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February 3rd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 03, 2024

February 3 can be heedless to others' broken hearts. Very often this individual flirts, then flees with boredom. But such unkind behaviour is irresponsible and unattractive in such a sophisticated star. This tiger should tone it down.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 5

February 3rd Birthday Love Astrology

The crackle around this star is electric. Like lightening, they snap across the firmament to strike their latest prey, who absolutely adores every moment of the drama. February 3 has been dangerously attractive since teenage years. The kind who smoulders rather than smiles, who everybody looks at and longs for the look to be returned.

Ruled by the mighty planets Saturn and Uranus, February 3 is a highly-charged bedroom warrior. A skilled lover who may simply walk away from the latest love victim and never look back. When they do love, like sapphires in moonlight they burn with brilliance, casting such a glamorous light that those they love also shimmer. And they have such a powerful sense of humour that nobody they touch ever gets over the addiction.

Naturally 3 has a brilliant career, if he or she chooses. Who can match their charm and persuasive ways? Certainly not the company chairman or any opponent. People who stand in February 3's way just give up, sidle off, maybe go out and buy the same perfume or jacket that 3's wearing in the vague hope that some of this style can be bought. But the speed this tiger brings to any job can't be purchased. Nor can the fascinating sense of danger they generate.

Surprisingly this dominant creature is gentle with the sick, small children, the elderly and animals, although they don't like small dogs. By their side on winter's evenings find a favourite Alsatian loping across the snowy side of a hill, although they are just as likely to go down to the local animal shelter and rescue an old racing greyhound abandoned by its heartless owner.

Ifs a two or three career star. The women may run more than one business which they do with ease, often employing less successful friends who they treat like partners and indeed run the whole thing as a fun club as much as a profit-making organisation.

In Love

Inherently outgoing, gracious, and friendly, you are curious about everything and everyone. You enjoy interacting with many different kinds of people, and your bright, original mind and charming, flirtatious manner attract many admirers. In an intimate relationship, you refuse to tolerate restrictions on your freedom or let anyone keep you from doing your own thing.

You are considerably more in tune with your mind and body than your emotions. You may think you want the closeness and passionate intensity of a committed love union, yet you actually prefer a less well-defined association based on companionship and mutual understanding.

In Bed

In the bedroom, as everywhere else, you have an extremely low threshold for boredom and dull routine. An adventurous, inventive lover, you thrive on variety and experimentation. You particularly enjoy the fun-and-games aspect of lovemaking, and your approach is lively and enthusiastic. You tend to hold running conversations during sex, so lack of communication is never a problem. You like knowing what your partner wants, and whatever it is, you’re more than happy to oblige.


In ancient China the emperor had one wife with whom he copulated once a month and three other consorts, nine wives of second rank, 27 third rankers and 81 concubines. Conserving sperm was the only way he could handle 121 women. Old Chinese sexual guidebooks preach that the more times one has sex without ejaculating, the greater the benefits to health. So once, and vital essences are strengthened; twice sight and hearing improve; three times - all diseases cured. More result in a sublime experience. By recycling semen they thought the brain would be nourished and longevity assured. Don't believe it? Try and see.


The added spice of novelty, spontaneity, and unpredictability are your ultimate turn-ons. The relentless repetition of a “same time, same place” assig-nation would drive you straight up the wall. You much prefer slipping away in the middle of the day for a secret and unexpected romantic rendezvous.


February 3 can be heedless to others' broken hearts. Very often this individual flirts, then flees with boredom. But such unkind behaviour is irresponsible and unattractive in such a sophisticated star. This tiger should tone it down.

Reality Check

Those born on this day are emotionally challenged and much more inhibited emotionally than either physically or mentally. Your mental world is composed mainly of thoughts and ideas. You are naturally eloquent, with a facility for self-expression that prompts you to share your knowledge and understanding with others. As a result, you’re considerably more comfortable expounding your theories about life and love than dealing with your own feelings and emotions.

February 3 Date Share

Died: John Cassavetes, movie star. Born: Ray Davies, rock musician, singer, Kinks. Morgan Fairchild, actress, film star. Shelley Berman, American comedian, film star. Lillian Armstrong, jazz pianist, singer, wife to Louis. James A Michener, novelist Gertrude Stein, poet, critic, novelist, The Making of Americans.Norman Rockwell, graphic artist, illustrator. Jacques Soustelle, French anthropologist, right wing political activist.

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