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February 2nd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 02, 2024

To alleviate the spiritual fatigue and despondency which comes to those who behave like a rigid high performance engine, try the Bach Flower remedy Oak, (Quercus roburj, especially designed to calm and give strength to just this type of person.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 2, 4

February 2nd Birthday Love Astrology

Alot of men born today pride themselves on their logic. And drive everybody mad. February 2 is fond of telling people that if they will just view the situation logically, without emotion, then they will come to their senses. This individual is keen on buttoning down emotions and directing others to do so. Maybe it's innate, a gruesome gender symptom. Maybe there's a flicker of the stern side of Uranus coming through. Or perhaps Mr Sensible is a bit of an emotional coward.

It's of course the stuff magnates are sometimes made of and stands February 2 in good stead in his steady climb to the top of the corporate heap. But when life's unexpected upsets come along, as they do, this individual can't empathise. He says about his recently widowed mother ‘She's fine', and about his best friend who's got the sack, ‘He'll be OK.' But he's not stupid and he knows it's not the case. It's just a way of coping. The women are almost as tough and maybe their saving grace is that they will be the first to offer practical help. If family or friends fall on hard times too, this individual is first to offer financial help - no strings.

February 2 may sometimes give more emotional dates the pip, but there are areas where their determination to make sense of things by not giving in and organising the situation can be helpful. If the church roof needs mending or the local homeless hostel needs cash for a mini bus, they sort it in double-quick time, cutting through bureaucracy and shaming rich meanies into helping. A powerful aggressive streak emerges and you'll find February 2 queue jumping for grants and telling mealy-mouthed official no-people where to get off.

Naturally they drive their children insane. But those same children know how much they are loved and in the end don't want their mum or dad to turn into Madame Butterfly.

In Love

You are affectionate and caring, yet even in a close relationship you maintain an air of emotional detachment. There is a part of you that considers life incomplete without a mate or partner. Yet your independent Aquarian spirit is uncomfortable with too much intimacy and cautious with regard to long-term unions. However, your desire for permanence and stability usually overcomes your yearning for freedom and independence. When you agree to commit to another person, you do it with your whole heart. In return, you expect to realize your ideal of physical and mental unity.

In Bed

You are often torn between the demands of your body and those of your mind. When you let yourself express your erotic sensuality in physical terms, you make a passionate, adroit lover. But the part of you that lives inside the ivory tower of your mind tends to view physical and emotional needs as less valid than intellectual ones. You must learn to put aside your theories about sexuality and follow where your body leads.


February 2 often works long hours at a computer and suffers from screen glare. Eyes get dry and blurry after a few hours and sometimes ache. Always consult a doctor. Yawning can help tired, blurred eyes by releasing tension in face muscles and producing flowing tears to bathe and soothe the cornea. Make a loud, animal yawn, jaws wide open and grunt like a hippopotamus. (Do it in private to avoid astonishment.) Yawn until tears flow down your cheeks. Imagine mat the toxins within your eyes are flowing away and healthy nutrients are flowing in. After a while you will find your eyes relaxing and vision much clearer.


You enjoy being wooed, and a romantic setting helps take your mind off the problems and distractions of the world outside your private love nest. All your senses respond to the heady aroma of sensual perfume, the erotic feelings produced by trailing silken fabrics against your skin, and the whispered promises of what is yet to come.


To alleviate the spiritual fatigue and despondency which comes to those who behave like a rigid high performance engine, try the Bach Flower remedy Oak, (Quercus roburj, especially designed to calm and give strength to just this type of person.

Reality Check

In relationships you’re extremely idealistic. You are capable of real devotion if the object of your affection doesn’t disappoint you. However, should the union turn sour or cause you to feel hemmed in, you may be tempted to look elsewhere. What you really need is an intimate relationship where love and friendship coexist. You quickly lose interest in a partnership without an intellectual connection.

February 2 Date Share

Died: Boris Karioff, horror movie star. Donald Pleasance, actor. Born: Graham Nash, singer, songwriter, Crosby Stills and Nash. Nell Gwyn, actress, woman of pleasure, mistress to King Charles II. Garth Brooks, country and western singer. Valéry Giscard D'Estaing, French president. Havelock Ellis, psychologist, writer on sexual deviation, The Psychology of Sex Farrah Fawcett, TV actress. James Joyce, Irish poet, author Ulysses. Elaine Strich,

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