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February 6th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 06, 2024

Think before you show off. Bear in mind the awful example of Vice-President Quayle, who on visiting an American school corrected what he thought was an incorrect spelling in a work display, deftly adding an ‘e' on the end of potato.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Mercury; Numbers: 6, 8

February 6th Birthday Love Astrology

This ripe little banana is just waiting to be peeled, but when the great moment happens it often gets browned off. The trouble with February 6 is that it's always better to travel than to arrive. And that's the case in career, love, travel, moving house. Just about everything. Basically this twinkling star is utterly eclipsed by the thought of boredom.

Lovely they are, delightful to look at and some of the time heaven to know. But for many companions in the great dome of the sky, they require too much entertaining. This date is not a fabulous boss. Once they have achieved their goal, for which they work ruthlessly, they go about interfering with everybody else, setting up absurd management training weekends where grownups are forced to play kids' games and pretend to like them. Mostly February 6 finds it entertaining watching others do what they should have the nerve to reject with a sharp ‘Stuff it'.

In love there may be trouble ahead. Ms Banana adores the chase, the presents and likes catching impossible-to-get men. And maybe the first night or two of love. But when there's talk of permanence, she flies off shrieking, to wash her hair. She'd rather stay at home and dye her underwear electric blue, her favourite colour, or passionate violet. The men are also bad, terrified of any girl who asks tWhere have you been?'.

They do often marry in the end, and many live happily as long as they can continue with separate interests and friends. Many of the men, who are often good at sport actually need to go off and watch cricket with other men, play golf or in some cases hockey. The women prefer to spend the weekend in Paris with a girlfriend, sitting giggling in cafés. Both sexes adore the Channel Tunnel and any other long trans-European train journey, much preferring the romance of train travel to cars and planes.

In Love

Those celebrating birthdays on this date are bright and charming, with magnetic personalities that draw others to them. You are more romantic and partnership minded than the average water bearer. It’s not only that you dislike being alone—you actually feel incomplete without a significant other to share your life. Nevertheless, your expectations are extremely high. You can’t imagine surrendering your cherished independence for a relationship that fails to meet your standards. Your ideal love combines romance and sex with friendship and intellectual rapport. Once you find the like-minded soul you’re seeking, you won’t hesitate to pledge your love and loyalty.

In Bed

There is a delicacy and sophistication to your sexuality that adds romance and beauty to Aquarius’s intellectual approach to lovemaking. You can be an exciting, adventurous lover without overstepping what you consider the boundaries of good taste. What matters to you in a sexual relationship is quality, not quantity. You pride yourself on your ability to fascinate and arouse your partner and inflame his or her libido without resorting to means that are either crude and vulgar or sugary and sentimental.


Maximum vitality is necessary for this energetic creature who like many winter people suffers from fatigue and because of his fast life, tends to eat junk food which exacerbates the problem. Follow these simple guidelines. Eat less fat, especially the saturated type found in meat, cream and cheese. Less sugar. Less salt never add it to food at the table. More low-fat foods: low-fat yoghurt, skimmed milk. More complex carbohydrates, more wholegrains, wholewheat pasta and brown rice. More fruit and vegetables - aim to eat five generous portions a day, not including potatoes, which count as starches. Drink more water.


You’re turned on by the idea of escaping the realities of everyday life to a sexy, romantic hideaway with your ideal partner. You can imagine the glamorous, romantic rendezvous where you enthrall your lover with your captivating charm and scintillating conversation. Naturally, you are enthralled, charmed, and captivated in return.


Think before you show off. Bear in mind the awful example of Vice-President Quayle, who on visiting an American school corrected what he thought was an incorrect spelling in a work display, deftly adding an ‘e' on the end of potato.

Reality Check

Despite your innate idealism, you’re a reasonable, rational individual. You believe that most of the world’s problems can be resolved through discussion and compromise. A genuinely caring person, you want nothing more than for everyone to live in harmony. Nevertheless, your utopian ideas for resolving the difficulties that crop up in relationships tend to work better in theory than in actual practice.

February 6 Date Share

Gayle Hunnicut, British beauty, movie star, stage actress. Bob Mariey, Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter. Eva Braun, Hitlers mistress, married moments before mutual suicide. Patrick MacNee, film star, TV actor. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-bom beauty, film star. Manuel Orantes, Spanish tennis champion. George Herman ‘Babe' Ruth, American baseball hero. Ronald Reagan, US president, film star. François Truffaut, French film director, Jules et Jim. Christopher Marlowe, Elizabethan playwright, knifed to death in Deptford pub.

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