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January 14th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 14, 2024

Tarot's card for this date in the Major Arcana is Temperance. It shows that people born today are capable of more balanced lives where controlling their own impulse to flight, and may lead them to discover valuable truths about life.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 5, 6

January 14th Birthday Love Astrology

There are always some people in every star sign whose tendency is to live alone. With January 14 there's a strong dislike of commitment. They may dream of finding the right person and settling down, but both sexes often prefer it to be kept in dreams. Many just don't want to wake up each morning to the same person. Shy of taking on financial responsibility, both sexes do like to spend money, but although they are terrific present bringers and treat providers, they mainly prefer to spend it on themselves.

Commitment at work may also be problem. Capricorn's unbending cynicism encourages them to think of others as fools and that goes for bosses too. Fortunately sticking with one job isn't fashionable in the late 90s, and January 14 is temperamentally bang on to benefit. They flit, maybe spending two years here, eighteen months there. While there they stay at work all hours, with a phenomenal production capacity, in some cases openly contemptuous of other mortals who go home on time. Ms 14 is particularly devoted to long hours and may be contemptuous of other women who go home to lovers and families. You can spot her because of her bad teeth and dull hair - she has no time for the dentist or the hairdresser.

If this Capricornflakiness about not sticking around overdevelops, employees may sheer away to find a solider, stay-around star, tired of leaping after our mountain goat. It's often better for this creature to set up her own business, because then at least she'll stay interested in it.

January 14 may be a good present giver, but not an attender at family occasions. At Christmas nobody knows what January 14 will do until the last minute, just as likely to stay home alone as to turn up glittering with desirables. The exception they make is for their own children, who become the centre of January 14's world, and whom they love and raise with total commitment.

In Love

Where your love life is concerned, you’re a romantic idealist. Although interested in a wide range of people, you’re choosy about the ones with whom you spend serious time. Sociable on one hand, yet self-sufficient on the other, you’re a mystery even to those who love you. Despite your outgoing personality, there is a reserved inner goat standing guard over your privacy and independence. Emotionally, you prefer maintaining your distance and rarely allow anyone to get too close. Prospective partners must measure up to your high standards in order to attract your attention.

In Bed

Intelligence, shared interests, and a quick wit are more likely to catch and hold you than a beautiful face or a to-die-for body. You want a partner who sees through your reserve to the passionate, affectionate soul beneath the outer shell. Sometimes you get so caught up in other things, you forget about lovemaking altogether. However, it only takes a little reminder to spark your latent desire. With just a few sexy suggestions to get you started, you become an impassioned, inventive lover.


January 14 may suffer allergiesy in particular the running noses and sore eyes which accompany hay fever or caused by general air pollution. Driving when pollution is high can bring this on. Avoid using your car at these times if it does not have a catalyst fitted. (Unlikely with L registration or earlier.) Vehicle idling produces more pollutants, so cut down on the use of a choke and if you are stuck in traffic, switch off the engine. When filling tank, try not to overfill or spill petrol and always park in the shade to avoid fuel evaporating from your car. Bicyclists should wear a mask.


Your brain is your most sexually responsive organ, and your actual surroundings are considerably less important than what’s going on inside your head. Words and ideas stimulate you physically as well as mentally. You have the unusual ability to feel with your mind, and where it goes, your body automatically follows.


Tarot's card for this date in the Major Arcana is Temperance. It shows that people born today are capable of more balanced lives where controlling their own impulse to flight, and may lead them to discover valuable truths about life.

Reality Check

You’re naturally loving and affectionate but more likely than other Capricorns to jump in and out of romantic relationships. Although you may not admit to being fickle, there’s a definite fear of intimacy in your basic makeup. When you do decide to settle down, you’re likely to choose someone who shares many of your interests and is a friend as well as a lover.

January 14 Date Share

Died: Humphrey Bogart, Hollywood star, icon. Born: Faye Dunaway, film star, singer, author. Albert Schweitzer, German Nobel Peace Prize-winning philosopher, missionary. John Dos Passos, novelist, USA. Trevor Nunn, Royal Shakespeare Company director, film director. Joseph Losey, film director, The Servant. Cecil Beaton, society photographer, artist, stage designer. Jack Jones, singer. Bebe Daniels, film star, World War II Medal of Freedom winner. Berthe Morisot, French Impressionist painter.

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