People Born on March 1st Personality,Stars,Numbers

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Planetary Influences:Ruling planet:Neptune;Second decan:Personal planet is Moon. Virtues:Imaginative, sensitive, thoughtful. Vices:Overwhelmed, anxious, detached. Careers:Artist, small-business owner, freelancer. Skills & Aptitudes:Independence, sound instincts, creativity. Compatible with:February 27–29, March 1–3

Stylish homemaker

People Born on March 1st Personality,Stars,Numbers

People Born on March 1st Personality Reference

Your Pisces birthday shows you to be an idealistic and hardworking individual who, with a sense of purpose or a clear objective, can be determined and dedicated. By combining your creativity and practical abilities, you can show your true originality. You may benefit, however, from staying detached and learning to let go rather than taking life too seriously. Although you may at times face adversity and frustration, your endurance and charismatic enthusiasm help you attract assistance from others.

The added influence of your Sun in the decanate of Pisces indicates that you are sensitive and impressionable, with a strong sense of vision. Being a sympathetic individual, you are receptive to the feelings of others but need to beware of fluctuating or nervous moods. These emotional extremes imply that you benefit from thinking positively and being in harmonious surroundings. An ability to access the collective unconscious suggests that you are naturally psychic; when this is combined with your advanced social skills, you have a gift for dealing with people. If unhappy, however, avoid indulging in escapism or self-pity.

Ambitious, you possess excellent executive skills and the potential for leadership. Being a good organizer, you work better when you have a plan for the future. As you usually benefit most from long-term investments, you should avoid ambiguous get-rich-quick schemes.

Until you reach the age of nineteen your progressed Sun moves through Pisces, placing the emphasis on your sensitivity, receptivity to your surroundings, and emotional needs. While you are between the ages of twenty and forty-nine your progressed Sun moves through Aries. This influence suggests that you will enter a new phase by becoming more assertive, daring, and spirited, which can result in a desire for new ventures. After the age of fifty, when your progressed Sun moves into Taurus, your need to be established and feel financially secure will increase, coupled with a desire for a calmer life.

Stars of People Born on March 1st


Sun: Pisces

Decanate: Pisces/neptune

Degree: 9°30’-10°30’ Pisces

Mode: Mutable

Element: Water

Fixed Stars

Although your Sun’s degree is not linked to a fixed star; some of your other planets’ degrees certainly will be. By having’ an astrological chart calculated, you can find the exact position of the planets on your date of birth. This will tell you which of the fixed stars listed in this book are relevant to you.

Secrets of People Born on March 1st

Having emotional power suggests that you have a magnetic personality and the potential for being compassionate and generous. When your strong self-will is positively focused, you can accomplish miracles through your determination and strong convictions. If you indulge in negative thoughts, you can become extremely stubborn. This can also cause you heartache or depression. When you begin to express your true feelings, you can achieve inner freedom by being detached without appearing ruthless or cold.

A desire for knowledge of a more profound nature suggests that you have a love for harmony and peace. With your subtle sensitivity, you possess enhanced perceptions of color, light, and sound that you may wish to channel into artistic, musical, or spiritual pursuits. Through selflessness and a universal approach to life, you achieve true happiness and satisfaction.

Occupations suitable for individuals born on March 1st

Naturally friendly yet ambitious, you have an ability to initiate projects and make contacts. Your ease at dealing with people can help you in any career, but your sensitivity suggests that you need harmonious working relations to be happy. Although you have administrative and managerial skills and can succeed in business, you may be more emotionally satisfied using your imagination and sense of originality. If in the sales world, you have an ability to make friends with your clients and also have a psychic awareness of what the public wants. By being of service to others or taking a spiritual approach to your work, you can find deeper fulfillment. You may wish to express your emotions through an innate talent for writing, drama, or music. Being independent, you may do better working for yourself.

Famous people who share your birthday include actor David Niven, painter Sandro Botticelli, singer/actor Harry Belafonte, former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, bandleader Glenn Miller, and singer Roger Daltrey.

March 1st Birthday Numerology

A powerful entity and results-oriented force, all about initiating action and getting things done. As a number 1 individual, you are inclined to be individual, innovative, and courageous, with plenty of energy. Often there is a need to establish a strong identity and develop assertiveness. The pioneering spirit indicated here encourages you to strike out alone. These self-starting forces can also stimulate you to develop executive or leadership abilities. Full of enthusiasm and original ideas, you can show others the way forward. With a number 1 birthday, you may also need to learn that the world does not revolve around you and avoid an inclination to be self-centered or dictatorial. The subinfluence of the number 3 month indicates that you need to express your feelings. Relationships, companionship, and friendships are very important to your emotional growth. By learning to focus on one particular goal, you can avoid losing sight of your purpose. Nevertheless, a need to expand and explore implies that you are likely to travel and may even settle in a foreign land.

• Positive: leadership, creative, progressive, forceful, optimistic, strong convictions, competitive, independent, gregarious

• Negative: overbearing, jealous, egotistical, proud, antagonistic, lack of restraint, selfish, unstable, impatient

Love & Relationships of People Born on March 1st

Charming and charismatic, you are often easygoing and friendly. Usually you are drawn toward strong and forceful individuals. A need to express your feelings implies that you can sparkle in social events. Generous and kind, you are willing to do your utmost for those you love. You usually admire those who are mentally sharp and decisive. When at ease, you can be entertaining and witty. Often involved in unusual types of relationships, you need a great deal of freedom and space.

The dream lover of someone born on March 1st

You might find a partner who will understand your sensitivity, strong passions, and need for love among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship:Jan. 7, 8, 17, 19, Feb. 15, 17, Mar. 3, 13, 15, Apr. 11, 13, May 9, 11, June 7, 9, 30, July 5, 7, 28, 30, Aug. 3, 5, 26, 28, Sept. 1, 3, 24, 26, Oct. 1, 22, 24, Nov. 20, 22, Dec. 18, 20, 30

Beneficial:Jan. 20, 29, Feb. 18, 27, Mar. 16, 25, Apr. 14, 23, May 12, 21, June 10, 19, July 8, 17, Aug. 6, 15, Sept. 4, 13, Oct. 2, 11, 29, Nov. 9, 27, Dec. 7, 25

Fatal attractions: Mar. 29, Apr. 27, May 25, June 23, July 21, Aug. 19, Sept. 1, 2, 3, 4, 17, Oct. 15, Nov. 13, Dec. 11

Challenging:Jan. 14, 27, Feb. 12, 25, Mar. 10, 23, Apr. 8, 2.1, May 6, 19, June 4, 17, July 2, 15, Aug. 13, Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 7, Dec. 5

Soul mates:June 30, July 28, Aug. 26, Sept. 24, Oct. 22, 29, Nov. 20, 27, Dec. 18, 25

March 1st Birthday Personology Summary

Beneath the charming and easy-going manner of March 1 people lies a real concern for other people’s well-being, and with social issues and humanitarian causes. These people are sensitive in the extreme, but instinctively recognize that acting impulsively, or revealing their often tumultuous emotions, may result in disastrous consequences. By controlling the more erratic urges that may lead them into irreversible situations, and by cultivating a calm and nonconfrontational approach, they therefore not only provide themselves with a safety net, but inspire confidence in others, although they may not feel this confidence themselves. Indeed, when their problems appear insurmountable, the rising panic felt by those born on this day may cause them to abandon the situation altogether and resort to a comforting strategy of cutting themselves off from the cause of their emotional distress by ignoring it or moving on.

Despite the propensity toward self-doubt and depression that is engendered by their sensitivity, these people are blessed with remarkably positive quali- ties. As well as possessing great personal magnetism, they have a highly original intellectual approach and an optimism that is inspired by their fascination with new and stimulating ideas. In their professional lives they will generally find personal satisfaction as artists, or when they run their own enterprises, in which they can operate independently of alienating regulations and exploit their imaginative concepts profitably. And when they achieve the financial rewards that they unasham- edly relish, they will generously share the fruits of their success with those whose unstinting emotional sup- port and affection has played such a crucial part in its achievement.

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