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February 28th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 28, 2024

There was a Young Lady whose chin Resembled the point of a pin; So she had it made sharp, And purchased a harp, And played several tunes with her chin. Edward Lear's sensible advice on making the best of yourself.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Neptune; Numbers: 1, 3

February 28th Birthday Love Astrology

They've got the brains and sensibilities of the Great White Whale. February 28 understands so much, and some of it comes from other times and other centuries. They can sense a disaster or a spectacular success miles off, or even years off. Hunches are their signposts. Theirs is a very grown up psycheology and any companion will be in awe of their vision and their grandly non-materialistic habits. Maybe irritated by the latter.

In the wrong company they are an endangered species, speaking no evil, seeing and hearing none, but sometimes they are wrong to shut their eyes to reality. It can harm them and those they love. All February 28 people scatter money like falling meteorites. And sometimes more than they've got. Capable of high earning - find them in transport, anything to do with travel, and often in the army or church - they will give everything to a needy, even deceitful, relative or friend. True friends of this fabulous monster worry and query, but February 28 waves them away.

Because they have such an understanding of the human condition, many may develop an interest in mysticism. This is a complicated psycheology with a naturally psychic streak. Find them living surrounded by their parents' and grandparents' things, because these inanimate object put them in touch with the friendly beings who owned them.

It's better for February 28 if others watch out for their money. Let this creature dream and sing its mystical songs in the moonglow sea, while others sort the bills. Because apart from giving cash away, this individual has the financial brain of a sea anemone and could make drastic mistakes, drawing down the wrath of authority on its hapless head. It doesn't have much dress sense either and will choose awful bright orange and acid yellows, too-short trousers and shirts whose buttons pop open, just because they are an amazing bargain at the sales.

In Love

You yearn for the bliss of total union with your beloved, but when you get it you may have second thoughts about a long-term relationship. Your heart tells you to stay put and continue enjoying the closeness, but your freedom-loving head urges you to pull away and reclaim your independence.

Thoughts such as these can make you moody and very difficult to live with.

You don’t like hurting others, least of all the person you love. Yet the passive-aggressive characteristic in your nature makes it difficult for you to gain the love and emotional support you so desperately want and need.

In Bed

You are brasher and more prone to sexual bluster than the average Pisces native. Your daring approach makes you a highly visible, dynamic lover.

Passionate in bed, you enthusiastically seize the initiative in lovemaking.

Yet you share all the idealistic expectations of your Sun sign. You yearn for perfection and cannot handle the disappointment if you fail to find it.

Should your relationship hit a snag, you immediately begin looking around for the exit.


February people can suffer from cold hands and feet and regular massage with essential oils will relieve this. Choose floral or citrus essences, especially lavender, rose, mandarin and bergamot adding one or two drops to a carrier oil such as almond. Work the oil in circles with your thumbs over the whole foot or hand, concentrating on-the ankle or wrist joint. Work gently, always massaging towards the heart. To ease stiffness in the fingers and toe joint, gently stretch them to the point of resistance, again causing no pain, and rotate first clockwise then anti-clockwise.


You are not afraid to rush in where other fish fear to swim. Driven by a libido that consists of volatile physical desires and extreme emotional sensitivities, you fall in and out of love and lust quite easily. You’re turned on by the dangerously erotic, such as romantic fantasies involving threat, peril, rescue, and escape.


There was a Young Lady whose chin Resembled the point of a pin; So she had it made sharp, And purchased a harp, And played several tunes with her chin. Edward Lear's sensible advice on making the best of yourself.

Reality Check

Although you appear confident on the outside, you harbor a considerable number of doubts and insecurities. In your passive, poetical mode, you just want to kick back and watch the world go by. But there’s another side to your personality that is impulsive and inclined to rush headlong into challenging situations. When your kind, compassionate nature is fueled by your energy and exuberance, you can accomplish just about anything.

February 28 Date Share

Died: Ruby Keeler, Hollywood screen babe. BornSir John Tenniel, cartoonist illustrator, Alice in Wonderland.Sir Stephen Spender, British poet. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize-winning chemist, vitamin C advocate.Vincente Minnelli, film director, An American In Paris, father of Liza. Bugsy Siegel, gangster, built Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Tommy Tune, Broadway dancer, choreographer. Zero Mostel, comic film and stage actor. Charles Blondin, French tightrope walker, crossed Niagara Falls on stilts.

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