March 28th Magnificent Remoteness Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 28, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to stop doubting yourself

☆The way forward is to change the way you talk to yourself. Most of your negative beliefs aren’t founded in reality, so train yourself to believe positive things.

The Birthday Of Magnificent Remoteness, The Day Of Innocence

March 28th Magnificent Remoteness Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 28th Birthdays

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Sun, the individual

Tarot card: The Magician (will-power)

Favorable numbers: 1, 4

Lucky days: Tuesday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 4 of the month

Lucky colors: Red, orange, gold

Birthstone: Diamond

Although people born on March 28 tend to be independent loners at heart, they often find themselves at the center of others’ attention. This is because of their sunny and commonsense approach to life, as well as their morality, compassion and generosity toward others. They also have the ability to respond brilliantly in a crisis and, whether they like it or not, a recurring theme in their life will be offering their advice and support to others.

These people often have a burning desire to create something special in their chosen field. Their work is very important to them and a source of great fulfillment. With an incredible ability to focus, they remain calm and emotionally detached during the most difficult of situations. Despite their serenity and obvious intellectual talents, they may find that they don’t advance as fast or as high as they deserve. There is a reason for this: their lack of self-confidence and self-belief.

Although their modest, self-effacing nature is endearing, they should find ways to build their self-esteem. Until they do so, they will doubt their abilities and will move forward with difficulty. From their early twenties to their early fifties it is important for them to work on building their self-confidence, as they need to establish security and stability. They also need to make sure that they don’t settle for second best, sacrificing their personal fulfillment in the process. After the age of fifty-three there is a turning point in their life that highlights communication skills and the need for greater self-expression.

Charming, inspirational and popular, these people need privacy, and others should not try to impose restrictions or limitations on them as their remoteness is in many ways the key to their success. They need regular downtime and a degree of solitude to gather their strength and protect themselves from feeling vulnerable. Then, when they feel ready, they can rejoin the world, bringing to it their unique brand of humor, optimism, courage, and magnificent calm in the face of adversity.

☆ On the dark side:Unaware, vacillating, unrealistic

☆ At your best:Independent, optimistic, focused

March 28 people often present an innocent exterior to the world. In life they have to go their own way but may at times be blithely unaware of the direction they are taking. Those born on this day are most often intent on pursuing matters at hand, generally job-related, and display great concentration when doing their work. In fact, bombs could be exploding around them and they would remain focused on their objective. Strangely enough, though awareness of the feelings of others is not always of the highest importance to them, they are nonetheless very popular and well-liked for their openness and frankness.

Their good sense of humor doesn't hurt, either.

In a curious way, those born on this day seem to serenely accept circumstances and events surrounding them, whether good or bad. But often this is due less to an accepting philosophy than to the simple fact that they are not deeply interested.

Although they can play outgoing roles or be destined for extroverted activities, March 28 people like most to be left alone. Their need for privacy is especially evident in their home, which must be well-guarded against the outside world; despite any amount of public acclaim, they are happiest when living in secluded or out-of-the-way places.

In many ways those born on this day are not cut out to be first in their profession.

Rather, those who reach the top are often driven to do so because of their discomfort with being second. Somehow, in their innocence, they lack the toughness and ruthlessness to barge ahead in life. Often they will settle for a more comfortable position at a lower level as long as they have a degree of autonomy. Many March 28 people display a lack of self-confidence when they must perform at the highest level, subject to intense public scrutiny; in fact, they may be well equipped and prepared for such a position but still not believe it.

Consequently, March 28 people are forever doubting their career choices and decisions. "Did I really do the right thing?" is a question which often occurs to them and therefore to others.

Those born on this day usually have a devoted and loyal following among friends, colleagues, family and the public. They spend a good part of their time doing favors for others, including serving as a contact person through whom people meet each other. Because they can become cornerstones of the established order, conflicts can arise between their private beliefs and what they are called upon to do. Protection is important to these private people; rarely will they leave themselves in a wilnerable position—emotionally, financially, artistically or politically.

People who seek deep and emotionally rewarding relationships with those born on this day may find themselves frustrated. March 28 people make good pals, but as soon as they feel restrictive chains or ropes have appeared, they disappear. To the other person, however, who may only be expressing love or affection, the shock of being left so quickly can be devastating.

March 28 people.are actually quite emotional, but rarely reveal the more intense desires, wishes or fears that lie behind a childlike exterior.

Power Thought:I am winning in the race of life,Most depression is only anger—most anger, fear

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 28th day of the month are ruled by the number 1 (2+8=10, 1+0=1), and by the Sun. Those ruled by the number 1 are as a rule strongly individual, opinionated and eager to rise to the top. As previously noted, however, March 28 people often lack self-confidence and when a chance arises to move ahead or better their position they can get very nervous. Nevertheless, those born on this day do benefit from their proximity to the first cusp, to the first week of the astrological year, and to being born in early Aries (ruled by the fiery planet, Mars) close to the powerful point where the Sun enters the spring equinox.

March 28th Birthday Tarot Card

The 1st card of the Major Arcana is The Magician, who symbolizes intellect, communication, and information, as well as magic. Over his head is an infinity symbol, which in some Tarot decks takes the form of a hat, in others a halo. Many interpretations may be drawn, one of which is that the Magician recognizes the cyclical and unending nature of life and is empowered by this understanding. The positive traits suggested by this first card include diplomatic skill and shrewdness but, negatively, lack of scruples and opportunism.

☆Luck maker:(Be your own best friend)When you feel good about yourself, it’s much easier to attract luck; so become your own best friend, saying reassuring and comforting things to yourself when things aren’t going well.

Love Childlike

You’re drawn to people born on July 24 to August 23:You share a passion for freedom and a need for affection, and this can create an understanding and supportive bond.

March 28 people can be spontaneous and emotional when it comes to affairs of the heart but they don’t often reveal deeper feelings that lie beneath the surface. They may also resent the limitations and restrictions that a close relationship can bring and, instead of opening up about their concerns, may suddenly disappear, leaving the other person confused as to the reason. They need to find a partner who is as strong-willed and as independent as they are, yet also capable of being loyal and dependent.

Health Make positive changes

People born on this day may be prone to sudden and unexplained bouts of depression, but they should see these low moods as opportunities to figure out what isn’t working in their life and to make positive changes, as their depression tends to be reactive. As far as diet is concerned, they should try to make cooking and eating more fun and less of a chore. The same applies to exercise; it should be a pleasure rather than a duty. They are prone to blood-sugar disorders and hypertension, so they need to make sure their diet is rich in fruit and vegetables and low in refined foods, sugar and salt. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color yellow will help build their confidence.

People born on March 28 must watch out for sudden and unexpected accidents usually unrelated to their occupations. Those born on this day are usually sunny and positive but because of their lack of self-awareness and dislike of analysis or psychological probing have little to fall back on in the case of depressions, which can be extremely severe. On the other hand, depressions may force them to fathom their deeper selves, so they should not waste the opportunity! Generally, those born on this day are sensible enough to take care of themselves, thus avoiding most diseases which are due to neglect or indulgence. Food should not serve merely as a fuel for powering the body but as a joy to be appreciated—that way it will be more nourishing. Exercise should be less of a regimen and more a recreation—that way it will be more refreshing.

Career Born police officers

Because of their ability to stay calm in a crisis and remain emotionally detached, these people are well suited to careers in the police force and the military, as well as in medicine, law, sport, education, social work, business, and the building trades. They may also use their creativity to forge ahead in careers in architecture, photography, art, entertainment, and movie-making.

Destiny To motivate others with their proactive approach to life

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to believe in themselves. Once they have developed their self-confidence, their destiny is to motivate others by presenting a positive, can-do and in-control face to the world.

Plan carefully and allow time for contemplation. Schedule frequent vacations where you turn the- motor off and get to know yourself better. Still the mind. Empty. Don't be afraid to drop the facade; what are you afraid of? Stop doubting yourself—it is holding you back.

Celebrities Born On March 28th

Lady Gaga(American singer-songwriter), Vince Vaughn(American actor), Maxim Gorky(Russian writer and political activist),

Raphael (Italian Renaissance master painter, muralist, poet), St. Theresa of Avila (Spanish mystic, founder of austere Catholic order, writer, The Interior Castle), Maxim Gorky (Russian short-story writer, novelist, The Three, playwright, The Lower Depths), Fra Bartolommeo (Italian Renaissance painter), Cornelius Heymans (Belgian Nobel Prize-winning physiologist, regulation of breathing), Aristide Briand (Nobel Peace Pnze winner, I Ox French socialist premier), Rudolf Serkin (pianist), Thad Jones (jazz trumpeter, bandleader, composer), Dirk Bogarde (British film actor, writer), Rick Barry (basketball forward, only player to lead both NBA and ABA in scoring), Moses Pendleton (self-taught choreo- grapher, dancer), Edmund Muskie (US senator, Maine, secretary of state, presidential candidate). August Anheuser Busch (beer company owner, manufacturer of Budweiser, world's largest selling beer), Paul Whiteman (conductor, big band leader), Willem Mengelberg (Dutch conductor), Frederick Exley (novelist, A Fan's Notes), Neil Kmnock (British Labour Party chief). Russell Banks (novelist, Continental Drift), Karen Kain (Canadian ballet dancer), Freddie Bartholomew (Bntish- born child actor)

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