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March 4th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 04, 2024

Stop the children getting bored at Christmas. They adore making Sweet Chains to hang on the tree (or anywhere). Simply take sweets in plain, shiny wrappings and wire them, or tie them to a long length of thin ribbon or cord.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 4, 7

March 4th Birthday Love Astrology

Just a small, smidgeonette of overkill on the sentimental here. There's altogether too much in the world that makes this willow weep and March 4 must understand that the world does not love eyes that are always brimming with tears. A little brimming is fine to get attention or maybe just change the pace. But snivelling - alter the word and look how you change the emphasis - ain't attractive. It also means that companions have to heave themselves out of a chair, or off the telephone, or away from their buttered bun, and do something about you.

Snivelling apart, this is a pretty nice fellow or fellowess. They say a soft heart is never good in business, and maybe not if it's dominant. But in many areas of work it puts this person ahead of the game, seeing dimensions others can't. Because of this sensitivity, they are often superb writers, painters or musicians. Not so hot on journalism where their innate honesty/niceness can disadvantage, nor any kind of politics. But they make great teachers and social workers, fired by imagination and empathy with others.

Fortunately there's also a streak of arrogance and fire in March 4's psycheology, which makes them extremely interesting thinkers and capable of the most successful maverick behaviour. Some even become flashy style leaders, can make wearing sequins the only way to dress for wind surfing and feathered curtains de rigeur for shielding eyes from the shimmering night sky.

Not a faithful starfish, however. It longs for the fisher's net to pluck it out of rock pools, but when his back is turned after the catch, March 4 shimmers away into the sand, leaving just a little wet dent where she was only a moment ago. She never leaves children. Both sexes would have six and some will. So watch out for contraceptives which ‘don't work', or unconsciously aren't used correctly. March 4's beloved string of'accident babies' will always come first.

In Love

Your approach to love and sex is romantic, sentimental, and idealistic. You place a high priority on the value of a loving relationship. Because you crave stability and security in a close union, you do not give your heart away easily. Dignity and control are important to you, so you hide behind a reserved façade until you feel free to express your deeper feelings. You don’t like going it alone. Until you find a companion you deem worthy, you may find yourself retreating into the rich fantasy world of your imagination, where love and romance reign supreme.

In Bed

To you, sex and sensuality are part of the entire package that makes up any romantic relationship. You want emotional fulfillment along with the sexual gratification. You get off on the complex rituals of courtship and enjoy being wooed in bed and out. Total abandonment to physical passion frightens you. Yet once trust is established, you’re capable of letting go and losing yourself completely in the wild expanse of emotion generated by your vivid imagination.


An alert brain means you can think more quickly concentrate better and work harder. Fresh juice is better than a cup of coffee for that rapid lift because it provides the body with valuable nutrients. The minerals potassium, calcium, zinc and the B group of vitamins are all vital for healthy brain function. Try juicing 6 red cabbage leaves, 1/4 large cucumber and 2 tomatoes. Or 1 1/2 large carrots, 7 large spinach leaves and 2 stalks celery. Or 2 pears and a handful of watercress leaves. Makes one 250ml glass. Adults can drink up to three glasses daily.


You’re not interested in sex for its own sake; you want to make love. A mood-setting atmosphere of love and romance appeals to your imagination and stimulates your physical desires. You respond enthusiastically to a dreamy location, preferably near water, and a lover who whispers words of love interspersed with salacious promises.


Stop the children getting bored at Christmas. They adore making Sweet Chains to hang on the tree (or anywhere). Simply take sweets in plain, shiny wrappings and wire them, or tie them to a long length of thin ribbon or cord.

Reality Check

You’re an odd dichotomy of artistic temperament and rational intellect. Like other fish, you are dreamy and emotional. However, your inner self, while equally sensitive, is more sensible and predisposed to think in terms of practical realities. When overworked or subjected to extended periods of solitude, you may experience feelings of isolation. If you allow yourself to get stuck in a negative mind-set, you could suffer from depression.

March 4 Date Share

Hans Eysenck, psychologist. John Garfield, film actor. Jim Clark, Formula One world champion racing driver. Paula Prentiss, film actress. Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer. Don Pedro of Portugal, great navigator, teacher to explorers, observatory and navigation school builder. Alan Sillitoe, playwright, novelist, Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner.

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