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March 5th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 05, 2024

Lucky animals include the hedgehog to meet one brings wealth. Also to encounter a flock of sheep is lucky, especially if the flock is coming towards you. And a squirrel betokens approaching happiness.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 5, 8

March 5th Birthday Love Astrology

March 5 have great feet. Long, slender, strong, with even toes, an elegant instep and fetching ankles, these are the feet that could launch a thousand ships. Their feet are their fortune. Many are terrific runners, fast on the sprint and steadfast in the decathlon. For some ice skating is their forte, while others could probably earn a fortune in shoe and tights adverts. Many more simply go barefoot all the time and enjoy the admiration. So with feet, so with shoes? The answer's no. Shoes are merely what cover the beautiful attribute and are often chosen for comfort and to be kind to their plates of meat rather than to attract.

Apart from drawing other people's attention to their feet, which is natural with such a gift of Jupiter and Neptune, Pisces' ruling planet, March 5 people are an intelligent, spiritually gifted and extremely decent bunch. Many are drawn to the Christian church, where they will be active in all aspects of parish work, both the social and the ecumenical. Both sexes may respond to a religious calling and enter the church, most usually to become a vicar, because theirs is a sociable nature. In this area some rise very high. The beauty of their feet may not be useful in a church setting, but the drive, determination, generosity of spirit and again that old magic worked with empathy, make them popular in parishes. Otherwise, both sexes organise a good fête or theatre in the local hall in aid of church funds. They're also so clever with their hands they paint the scenery and sew the costumes.

March 5 resists his natural temptation to flirt and flit and settles down with a chosen partner. In mid life, both sexes may change their earning style completely and begin a new, much more profitable phase, usually in the country. All their dreams will be realised.

In Love

The individual born on this day is an intriguing blend of emotionality, sensitivity, and irrationality on one hand and sensible rationality on the other.

Your deeply empathetic, compassionate heart longs to save the world, either all at once or one person at a time. However, your logical mind encourages you to remain detached and remote from the distress and problems of those you are helping. In personal relationships, you are loving, generous, caring, and considerate. Although you long for intimacy, you hide your feelings behind a façade of feigned nonchalance in the hope of protecting your cherished independence.

In Bed

Your ongoing inner conflicts help determine your approach to lovemaking.

You swing back and forth between deep feelings of vulnerability and a wildly seductive sensuality. Because of your innate idealism, you can get emotionally involved with your ideas and fall in love with abstractions. You want to be close; you want to be free. You want romance; you want passion. As a result, your bedroom preferences tend toward erotic encounters that take place within a dreamy landscape of romantic fantasy.


Teenagers need good food and should he discouraged from adopting fads. It is not unusual for a teenager to grow 10cm in height or add more than five kilos in body weight in a year. These dramatic changes need to he fuelled by the best form of nutrition. Active adolescent boys may need up to 4000 calories a day (twice the normal adult man's recommended intake). Less active boys, who spend more time watching television and playing computer games, will need less, as do teenage girls. But good levels of vitamins and minerals are essential at this important stage in human growth and development.


You respond to the novelty of sensual experimentation tinged with mystery, mysticism, and illusion. Fascinated by all things strange, out of the ordinary, or radically different, you’re turned on by the very idea of otherworldly sexual experiences and higher, more spiritual expressions of love and romance.


Lucky animals include the hedgehog to meet one brings wealth. Also to encounter a flock of sheep is lucky, especially if the flock is coming towards you. And a squirrel betokens approaching happiness.

Reality Check

You may not admit to being fickle or inconsistent, yet there is a decided fear of intimacy in your essential character. You are skittish with regard to committed unions and inclined to jump in and out of close relationships with alacrity. If and when you settle down, you’re likely to choose someone who shares some of your many interests and is a friend as well as a lover.

March 5 Date Share

Rex Harrison, stage actor, musical comedy star, Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.Elaine Page, British musical comedy star, Evita.Samantha Eggar, film actress. Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italian film director, The Decameron.Chou-en-Lai, Chinese premier.

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