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January 11th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 11, 2024

Your 11th card of Tarots Major Arcana is Justice. Grasp the positive qualities which this card brings, which include awareness of balance and an ordered world, bravery and fair-mindedness, disciplined leadership and soothing honesty.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 2, 3

January 11th Birthday Love Astrology

Such a worryboots this person. And sometimes it gets right out of hand. January 11 is a genuine shimmer-dusted high wire star. Others believe in his talent and a capacity to pull things off most people can only dream of. Others will follow his moral lead and even be inspired by this straightforward and honest creature. But then anxiety sets in like a nasty dose of acne. It won't go away and if January 11 lets it, things get silly.

High wire stars are essentially daring, as is this creature. They can't spend their time worrying about burglars and if the/ve left the tap on in the top bathroom so that it will flood and bring all the ceilings down. But this star does. It's a strange contrast in the psycheology which can make life unnecessarily uncomfortable. And if it does get out of hand, people born today can devote; more energy to anxiety and futile worrying than they do to having a good time, working properly and falling in love.

This person is a prey to all the latest fad worries. She is so concerned about pollution that sometimes she hardly dares go out, will certainly never swim even in the cleanest natural water, won't eat sausages with even the freshest and safest beef in them, and finds going abroad a nightmare of imagined illness, strange insects and dirty water.

In particular the down side of this, apart from grounding our star, is that it irritates other people who immediately have to rush to reassure. Doctors get tired of January 11 ‘s constant visits. Other nervous dates don't want to have January 11 round in case the worries are catching. And there's altogether too much looking up of diseases and other problems in reference books.

A little worry is an OK thing and usually results in good old-fashioned responsible behaviour. A lot of worry is gruesome for this creature.

In Love

There are two distinct sides to your character. Your sensitive nature and romantic idealism accentuate your desire to be involved in an intimate relationship. Yet you tend to be somewhat shy in interpersonal situations. While part of you longs to be with someone, the other part seems to prefer solitude. Ultimately, your need for structure and emotional stability helps you conquer your doubts and seek a committed relationship. Because love and affection are so important to you, you are best suited to a partner who is encouraging and able to help you overcome your diffidence.

In Bed

Your emotions run deep, and you keep them well hidden. Yet beneath the restraint, there’s a smoldering sensuality just waiting to be released. You like being in control of your own feelings and actions. You also like to feel that you are in charge, even in the most intimate situations. Consequently, you won’t put up with a mate who is overly aggressive or acts bossy. However, when you find the compliant lover you’re seeking, you make an exceedingly generous, affectionate bedmate.


Over worry and fear is commoner than you think. Most people handle it. Some haven't learned how. The Fear Chart. Tick the following if they apply to you. Do you: 1: Suffer from groundless fear? 2: Sudden anxiety attacks? 3: Nightmares? 4: Feel oversuperstiHous? 5: Feel afraid of authority and a constant sense that you will be somehow found out and in some way punished? 6: Fear that you may have done something wrong without knowing it? Lots of ticks? Try the Bach Flower remedy aspen (Populus tremula) formulated by the physician Dr Edward Bach to help control symptoms such as these.


The intensity of your libido goes through cycles in accord with your various and sundry mood swings. During a low cycle, your partner may reawaken your inherent sensuality by gently trailing a large feather or a sumptuous bit of fur or silky fabric over your skin, especially in the ultrasensitive areas behind the knees.


Your 11th card of Tarots Major Arcana is Justice. Grasp the positive qualities which this card brings, which include awareness of balance and an ordered world, bravery and fair-mindedness, disciplined leadership and soothing honesty.

Reality Check

On the outside you give the appearance of solid Capricorn practicality and pragmatism, but within yourself you are a tenderhearted romantic with the soul of a mystic. Your thin skin and emotional fragility may be preventing you from opening your heart to another person. You function better and feel happier when partnered with someone who understands your moods and shares your interests and ideas.

January 11 Date Share

Tracey Caulkins, American Olympic gold medallist swimmer. Rod Taylor, film star, stage, TV actor. Naomi Judd, country and western singer, The Judds. Schmuel Ashkenasi, violinist. Eva Hesse, sculptor. Sir John Alexander, first Canadian prime minister.

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