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January 15th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 15, 2024

Affectionate mockery is fun. Sometimes cruel mockery is equally funny. The difference is that the first brings pleasure and the second hurts. Its too easy and the temptation should be avoided.

Sun Sign: Capricorn/Saturn

Decanate: Capricorn/Mercury; Numbers: 6, 7

January 15th Birthday Love Astrology

This lovely laughing comet is a delight and one of the wittiest people of the year. The/re the tomatoes of the universe. Round, attractively coloured, delicious as a snack, a main meal or even as a pudding, their versatile rotundity (yes, there's a weight problem here) will never be left on the shelf, nor would want to be.

As everybody knows, or should know, wittiness is twenty times more attractive than perfect skin and juicy sexuality, and January 15 attracts others with his sense of humour. Hers too. Both sexes could become professional laughter makers.

They tease others, sometimes harshly, but the first subject of their jibes is usually themselves. It's true that with their phenomenal fear of rejection and rebuffs they like to get the joke in before anybody else, but there's more to it than that Gentle people, they like to show others their own vulnerability, thus demonstrating that there's nothing to fear, and anybody may admit a thin skin with dignity.

January 15 thrives in conventional settings. They like teamwork and the armed forces, medicine, teaching and the police force are ideal. The humour they bring, and with it, wisdom, means they can usually rely on promotion.

Naturally you can expect these people will have a happy home life. Partners can laugh away their worries and fears. Children are happy near January 15. Elderly relatives are soothed by the laughter, which makes them feel young again. And the humour never gets in the way of lovemaking, just means that all sorts of astonishing experiments can go on without anybody getting too serious about it.

This creature may or may not make money, but he is not overly materialistic and chooses happiness over vaulting ambition. They particularly enjoy making things for and planning a family Christmas or Easter, just as much as any soaring work success or clever international deal.

In Love

Even though you enjoy occasional bouts of solitude, partnership and teamwork are in your blood. You thrive on the attention and affection of your significant other. You’re very protective of your beloved, but also demanding and controlling. Your ideas about a loving relationship come to you through a rosy mist of romantic idealism. Because you’re a perfectionist where love is concerned, it’s difficult for a prospective partner to live up to your expectations. However, when things go along as you think they should, you respond in the way you think a caring, faithful, and devoted partner would.

In Bed

You’re laid-back but determined in your approach to lovemaking. You take charge in a quiet, seductive way that leaves little room for doubt about your intentions. You like knowing that you are admired and appreciated, but you’re not particularly free with flattery or compliments in return. It is a lot easier for you to deal with physical passion and sexual desire than emotion.

Your ideal lover has the ability to see beneath the surface and tune in to your true feelings.


January 15 adores kids and can always find them something fun to do. Christmas Tree Cards are extremely easy, encouraging the idea of generous effort for another and saving money. Four-year-olds upward can do this, providing you work with them and control the paint spray. Read safety instructions carefully. Buy or pick a fern, spray a thin layer of spray adhesive on underside, position on piece thin cardboard, press gently to ensure complete contact. Spray silver or gold paint over fern, direct spray towards centre to give ‘glow’ around tree. Remove fern, glue on base cut from metallic paper. Edge card with braid. (After this tired children sleep well.)


A graceful, harmonious atmosphere turns you on, and coarse vulgarity turns you off. Your tastes and sensibilities are more sophisticated and refined than those of the typical goat. Because you truly enjoy being courted and coaxed, your libido is particularly responsive to an artful and elegantly staged seduction scene.


Affectionate mockery is fun. Sometimes cruel mockery is equally funny. The difference is that the first brings pleasure and the second hurts. Its too easy and the temptation should be avoided.

Reality Check

The intensity of your sexual desires goes through high and low cycles, depending on what is happening in other areas of your life. A high cycle often coincides with a new romance. A low cycle may come on when your mind and emotions are caught up in an important intellectual, artistic, or business project. At such times, your sex life is not high on your list of priorities.

January 15 Date Share

Lloyd Bridges, film actor, father of Jeff. Martin Luther King, American Nobel Peace Prize-winner, civil rights leader, assassinated. Joan of Arc, French soldier, saint, burned at the stake. Gamal Abdul Nasser, Egyptian president Molière, French playwright, Le Misanthrope. Aristotle Onassis, Greek shipping magnate, married Jackie Kennedy. Hugh Trevor-Roper, British historian. Maria Schell, Viennese film star.

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