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February 4th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 04, 2024

Dreaming of undressing in public may reflect a rebellious streak, refusing to play roles others cast you in. Abo warns where such an attitude may lead. It can also express fears that others may see through you.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 4, 6

February 4th Birthday Love Astrology

Some of the women born today are cleanerholics and some of the men carcleanerholics. February 4, which is a fun-loving, frivolous creature has this one Achilles' heel about spick and span surroundings, odd when it goes with late-night partying, high heels and a penchant for taking off its clothes in public.

They have great bodies so the streakerette streakerette in them is fun for onlookers. Find them in clubs taking off blouses, then pale green silk bras, or tight jeans, then maybe even the red cotton boxer shorts. Of course they do it on beaches, but may try it in restaurants and even at the office Christmas party.

Which brings us to 4's general work behaviour: never completely serious. Complete aces at the computer they earn snoozles of dough, can't be bothered with rules and better not try to stay in a big company for long. It only leads to eating fish and chips at the desk when there's a food-at-the-computer ban, and throwing paper clips at intense colleagues. Worse still, the men are such appalling, if innocent, gossips they are a walking E-Male. And the F-E-Male February 4's not a lot better.

This little toots is better off, like so many Aquarians, running his own business. If either sex do, they have all the fun they like, never impose a no smoking or tidy desk policy and certainly not a pick-up-the-phone-after-three-rings policy. They also work hard and make lots of money. Which they rush out and spend, on beautiful new dining-tables and flash cars. And then, as we've said, vigorously over-clean.

Fame is written in the stars for some born today, which February 4 adores because it gets her the best tables in restaurants and opportunities to sign lots of autographs each time she goes to Tesco's. The flip side of fame for February 4 is sometimes notoriety for some extravagant act, which neither sex mind much either.

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays today really are as hardworking and self-sufficient as they appear. You crave affection and understanding, yet you consider overt emotional displays signs of weakness and vulnerability. You have set your course in life and don’t want to be knocked off track by an unwise sentimental attachment. Despite your air of aloofness, you’re more in need of companionship and affection than you are willing to admit.

You may be somewhat wary when it comes to surrendering your freedom and independence, but you do like the feeling of security you get in a committed relationship.

In Bed

You don’t go in for wild displays of emotion. You’re strongly sexed and sensual but cautious about expressing your carnal desires. In a public setting, you comport yourself with appropriate decorum. The quirky, unconventional side of your Aquarian nature asserts itself behind closed doors. Your secret fantasy of being swept away on a tide of passion will probably never happen.

But with a lover you trust, you’re not afraid to give free rein to your passion.


If you are going to take your clothes off, you might as well have extra beautiful breasts if you're a woman. Men don't have so many erogenous zones to show off. Try these essential oil recipes, also invaluable for private display. Bosom Enhancer. Massage breasts once a week with the following blend to tone and enlarge: 2 drops geranium, 2 drops clary sage, 2 drops ylangylang, 2tsp camellia oil. Petite Bust. To tone and reduce, take 1 drop rose oil, ltbsp jojoba. Massage this blend into the bosom. Jojoba emulsifies fat tissue, while rose is astringent.


You are more serious and dedicated to your work than other water bearers.

Loss of control is simply not your style, and sometimes you need to be seduced away from your responsibilities. A sensual striptease is an excellent means of attracting your attention and whetting your sexual appetite for the lovemaking that is sure to follow.


Dreaming of undressing in public may reflect a rebellious streak, refusing to play roles others cast you in. Abo warns where such an attitude may lead. It can also express fears that others may see through you.

Reality Check

You possess an intuitive understanding of the human condition, and your strong sense of obligation to society motivates you to try to make the world a better place. However, you function better within a group than on a one-to-one basis. In your personal life you are friendly, but you maintain a certain amount of emotional distance that prevents others from getting too close to you.

February 4 Date Share

Ida Lupino, early Hollywood movie star. Betty Friedan, comedian, talker, broadcaster, feminist, author, The Feminine Mystique. Alice Cooper, style addict, rock star, sweet guy.Dan Quayle, US vice-president. François Rabelais, French humanist, comic satirist, Gargantua.Charles Lindbergh, aviator, first successful solo Atlantic crossing. Isabel Peron, Argentine president, first South American woman head of state, ousted on corruption

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