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January 13th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 13, 2024

Good cooks such as January 13 put on weight and dieting is often undermined by sugar craving. If you can stop thinking about sugary things you're half way there. Nibble radishes. Oriental medicine says they take the mind off sweet desires.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 4, 5

January 13th Birthday Love Astrology

This missile has strong passions. January 13 chooses a goal and goes straight for it. Our knight in steel armour has a list of ambitions that will be realised come what may.

With love he has a clear idea who will suit. And it won't be a gentle, dependent partner. Their lover must say boo to all geese, except of course the golden one. January 13 picks a partner of any race, creed or colour, unconcerned if they are different from his own. But they need a co-star with the same pleasure in laughter, success and most important of all the same desire to change things. What they don't like is stupidity. Capricorns admire their own IQs and judge many others to be less clever than themselves. It's a tendency which can be wearing to friends and family, because our nose-in-the-air knight is always correcting other's grammar and pointing out mistakes.

Most January 13s achieve their ambitions to own a house, wear great clothes (very vain), belong to the right clubs and have children. But beyond all material ambition, there's something else deeply desired. This missile wants a mission, nothing to do with work or family.

Many do discover the secret plans waiting for them alone in the firmament, finding on the way a measure of fame, which every January 13 hugely enjoys. The search is not a vain one for self- ‘ gratification. Many follow religious beliefs, finding a sense of belonging made more important by work in the community. Others may improve conditions for local children by running sports clubs or organising music festivals. Or they may start to collect or preserve something which is endangered. Perhaps a vital railway is to be closed, or a historic building threatened with demolition to make way for a car park. Or a river needs cleaning up.

Once January 13 has adopted his chosen cause he is a terrorist to the lackadaisical. It's a star who really can change things.

In Love

The need for structure in your life prompts you to seek a committed, long-lasting love union. But you are emotionally aloof, and even in your most intimate relationships you warm up to people rather slowly. Moreover, you have a secretive side to your nature that makes it difficult for you to share your deepest feelings. The controlling aspects of your personality, and your ingrained desire for a serene domestic haven, can make your loved ones feel somewhat constrained. Nevertheless, when you’re safe and secure in a steadfast relationship, you make an ardent lover and a generous, dependable mate.

In Bed

Underneath your hands-off, buttoned-down public persona, you are red blooded, sensual, and capable of intense sexual passion. The horny goat’s seduction technique is straightforward and direct. While you may be somewhat inhibited emotionally, you can be relentless and abandoned in your pursuit of physical fulfillment. In the privacy of your bedroom, you expect your lover to be responsive and receptive to your need for lusty, uncomplicated sex with a touch of ribald playfulness.


January 13 adores unusual recipes. Both sexes are excellent cooks. Pashka (the Russian name for Easter when this famous desert is served). Take 400g fresh cream cheese, 200g unsalted butter, 200g caster sugar, 4 egg yolks, drops vanilla essence, 400g mixed chopped sultanas, glacé pineapple, cherries, angelica, almonds. Sieve cheese, cream butter, beat in sugar and egg yolks until mixture is light and fluffy. Add cheese, vanilla and blend, stir in fruit and nuts. Line colander with muslin, fill with mixture. Put plate on top and bowl under colander to collect whey. Leave in fridge for 12 hours. Turn out on plate before serving.


You don’t require a great deal of foreplay, but after a day’s work you really enjoy relaxing in a luxurious bath or shower for two. For you, there’s nothing more stimulating than a sensuous back scrub from the attentive hands of a loving partner. Just add a brisk toweling, and you are ready for a perfect night of lovemaking.


Good cooks such as January 13 put on weight and dieting is often undermined by sugar craving. If you can stop thinking about sugary things you're half way there. Nibble radishes. Oriental medicine says they take the mind off sweet desires.

Reality Check

Driven by ambition and the lure of material success, you can accomplish just about anything once you put your mind to it. But all that hard work can keep you from having fun and spending quality time with your loved ones. When overworked, you may suffer from bouts of depression. Then, if you allow yourself to get stuck in a negative mind-set, you become repressed and repressive.

January 13 Date Share

Died: Margaret Leighton, film star, beauty. Born: George Gurgieff, central Asian philosopher, wide influence on European thinking and some aspects of counselling, author, Meetings With Remarkable Men. Michael Bond, children's writer, Paddington Bear creator. Anna May Wong, first Chinese actress to appear in Hollywood movies.

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