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January 10th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 10, 2024

Children are drawn to January 10 like pins to a magnet because of this starys infinite patience and extraordinary imagination. They have a fund of stories and games and speak a child's language without patronising.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 1, 2

January 10th Birthday Love Astrology

This remarkable space traveller is an old star, possessing wisdom which comes with one who has made a long journey through time. With every January 10 there is a strong feeling that they have lived at other times, conventionally known as old souls. Even as a child, January 10 shows an unusually balanced, nurturing personality. If an adult is unwell, they will toddle up and caress the sick one, tenderness showing in their childish eyes. They adore myths and legends, and left to play in a corner by themselves, make up their own fantasies and generally enjoy their own thoughts.

In adulthood, 10 is clever and logical. Both sexes take an overview. They are exceptionally generous and sensitive towards others and show none of the petty envies and jealousies.

Old souls are a delight because they contribute so much. At work they are both ambitious and nurturing of others. Found in creative professions, medicine or jobs where they can do good, 10 is a persuasive speaker both privately and publicly. And uses charm to get her way.

But don't try to push them around. Born knowing what they want no amount of coercion makes any difference. Indeed if they suspect a manipulator they will become stubborn, uncooperative and quite frequently simply walk away, disconcerting to those who misinterpret 10's balance and nurturing side for weakness.

Where love is concerned they feel deeply and appreciate every tiny act of kindness shown by a partner. When they find another old soul as a mate nothing will part them. Even if that person is married and can't leave, there will be a connection between them more powerful than most can fathom. But beware. With ordinary partners January 10 is loving, but when things don't seem to work out, they're very easy come easy go. Why worry when there are always plenty more available lovers to choose from?

In Love

Subtlety is not your strong point. You like winning, and your naturally competitive spirit spills over into your love life. Accustomed to overcoming obstacles by barreling your way through them, your approach to interpersonal relationships tends to be aggressive and demanding. One way or another, you wear down resistance to your charms. Yet at heart you’re a romantic and an idealist, and you want people to love you. Moreover, your inner goat is naturally reserved and very good at hiding your true feelings.

When you commit to a serious relationship, you’re generous and caring but also controlling and possessive.

In Bed

Your libido is strong and your sexual energy high. You possess a type of animal magnetism that may not seem particularly sexy outside the bedroom but surfaces behind closed doors. In an intimate union, you’re a fiery lover.

Your seduction technique is straightforward and direct. As a sensualist, you seek the heights of love through sheer physical passion. Although your romantic side enjoys many of the elegant courtly rituals of love, you want no part of emotional games.


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Your sensual nature is earthy and erotic. In public, you appear cool and composed. However, in private your sexual desires smolder like a volcano.

You don’t require a lot of foreplay to become physically aroused. In fact, you are perfectly willing to skip the appetizers altogether and go directly to the main course.


Children are drawn to January 10 like pins to a magnet because of this starys infinite patience and extraordinary imagination. They have a fund of stories and games and speak a child's language without patronising.

Reality Check

Partnership does not come naturally to you, and it’s difficult for you to adjust to another’s needs. Your dominant personality and swaggering attitude send the message that you think you know what is best for everyone. Moreover, that is exactly what you do think. Even in your most intimate relationship, you like to be the one calling the shots and making the decisions.

January 10 Date Share

Rod Stewart, singer, songwriter, spikey-haired football fan. George Foreman, world heavyweight boxing champion, Olympic gold medallist. Galina Ulanova, Russian ballerina, now teacher and great mentor in Moscow. Linda Lovelace, porno actress, socialite, Deep Throat. Johnnie Ray, 50s heart-throb pop singer.

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