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March 1st Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 01, 2024

March 1 has vivid dreams, sometimes recurring. Most have an optimistic meaning. Walking in the dark because the electric light has gone foretells good news from abroad. Dreaming of floods? To the traveller it means calm seas and safe journey.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 1, 4

March 1st Birthday Love Astrology

March 1 is a homemaker. Her rooms are perfumed. The paint effects on her walls, or maybe it's stylish paper or even fabric, is an inspiration. She can put curtains together at lightening speed. The men conjure up a magnificent dolls' house for their daughter. If they can't afford to buy paintings, they take a brush and make one.

With such flair, if either sex chooses they have an obvious and brilliant career. Fortunes can be coined, plus fame and cosseted popularity with rich, eager and socially persuasive customers. Punctuality may be a problem for our sparkling water sign. If they are swimming along, three quarters of an hour away from a meeting scheduled in the next half hour, it's not late until the actual time has passed. Managing as they do with an uncommonly slippery sleight of hand, this time optimism doesn't legislate against success.

Find them also in the media. But better in their own businesses, where their originality inspires clever, extremely marketable ideas. Redundancy brings no fear. Money whizzes into their hands, plus a better social standing and more relaxed life outside the confines of corporate life, where their maverick qualities either bring exceptional success, or ground them in other's inertia.

March people are usually extremely socially concerned and work hard for charity. Snobbery also lurks in this beautiful head. The pebbles in another stretch of water always glisten more brightly and like salmon, they can take great leaps up the rockiest social waterfall. They may therefore choose a mate who fits in with the social whirl, always preferring someone who looks after them to a dependent lover. Women in particular resent the househusband because if anyone's going to stay at home and care for the children, they want it to be them. Being financially taken care of is important, and although Mrs March will love and nurture her family and partner, penury is a pain in the pantaloons.

In Love

A curious mix of mild and militant, you have a spirited exterior that covers a sensitive, romantic soul. As a result, you sometimes feel conflicted and at odds with yourself. In a close relationship, you can be rash and impulsive in the short term, yet quite serious and given to second thoughts over the long term. In interactions with your loved one, you tend to go back and forth between headstrong and bossy one moment, and sweet and compliant the next. Although prone to an occasional rash action, you have a great deal of personal magnetism and an innate capability for demonstrating love and affection.

In Bed

You are naturally sensuous, with a strong sex drive that makes you a warm, ardent lover. Your bedroom approach may be characterized as passive-aggressive. Although you enjoy being wooed, your passionate need for love prompts you to take the initiative. You demand a great deal from your lover, but you give as much as you receive. Your intuition and almost mystical sensitivity to another person’s feelings help you gratify all of your partner’s wishes and secret desires.


A dolls' house is a basic wooden box with divides and a curtain or attached door over the front A large old drawer may make the basic structure. Paint or paper the rooms with leftover bits of birthday wrapping. Add lighting, magic for a child, using a torch battery with tiny torch bulb set into ceilings with the help of soft solder. (Perfectly safe.) Postage stamps make excellent pictures, framed with tiny strips of coloured Sellotape. Shells, set in glue, make handsome decorations for front doors. Use cotton reels for coffee tables, and three matchboxes glued together for a chest of drawers.


You are considerably less fanciful than most other members of your Sun sign. Imaginary role-playing games just won’t cut it with you. You’re turned on by the real thing, starting with a romantic candlelit dinner, including wine or other alcoholic drinks, in a private little love nest for two.


March 1 has vivid dreams, sometimes recurring. Most have an optimistic meaning. Walking in the dark because the electric light has gone foretells good news from abroad. Dreaming of floods? To the traveller it means calm seas and safe journey.

Reality Check

Contradictory emotional impulses often cause you to send out mixed signals. At times you find yourself caught somewhere between moody dreamer and aggressive, argumentative doer. In your kindhearted willingness to extend a helping hand to all comers, you may let people take advantage of your good nature. Nevertheless, you’re usually able to bounce back in time to reassert yourself and take charge of the situation.

March 1 Date Share

Roger Daltry, lead singer of The Who, film actor. David Niven, film actor. Sandro Botticelli, Italian Renaissance Florentine master painter.Oskar Kokoschka, Austrian-bom British Expressionist painter. Robert Lowell, poet. Glenn Miller, bandleader.Harry Belafonte, singer, film actor.

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