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January 12th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 12, 2024

Dont bring daffodils as a love gift. They mean 7 do not return your affection'. Nor lavender: ‘I like you very much, but this is not love! Definitely avoid sunflowers: ‘Things that glitter do not impress me.’

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 3, 4

January 12th Birthday Love Astrology

January 12 tends to be a little coercive, often attributing his failure to others. A swanky little planet, fast on the draw with criticisms of stupidity. They should try to grasp that when people always feel they have to defend themselves, nothing very innovative gets done. The worst offenders go through work or love partnerships like a reckless card player rifling through his hand and throwing the latest choice down on the table without thinking.

Fortunately this challenging behaviour only severely afflicts a proportion of January 12s at the extreme end of the psycheological gene pool. Most control it, but impatience is common with this sky racer and both sexes really ought to get hold of their short temper and irritation. Nevertheless January 12 is heaped with marvellous gifts, including a sparkling intelligence, seductive charm, courage, leadership and in-your-face sexiness. Ms Slightly Snappy can put a project together in Saturnanoseconds. Whether it be in the clothing industry, where they reap a Capricornucopia of success, or in more rigid professions like the army or police force, everybody knows that if you want something doing from scratch in an impossibly short time, ask January 12.

Money is attracted to this creature like a swarm of summer wasps to sweet scented lavender. Some adore spending. Buying gives January 12 as much pleasure as sex, or any other sensuous indulgence. But actually they're greedy for all pleasure. An ideal day is buying a pair of shoes which they may very easily instantly wear to make love in (true!), and continue to wear while they rustle up a great dish to serve guests the self same evening. Without tiring.

Friends, lovers and children need to watch what they tell January 12. Both sexes are natural raconteurs and can easily reduce a roomful of listeners to delicious laughter. But today's embarrassing confessions and experiences are grist for tomorrow's entertaining anecdote. They're shameless really, but you can't help wanting to be with them.

In Love

Sociable, charming, and playful, you realize that every flirtation does not end up as a serious romance. Your ideal is a loving partnership that allows you considerable freedom of movement. However, you’re much too sensible to let the games get out of hand. Besides, you expect loyalty and commitment from your significant other. You have difficulty accepting people and things at face value. Consequently, you tend to question everything that happens, even in your most intimate relationships. When problems arise, you respond intellectually rather than emotionally, because you’re more comfortable talking about your difficulties than exploring the feelings they provoke.

In Bed

Initially you may go to great lengths to endear yourself to a prospective partner. However, as time goes by and you begin to feel more secure in the union, the poetic gestures of courtship usually give way to an earthy physicality. As a busy person, you see nothing wrong with scheduling lovemaking in advance. You may be businesslike in your approach, but once secluded in your private love nest, you give your total attention to the matter at hand.


Sexually adventurous January 12 enjoys theatrical occasions in bed and often sets a sensuous stage. The Saturnubile Sex and Style Guide. What do you wear in bed other than pyjamas and nightdress? 1: Nothing but (for men) your Calvin Klein ‘Eternity’ eau de toilette (for women) your Guerlain ‘Shalimar'? 2: Just the Rolex watch and diamond tummy button studs? 3: Blue suede shoes? 4: Holland and Holland shooting socks? 5: Your Guess Jeans or Levis? 6: Fake fur coat? 7: The mobile telephone? 8: Green Wellington boots? 9: (For him and her) The cerise silk elbow length opera gloves? Why are you telling us all of this?


For you a nimble mind is a stimulating turn-on, and provocative banter gets your sex juices flowing as effectively as touching and stroking. When both are done together, they produce the ultimate in physical arousal. To inflame your desire, all your lover needs to do is whisper his or her salacious intentions and then follow through on them.


Dont bring daffodils as a love gift. They mean 7 do not return your affection'. Nor lavender: ‘I like you very much, but this is not love! Definitely avoid sunflowers: ‘Things that glitter do not impress me.’

Reality Check

You’re ambitious, hardworking, and clever. Your fine mind and quick wit make it easy for you to outsmart the competition. However, where feelings and emotions are concerned, you’re changeable and contradictory. The volatility of your personality puzzles those close to you. You may be buoyant, high spirited, and full of fun one moment, and then you shift gears and become rather solemn and thoughtful the next.

January 12 Date Share

Died: Henri-George Clouzot, French film star. Bom: Kirstie Alley, Kansas-born TV and film actress, Cheers. Edmund Burke, Irish political writer, member of Parliament. John Singer Sargent, society portrait painter. Herman Goring, Nazi commander, Gestapo founder, committed suicide at Nuremberg.

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