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March 7th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 07, 2024

The Tarot gives the 8th card in the Major Arcana as Courage. This gives you moral and physical stamina, plus charisma and determination to succeed. With March 8 there is also a strong likelihood of financial luck.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 1, 7

March 7th Birthday Love Astrology

Many people born today are quite egotistical and extremely self-reliant. Periods of solitude attract them. There is great pleasure in putting up the feet with a book, a long night's read and the occasional pause for a cup of tea and some rice pudding. (They're suckers for the tinned sort, chilled and eaten with honey.) Strawberries and yoghurt are perfect for slimmers, in fact many eat plain yoghurt instead of some meals and exist perfectly happily on fruit and vegetables for days.

Other, less balanced people have nibbling trouble. Like fish idling in the stream, they would dearly like to nibble all day. A little graze here, maybe a packet of chocolate cream biscuits, a little more grazing there, some fresh bread thickly laced with butter, sliced tomatoes, salt, black pepper and maybe a lettuce leaf, seems not to be really eating. They forget what has passed their lips and sit down to large meals, then wonder why their clothes don't fit.

It's particularly hard for working March 7 people, who skip lunch to slave at their desk. Eating makes not going out seem less of a sacrifice and that's when the triple decker sandwiches and doughnuts come in. Nor does this watery sign relish much exercise. Swimming is popular and horse riding; they are exceedingly good. But in a game of tennis they are a menace, lacking the true competitive spirit and skipping about giggling when they miss the ball. Not that they lack competitiveness at work. Theirs is a ferocious intellect, an unequalled capacity for concentration. No shilly-shallying here. If they rise to manager, they can be inspiring to underlings. Also terrifyingly fierce with a cold sting.

Partners must share their interests, which include rambling, collecting and frequently trainspotting. So must children, which leads to arguments in teenage years, because these are not young peoples' interests. March 7 must not push here or the mid-teens become alienated.

In Love

Your paradoxical approach to romantic relationships is indicative of the complexity of your nature. In a loving union, you’re extremely sensitive to your partner’s moods and feelings. You enjoy being half of a loving couple, yet you also need time alone to pursue your own interests. You’re keen on self-analysis, and this penchant for turning inward can make you appear self-absorbed. Because you’re more inclined toward secrecy than other fish, some people see you as mysterious and evasive. You generally understand others better than they understand you, and your moodiness can be a sore point in a close relationship.

In Bed

When you’re in the mood for lovemaking, you make an intuitive, sensitive, responsive lover. Your alluring seductiveness is sure to intrigue even the most jaded lover. You adapt yourself to your partner’s needs and can be quite selfless when it comes to gratifying his or her desires. In the bedroom, you’re resourceful and inventive without ever being crass or crude. You prefer making love in a pleasant, harmonious setting, suffused with an aura of mystery and romance.


The most effective way to use essential oils for skin care is to use them as a periodic treatment either once a week or daily for two weeks at a time during one month. This prevents your skin from growing accustomed to the essences and failing to respond. You can doctor an unperfumed face cream with the appropriate essence, two or three drops to 50g of face cream. For dry skin use camomile or lavender. Oily skin: cedarwood, lemon, tea tree. Ageing skin: sandalwood, frankincense. Normal skin: neroli, geranium. Puffy skin: cypress, patchouli. Acne: camomile, juniper, rosemary, tea tree.


At times you need to be coaxed out of your shell before a session of torrid lovemaking can begin. There is an erotic, uninhibited side to your sexuality just waiting to be released. The lover who understands your moods and creates an atmosphere of seduction and romance will be showered with warm, passionate responses.


The Tarot gives the 8th card in the Major Arcana as Courage. This gives you moral and physical stamina, plus charisma and determination to succeed. With March 8 there is also a strong likelihood of financial luck.

Reality Check

You absorb emotional vibrations like a psychic sponge. Sometimes you have difficulty distinguishing between what you’re feeling and what you’re picking up from those around you. Your multifaceted personality appears to change when your mood shifts. Whenever you find it difficult to stay calm and centered, your creative impulses can provide you with a positive outlet for your swirling feelings and emotions.

March 7 Date Share

Anthony Armstrong Jones (Lord Snowdon), British photographer, married to Princess Margaret. Aidan Quinn, Irish actor, film star, Desperately Seeking Susan.Ivan Lendl, Czech tennis champion. Cyd Charisse, dancer, film star, best legs in the world, born Tulla Ellice Finklea. Anna Magnant, Italian film actress. Sir Edwin Landseer, English painter, sculptor. Peter Carey, Australian novelist, Oscar and Lucinda.Piet Mondrian, Dutch painter. Maurice Ravel, French innovative composer.

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