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February 5th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 05, 2024

Plain old itching can be a good or bad traditional folk lore omen. An itch on the right knee means a happy journey, right eyebrow a meeting with old friends, palm of right hand, a legacy, loins, a reconciliation and thighs, a house move.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 5, 7

February 5th Birthday Love Astrology

This is the Concorde of Aquarius, streamlined, fast and desired by the rich and powerful. To travel with February 5 makes the rest of the world feel first class. And the extra long, famous nose gives every other star a deliciously invaded feeling, that somehow this psychic creature knows their every thought. When February 5 came to earth trailing clouds of 24 carat glory, Mercury flew alongside and threw an extra bucket of empathy over the heavenly one.

If ever eyes were windows to the soul, this person has them. Other troubled stars beat a path to his or her door, just to talk for a moment and look for comfort there, and while February 5 is always willing, a kind sort of person, he must be careful not to take on everybody else's problems. Because this magic child has problems of his own.

Neither sex can make up its mind what to be. Talented in arts and sciences, should they choose brain surgery or go for the Odette/Odile role in Swan Lake’. The latter is best for February 5 because it's an opportunity to play two completely different people, which suits this multi-faceted moodster.

Most pursue several careers, in sequence or simultaneously. They are all-rounders who play football, cricket, the double bass and can fix the electric wiring. Money interests them but they can't stand working out what to do with it, although when forced to concentrate they make excellent investments and property deals. Both sexes thrive in broadcasting because they have the kind of lullaby voice which delights listeners. And this is useful in private where the women sing about the house and at bedtime, endless lullabies to delighted sleepy children.

Many will radically change their way of life in the middle years, either seeking to live in another country, or by sea or amongst mountains. All three help their meditative side, never to be forgotten, whatever the demands of social life or work.

In Love

You rarely admit to being fickle, yet there is a cool, unemotional side to your makeup that makes it easy to jump in and out of romantic relationships. Because of your independent nature, your best bet for a significant other is the person who allows you space to be yourself. When you are ready to settle down, you’re likely to choose someone who is both friend and lover.

In your personal alliances you are tolerant of your partner’s foibles, as long as he or she doesn’t trample on your ideals or try to tell you what to do.

In Bed

Sexually you are uninhibited and open to suggestion. It may be that the idea of sex turns you on as much as the act itself. No matter how much you enjoy making love, you always manage to keep your wits about you.

In fact, it’s virtually impossible to arouse your romantic interest without some type of mental contact. Even in the throes of passion, your mind is more involved in what’s happening than your body.


February 5 should use juniper oil in a burner to strengthen her overburdened psyche when other people's problems weigh too heavily. Otherwise both sexes should take care of their luxuriant Aquarian hair, which may become dull when they are exhausted. The chosen blend of oils mixed in the appropriate oil base will feed hair roots while coating each strand with a fine protective layer. Try 1 drop rosewood, 1 drop lemon, 1 drop rosemary, 3 tsp base oil. To energize the body try the Goddess Bath, with 6 drops myrtle to a full bath. Swirl water with hand to distribute oil through water.


Of all the signs, Aquarius is the least focused in the here and now. Sometimes real life has trouble competing with what is inside your head. In the magic of your mind and imagination, you visit the past and the future, and perhaps even the far-out planet Zeno. It’s not surprising, then, that you find fantasy and role-playing games a major turn-on.


Plain old itching can be a good or bad traditional folk lore omen. An itch on the right knee means a happy journey, right eyebrow a meeting with old friends, palm of right hand, a legacy, loins, a reconciliation and thighs, a house move.

Reality Check

You are friendly and sociable with a bright, witty personality that people find entertaining. Your offhanded quips and smart remarks may be very clever, but they often have a hurtful edge to them. You’re outspoken and honest to a fault, but in your attempts to help other people you sometimes transcend the limits of good manners.

February 5 Date Share

Jennifer Jason Leigh, film star, Single White Female. John Carradine, film star, father of David and Keith. Barbara Hershey, film star. Charlotte Rampling, film star, stage actress, TV. William Burroughs, writer, drug expert, addict, author The Naked And The Dead. Andreas Papandreou, Greek prime minister, exiled. Susan Hill, author, literary critic. Adlai Stevenson, UN representative, Illinois governor. Sir Robert Peel, British 19th century prime minister. J Huysmans, French novelist, En Route.

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