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March 29th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 29, 2024

This old traveller's weather predicting rhyme is for March 29 who loves to roam this country. Probably inaccurate, but endearing. ‘Evening red and morning grey/Send the traveller on his way/Evening grey and morning red/Bring the rain upon his head.'

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 2, 5

March 29th Birthday Love Astrology

March 29 is ruled by his nose. Often extensively aquiline, it may cause this person depression every time he looks in the mirror. If our protuberant creature simply suffers from a cosmetic problem there are remedies. Experts suggest you dab a darker colour foundation on the tip, then shade upwards, supposedly camouflaging. But this just looks as if you've got dark make-up on the end of your nose. Large noses are extremely distinguished, but if March 29 doesn't think so there are excellent doctors to provide the perfect shape.

No cosmetic surgeon, however, can stop him from sticking his proboscis into other's affairs. They sniff out trouble as fast as any space probe star, and just when you are absolutely sure nobody nose your secret, March 29 is beside you, nostrils quivering -waiting to be punched. In some cases, especially at work, pleasure in other people's business may be useful. Newspapers and television abound with people born on March 29 and the other sniffer dogs of the zodiac. He or she may rise to become the Great Detective. Or discover how to crack secret codes. Some of the best computer hackers are born on this day. International banks beware.

At home, Lady March 29 in particular always nose best. Her habit of lecturing people for their own good makes the level of optimism around her take a fast nosedive. She is an expert on every aspect of the present and eternally grateful to her favourite historical figure, Nostradamus, for delivering to her the future.

Still, they have a lot of talent and are often stunningly perceptive about other people's problems. The good ones, and most are really, do a lot of good, by solving them. What they also have is a nose for a bargain and there's nothing like going shopping with this person. You'll come home with something wonderful which has cost you next to nothing.

In Love

Individuals celebrating birthdays today have magnetic personalities with an abundance of charm and sex appeal. Although you like your freedom as much as the next ram, you’d rather be intimately involved with another person than on your own. In a close relationship, you’re passionate, generous, and caring. With the right partner, you’re loving, devoted, and loyal, and you expect the same consideration in return. You’re less of a hothead and more inclined to compromise than other Aries natives. However, your inclination to internalize anger rather than express it directly may result in interactions that come off as passive-aggressive.

In Bed

Yours is a very sensuous nature, and you thoroughly enjoy exploring all of life’s erotic delights. An exciting lover, you like being the innovator of shared sexual pleasures. Your approach to lovemaking goes back and forth between playful and relaxed and urgent and intense. You dazzle your partner with an irresistible mix of languid sensuality and audacious aggressiveness. However, your physical and emotional needs are so closely intertwined that you need a lover you can connect with in a meaningful way.


Many March 29 people swear by ginseng, which is thought to improve physical and mental endurance. There are several types of ginseng, but Siberian ginseng has proved to be suitable for most people. Co-enzyme Q10 is the nutrient that ignites and helps to sustain the body's energy production. It is also a valuable antioxidant, one of a group of vitamins and minerals that help to neutralise destructive free radical particles in the body. Q10 is particularly beneficial for Arians because it also benefits teeth, gums and eyes and boosts the immune system to fight the repeated infections to which you are prone.


You’re turned on by the feeling of being simpatico with your lover at an extraordinarily deep level. You may have a mystical sense that you and your partner were lovers in other lifetimes. This romantic idea of a magical connection between you can lead to exciting and fanciful reenactments of sexual adventurers you shared in past lives.


This old traveller's weather predicting rhyme is for March 29 who loves to roam this country. Probably inaccurate, but endearing. ‘Evening red and morning grey/Send the traveller on his way/Evening grey and morning red/Bring the rain upon his head.'

Reality Check

Because of your calmer disposition, you avoid many of the typical Aries blunders that stem from hasty decisions. However, there are times when you are completely at odds with yourself. You feel stifled when your impetuous Aries energy must be subdued in favor of compromise and cooperation.

March 29 Date Share

Eric Idle, comic, writer, Monty Python member.Christophe Lambert, film star. Jennifer Capriati, tennis player, youngest US Olympic gold medal winner. Billy Carter, the president's peanut farming brother. William Walton, British composer. John Major, British prime minister. Pearl Bailey, singer.

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