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March 28th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 28, 2024

In numerology those born on the 28th are ruled by number 1 (2+8=10, 1+0=1). The 1st card of the Major Arcana is The Magician, which brings with it all those talents for communication, magical companionship and diplomatic skills.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 1, 4

March 28th Birthday Love Astrology

This lovely person is disarmingly charming and you'll never catch March 28 indulging in snobbery. This is good, because some Arians do, especially if they are born into blue-; blooded galaxies, when the conversation is almost entirely devoted to who their relatives are. Our birthday child is never lost for i amusing conversation and if's rarely about him or herself.

What makes them special is the talent for listening. Genuinely interested in almost everything others have to say, March 28 is the one who finds out more about your mother than you knew. She; will suddenly tell him about the love affair that never flourished I twenty years ago, and describe in detail the sun-lit field where she I and the departing lover exchanged a final farewell. He sees in her a beauty you as her child can't.

They mix with anyone, swapping opinions in the canteen about i Eastenders with the same dexterity they use for a discussion about the next day's duck shoot in a Norfolk stately dining-room. Both : sexes are recorders of human habits and fascinations, and in many cases their professions will be serving the public. Find : them in the police force, the army, running a theatre company, a restaurant, or in the retail business where customers come in as I much for the chat as the buy.

If the woman earns a great deal, or i wins money, the first instinct is to buy I presents for everybody and March 28 doesn't give any old thing; just because it's expensive. She values her own birthstones, i diamonds, blood stones and the haematite, an iron ore which is cut I as a black, shiny gem when crystalline. Expect her to research and give you yours. Or a silk shawl in the same blue as your eyes. The; men are just as imaginative and generous. Expect a hat which fits the size of your head - it's a very hatty date. Or a CD of your most favourite piece of music.

In Love

Nothing is hidden in your sunny, outgoing personality—what people see is what they get. Like the legendary knights of yore, you view life as a quest for adventure and romance. In a love relationship, you’re romantic, passionate, and idealistic. A life partner is important to you, but you won’t sacrifice everything to have one. You thrive on change, and a union that becomes routine quickly loses its attraction for you. When things go too smoothly, you get antsy and try to generate fresh excitement. More often than not, you get the sparks flying again by deliberately (if unconsciously) creating conflict.

In Bed

Sensation oriented and hot blooded, your sexual approach is straightforward and uncomplicated. You refuse to play games in the bedroom. Because you don’t act coy or send mixed messages, the art of slow, subtle seduction is totally wasted on you. You prefer open and direct communication. You’re not afraid to come right out and ask for what you want, and you expect your bed partner to do the same. You’re open to trying new things, so no request is too outrageous for you to consider.


March 28 loves a sweetly scented house. Old cabbage and fish pie odours genuinely offend and in particular the pervasive odour of cats, which owners often don't notice but everybody ehe does. Use an oil burner to perfume rooms. Buy the burners in any health food and department store. Drop an essential oil into the water container and light a small candle underneath it. Choose cedarwood, a woody smell, wonderfully soothing, which reminds you of old churches. (Alleged to be an aphrodisiac.) Lavender, the most-popular of all the oils is wonderful, calms the fevered brow and restores energy. ?


Given your need for constant stimulation, a lover who is able to surprise you with something new or different will continue to hold your interest for a long time. You’re fond of little presents, especially if the gifts are enticing garments or toys specifically designed to increase sexual excitement and pleasure.


In numerology those born on the 28th are ruled by number 1 (2+8=10, 1+0=1). The 1st card of the Major Arcana is The Magician, which brings with it all those talents for communication, magical companionship and diplomatic skills.

Reality Check

You are impatient, quick witted, and ambitious, with a tendency to race through life without a thought to what anyone else wants. A genuine individualist, you have a great deal of faith in yourself and your own way of doing things. Although you mean well, you just can’t understand why other people are unable to match your frenetic pace.

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Dirk Bogarde, British film star, actor, beloved by most people, author. Neil Kinnock, British Labour party leader. Raphael, Renaissance master painter. Maxim Gorky, Russian author. St Theresa de Avila.

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