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February 1st Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 01, 2024

This individual should try to remember that conversation is the civilised exchange of ideas, opposing or not. It is not a bull ring, nor an opportunity for shouting others down. It also helps if you can remember other peoples names.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 1, 3

February 1st Birthday Love Astrology

There's a great deal of zeal about this crusader of the dark skies. February 1 loathes unfairness and snobbery. Neither sex can understand why some people think they are superior and both find unfair privilege, by birth or simple money grabbing, repulsive. When Aquarius gets going they can be formidable. Their blazing honesty and articulacy is formidable. And although this is a kind date, they won't be if anybody frivolously gets in their way.

They fight their battles in the public forum, blazing down on darker starlets, and turning the opposition to toffee. Let nobody try to bribe February 1, nor persuade them to modify their position for future career reward. It won't work. And this creature doesn't forget perfidy in a hurry.

Madame Aquariana is gentler than the male, more sophisticated but often deadlier because her manner is silken and at first opponents take her lightly. The male of the species is a more aggressive attacker. Naturally these talents are in demand in the political arena and in local authority work. Maybe in medicine or any kind of teaching. In ordinary commerce, this gleaming crusader can be lethal if he gets a notion that something is wrong. For this reason, many fail to win promotion because their potential for trouble frightens bosses.

At home the crusader takes off his red cross, dons a t-shirt and plays the domestic pussycat. Not entirely reliable in love - the men are worse than the women - they are delightful while they stay. And domestically skilled. Most of the men are better cooks than the women, but the crusaderette is better at making the home beautiful. Which she can do for little money.

Neither cares much about cash, and in particular they don't like to spend it. February 1 always has the old age pension in mind, even when they're twenty-five. What they love most is to bargain-hunt, combing car boot sales, street markets and old junk shops for astonishing, enviable bargains.

In Love

Although the fixed nature of your Aquarian Sun sign is evident in every other area of your life, there is definite duality where your emotional attachments are concerned. In love and affection, your initial bursts of enthusiasm are often followed by doubts and misgivings. Haunted by fears of intimacy and loss of independence, your tendency is to start backtracking if you feel you’re getting in too deep. Because companionship is as important to you as love, the potential lover most likely to catch and hold your attention is the one whose appeal is as much mental as physical.

In Bed

You may not be the most romantic person in the zodiac, but you are one of the most talkative and fun loving. Your idea of a satisfying bedroom romp includes lots of laughter and witty conversation. You thoroughly enjoy the lovemaking, and you’re open-minded enough to try just about anything that is new and exciting. Your sexual approach is straightforward; subtlety and subterfuge are wasted on you. Although you adore mental and physical games, you refuse to play emotional ones.


February 1 is romantic, sometimes promiscuous but sometimes unlucky in love. When they want someone, they are rejected; but they are'hotly pursued when they dont. Since it's harder to keep than to lose, here's some love binding magic. On the important night, put three drops ofneroli in a scent burner at foot of bed. Throw a red cover on the bed and two red candles on either side to ensure the presence of the Fire element. If the moon is shining full at the window the night will be memorable with more nights to come. If waning, some difficulty. If none, don't get involved. Just have fun.


Although you’re warmer and more passionate than many water bearers, romance happens first in your head. Even in your most passionate and intimate moments, your mind rules and your body follows. Talking and thinking about sex spurs you into action in ways rarely accomplished by appeals to your feelings and emotions.


This individual should try to remember that conversation is the civilised exchange of ideas, opposing or not. It is not a bull ring, nor an opportunity for shouting others down. It also helps if you can remember other peoples names.

Reality Check

For all your self-sufficiency, you are essentially a people-person. Social and personal relationships are vitally important to you. Friendship is as necessary to your happiness as love, and your initial attraction is likely to be mental rather than physical or emotional. Still, you’ll accept a permanent romantic involvement as long as your significant other doesn’t restrict your personal freedom or tell you what to do.

February 1 Date Share

Died: Buster Keaton, Hollywood silent movie comedian. Born: John Ford, master Hollywood film director, Stagecoach. Clark Gable, Hollywood film star, heartthrob, played Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind with memorable line ‘Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn'. Princess Stephanie of Monaco, survived 120ft car crash over cliff, mother Princess Grace later died. Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Austrian poet, playwright. Don Everly, singer Everly Brothers. Boris Yeltsin, first popularly elected Soviet president.

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