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January 9th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 09, 2024

Sapphires are a beneficial stone for this birthdate. Wear it with turquoise to enhance its traditional powers which are said to ensure mental health, strengthen and stimulate resolve, give the wearer a brave heart and generally act as good omens.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Venus; Numbers: 1, 9

January 9th Birthday Love Astrology

These people live a long, mostly lucrative life with much of the excitement coming in the middle years. January 9's star burns up brighter as they pass to their mid-thirties and by the time they have reached their fifties, most of these shimmery individuals have got their heart's desire.

Many long to travel and spend their early adult years working and living abroad. Saturn is drawn to Germany and Austria, can't resist the mountains for skiing and the cakes. And many love the music. Find them also enjoying a brief stay in Hong Kong or far away places like Vietnam where they are mostly attached to the travel industry. With their exceptional attention to detail and pleasure in giving pleasure, they shine in any tourist industry. Abroad, they always learn the language.

It's not so much money that January 9 desires, although that too, but recognition. This is where a late career change comes in, usually successful. With their tough physique and enormous capacity for concentration, they can become ruthlessly ambitious, hard for partners and family. Expect divorces and broken love affairs for both sexes. Lovers must ‘fit’ their style and get by in January 9's chosen social element.

The women are gentler, and although some may stick in the office all hours looking for advancement, many grow tired at a certain point, and ease up the pace. Many men continue their ruthless ways into old age.

What saves them is an essential niceness, which means they won't harm others unless pushed very hard, and always try to help others. It's a mentor date for both sexes. Expect them in mid life to be surrounded by young admiring talent, eager to copy every move and learn their trade.

January 9's problem may be that he or she don't see their children enough, which may cause lasting regret when the little ones have grown and flown. Nor do they give themselves enough time for relaxation and laughter.

In Love

Romance and idealism are the touchstones of your existence. You have a way of falling passionately in love with the “idea” of love. However, if the reality of the situation doesn’t live up to your idealistic expectations, you can be deeply disappointed. Generous and protective, you’re prepared to sacrifice your own interests to keep your beloved happy. But it is important for you to be able to trust and believe in your partner. You also need to feel that your partner believes in you. In short, you want more than just a lover.

What you’re actually seeking is a genuine soul mate.

In Bed

An unselfish lover, you’re considerate of your mate’s preferences in bed and out. You’re proud of your sexual prowess and ability to satisfy your partner.

However, your own feelings are rather sensitive, and you welcome a bit of ego-boosting encouragement in return. If you feel safe and secure in an intimate relationship, you may even allow the slightly kinky side of your nature to emerge. Although basically conventional in your lovemaking, you do enjoy a bit of sexual experimentation now and again.


Sometimes January 9 works so hard that both sexes go off sex. This can be hard to talk about, given our social climate where many feel they must pretend to be permanently sexually ravenous. If hard work gets in the way of loving there's no need to worry. This is common. Give up the idea of active sex for a little while and concentrate on relaxing with your partner. A massage purely for the massages sake is ideal, using essential oils that combat anxiety: neroli, rosewood, pine, patchouli, lemon, jasmine, clary sage or bergamot Fear may be lessened by massaging rose or rosemary over the solar plexus areas.


More sentimental than the average horny goat, you prefer making love in a romantic atmosphere. Nothing turns you on as fast as a well-staged seduction scene with all the traditional trimmings: sexy attire, silky sheets, dim lighting, soft music, scented candles, and a properly chilled bottle of champagne.


Sapphires are a beneficial stone for this birthdate. Wear it with turquoise to enhance its traditional powers which are said to ensure mental health, strengthen and stimulate resolve, give the wearer a brave heart and generally act as good omens.

Reality Check

You become your own worst enemy when you allow nagging self-doubts to undermine your self-confidence. Any hint of rejection or rebuff is likely to throw you for a loop and turn you from the generous, self-assured partner in a relationship to a needy emotional wreck. Life is much kinder to you when you loosen up and stop taking yourself so seriously.

January 9 Date Share

Richard Nixon, US president, implicated in Watergate scandal. Joan Baez, folksinger, songwriter. Lee Van Cleef, film actor. Mitch Mitchell, rock drummer, Jimmi Hendrix Experience. Grade Fields, entertainer, comedienne. Judith Krantz, novelist. Rudolf Bing, opera director, Edinburgh Festival founder.

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