical ones.

☆ On the dark side:Self-effacing, irresponsible, flighty

☆ At your best:Inspired, hardworking, adaptable

Those born on March 17 live exciting lives taken up with the recurring themes of flying, floating, music, dance, movement and travel of all sorts. They are quite capable of losing themselves in an activity, cause or experience, relinquishing many demands of their ego in the process. Highly evolved individuals born on this day are able to engage in such activities while at the same time expressing a strong sense of self. Less highly evolved individuals tend to be overly self-effacing or passive, unable to direct their lives effectively.

March 17 people are never happier than when they are involved in a cause, particularly one which allows them to express their social side. Without such social involvement, March 17 people have a tendency to become isolated; if they spend too much time alone, they can wrap themselves in a kind of personal cocoon completely insulated from the cares and concerns of the world. At some point, such March 17 people must emerge from their social or personal chrysalis as fully developed butterflies, unafraid to display their uniqueness and beauty.

This metaphor of the butterfly may be useful here to illustrate several other relevant points.

March 17 people must learn to pursue activities with concentrated application, rather than flitting about from one flower to the next. In addition, they may have to toughen their stance in order to guarantee that their projects as well as their identity and reputation last well beyond one short season.

March 17 people tend to value all which is fresh and new in the world. Many born on this day tire quickly of old conventions and outdated ideas, wishing to implement new methods with youthful innocence and vigor. Unfortunately, they can run afoul of fate and also of more highly seasoned realists, who though cynical or jaded may have a much firmer grip on the reins of power.

The most highly evolved individuals born on this day manage to retain their optimism and energy while at the same time becoming more realistic and effective in implementing their plans.

Often in their desire to avoid being categorized or pinned down to responsibility, March 17 people become adept at eluding those who wish to ground them. Avoidance can quickly become a device they use to defend those positions they maintain that do not stand up under close scrutiny. If they wish to be successful, March 17 people must learn to be more thorough and considered, and indulge less in the mutable, less serious aspects of their nature. For a period of time, their associates, family and friends can be enchanted by their gyrations, but will finally demand that those born on this day come to earth and shoulder their share of mundane concerns, with all of the attendant difficulties and annoyances. Through such grounded activities, March 17 people can effectively contribute to the life around them, bringing their freshness and creativity to bear.

Power Thought:Today I will confront my fears with boldness,Flowers and butterflies are delicate,but also surprisingly strong

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 17th day of the month are ruled by the number « ( 1+7-8), and In the planel Saturn. Saturn carries with it a strong feeling of limitation and restriction, and may indicate a judgmental aspect as well. These characteristics are modified in March 17 people b the influence of Neptune (ruler of Pisces), which tends to bring material good fortune as well as an ability to charm others. The number H suggests a conflict between the material and spiritual worlds; those ailed by this number can be lonely, and prone to indulging in excess

March 17th Birthday Tarot Card

The 17th card of the Major Arcana is The Star, which depicts a beautiful naked girl under the stars pouring refreshing water on the parched earth with one pitcher and reviving the stagnant water of a pond with another. She represents the glories of the earthly life, but also material enslavement to it. The stars above her are an eternal reminder of the presence of the spiritual world. March 17 people should seek to unite the energies of heaven and earth as suggested symbolically by this card.

☆Luck maker:(Stop self-sabotaging behavior)Self-sabotaging behavior, like not finishing what you started or letting other people down, is intended to protect you from pain but ultimately these choices bring unhappiness and bad luck.

Love In love with love

You’re drawn to people born on December 22 to January 20:You have much to learn from each other about the balance that must be struck between responsibility and fun.

People born on March 17 are often surrounded by admirers but they may resist having their wings clipped by long-term commitment and responsibility. The mundane and routine aspects of relationships unsettle them, but if they find a partner who indulges their need for independence of thought and action, their love of love will often win out and they can thrive in a committed relationship.

Health Don’t neglect warning signs

People born on this day have an optimistic approach to life that is excellent for both their physical and emotional health; they should, however, guard against over-optimism and should pay attention to warning signs before they develop into major illnesses. They may have physical problems relating to their joints and should make sure their diet is rich in lubricating Omega-3 foods such as oily fish, nuts and seeds. They also need to take plenty of exercise to keep their bones, muscles and joints strong. Jogging as well as swimming, cycling and dancing are recommended. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color blue will encourage them to do some serious thinking and face up to their responsibilities.

Those born on March 17 may be prone to physical problems relating to their joints, particularly those of the lower extremities. They must take particular care of their feet and deal with fungal infections without delay. As far as their diet is concerned, variety and balance are the watchwords. Though the emphasis here should be on sensual enjoyment, they must beware of becoming slaves to food, and keep their consumption of fats and sugar under control. Regarding physical exercise. March 1" people do well with moderate daily recreation, particularly jogging and swimming.

Career Born dancers

These people often find themselves drawn toward design, art and crafts where they can delight others with their sensitive interpretation of the magic they see around them. They may also be interested in education, travel, public service, politics, law, philosophy, aviation, and religion. Being creative, they may also express their emotions through the light and graceful movements of dance, or through music or drama.

Destiny To encourage others to feel more inspired and optimistic

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to finish what they have started. Once they are able to deal with responsibility and learn from their mistakes, their destiny is to lead others toward a lighter and more optimistic approach to life.

Ground yourself in experience. Without losing your enthusiasm, partake more in the practical areas of life. Tend to claiK tasks, and learn from them. Become more consequent in your endeavors; don't make changes so readily.

Celebrities Born On March 17th

Rob Lowe(American actor and director), Alexander McQueen(British fashion designer), Kurt Russell(American actor),

Rudolf Nureyev (Russian dancer, choreographer), Nat King Cole (singer, jazz pianist, film actor), James Irwin (US P astronaut), Thomas K. Mattingly (US astronaut), Anna Wessels Williams (physician, bacteriologist, diphtheria antitoxin developer), Sammy Baugh (Washington Redskins football quarterback, 6x passing leader), Bobby Jones (golfer, Masters Tournament founder, 4x US, 3x British Open winner, only Grand Slam winner ever), Paul Horn (Jazz flutist, saxophonist, clarinettist), John Sebastian (folk-rock singer, songwnter, The Loviri Spoonful), Gottlieb Daimler (German pioneer car maker, engineer), Mercedes McCambridge (film actress), Kurt Russell (film actor), Rob Lowe (film actor), Roger Taney (US Supreme Court chief justice, Dred Scott decision brought US into Civil War, US senator), Kate Greenaway (Victorian children's, adult book illustrator)

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