March 7th Extraordinary Vision Is Birthday Personality Analysis

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☆Your greatest challenge is learning to assert yourself

☆The way forward is to be as encouraging and as positive as you can be when trying to get a point across. Be critical of people’s ideas, not people themselves.

The Birthday Of Extraordinary Vision, The Day Of Abstract Structure

March 7th Extraordinary Vision Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 7th Birthdays

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Neptune, the speculator

Tarot card: The Chariot (resilience)

Favorable numbers: 1, 7

Lucky days: Thursday and Monday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 7 of the month

Lucky colors: All shades of blue

Birthstone: Aquamarine

Despite their ability to instantly establish rapport with anyone they meet, people born on March 7 often have an otherworldly quality about them. This is because they have a tendency to live in an abstract world of thoughts and ideals produced by their own vivid imagination.

People born on this day possess the gift of extraordinary vision and their minds love to roam far and wide. Typically, they can manifest these ideas in practical form by analyzing situations, experiences and people. Along the way, they will do their best to ensure that they get the support of colleagues, friends and loved ones, taking great care to make sure everyone feels involved. At work they never forget a name or a personal detail about their colleagues; at home they will ensure everyone can voice their opinions.

Even though they are often surrounded by friends and admirers, there is a haunting loneliness about these people; because they dislike conflict, they tend to withdraw when there is heated discussion or criticism of their methods. In their self-imposed isolation, they may also become insecure about themselves and their abilities, and secretive and suspicious of others. People born on this day should find other ways to cope when they feel under pressure; although they are unlikely to become close to large numbers of people, they should make sure they have the love and support of their family and/or a few good friends. Up to the age of forty-three they are active and assertive, a positive sign for them with their natural tendency to withdraw. After the age of forty-four there is an emphasis on greater emotional and financial stability.

Because they are so receptive to all kinds of intellectual pursuits, these people may take a while to settle on their chosen aim. However, once they are able to focus their vision and energy in a worthwhile direction, their intelligent and sensitive approach assures success. A part of them will always remain untouchable but this doesn’t make them appear or feel lonely—it just adds to their magic.

☆ On the dark side:Detached, isolated, secretive

☆ At your best:Thoughtful, generous, intelligent

Those complex individuals born on March 7 often live in a highly abstract world. Giving structure to this world is the great challenge which they take on in life. Those born on this day who are able to find a concrete form of expression for their thoughts can meet with great success.

Although their minds generally remain free to roam over very far out and abstract issues, career-oriented March 7 people usually manifest their ideas in highly practical ways, hopefully involving the popular support and participation of those around them. But whether they are involved in down-to-earth activities or not, they can give the impression of living on another plane of existence. Not surprisingly, those born on this day usually lead highly private lives away from their work.

In fact, the often lonely world of March 7 people is not an easy one to penetrate. Those who wish to be friends with them will find that it is necessary to be exceptionally patient and understanding and above all not too demanding. It is not that March 7 people find it difficult to give, far to the contrary for they can be very generous, but rather that they do not react well to direct pressure being applied to them. Usually their reaction is to withdraw, both emotionally and physically.

When they are attacked or criticized, March 7 people only defend themselves to a degree (if at all) before pulling back into their own safe space. They learn very quickly who they can and cannot trust to be understanding and accepting of them. Somewhat secretive, however, they may be less than forthcoming as to what they expect from loved ones. For those whom they feel are deserving, March 7 people can be extremely giving of both their time and financial resources. Those born on this day are highly sympathetic to the needs of others on a basic human level and thus justice and equality can be preoccupations of theirs. Though bound up with the concerns of their society, however, they are not the most social of creatures. They may find one or two good friends more than enough for them.

Some of the problems that March 7 people encounter include inconstant energy, lack of a rich social life, fears and instabilities, and a feeling of uncertainty about what it is that they are meant to do with their lives. Once they are able, however, to direct their diffuse energies in one meaningful line of endeavor they can go very far, both to the heights and the depths. Using their work as a wedge, they may even find themselves making impressive inroads socially.

March 7 people need to remain in touch with the thoughts and feelings of their family, social circle and society at large. In bringing their sense of care and attentiveness to bear not only on their work but on their personal concerns as well, they can build quite an impressive sort of life for themselves. They may or may not ever find the right person with whom to share their life, but they can certainly build firm friendships which serve as outlets for their great need to share affection.

Power Thought:Today I will ask for what I desire,Following our dreams can lead us to freedom or imprisonment

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 7th day of the month are ruled by the number 7 and by the planet Neptune. Because Neptune is the watery planet ruling visions, dreams and psychic phenomena March 7 people can be rather unstable (particularly since Neptune also niles their sign. Pisces). Such strong neptunian influences can make for sensitive, dreamy, and imaginative people who at rimes have trouble focusing their diffuse energies. Those ruled by the number 7 traditionally like change and travel.

March 7th Birthday Tarot Card

The 7th card of the Major Arcana is The Chariot, which shows a triumphant figure moving through the world, manifesting his physical presence in a dynamic way. The card may be interpreted to mean that no matter how narrow or precarious the correct path, one must continue on. The good side of this card posits success, talent and efficiency; the bad side suggests a dictatorial attitude and a poor sense of direction.

☆Luck maker:(Learn to deal with criticism)If the criticism is just, see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. If, however, the criticism is unjust, take it as a compliment—it often means that the critic feels jealous or threatened by you.

Love Easily hurt

You’re drawn to people born on October 24 to November 22:You share charm, creativity and sensitivity, and this can create an intense and loving bond.

Charming and generous, people born on March 7 have no problem finding friends or lovers. They do, however, hate conflict, and an argument with a partner can make them feel low for days; instead of expressing what they feel, they will simply withdraw into resentment, leaving their partner not knowing why. It is very important for these people to learn to be more honest in their relationships and try to reach agreement through compromise.

Health See more red

People born on this day can often be prone to food allergies and sensitivities, so it is important for them to pay attention to their diet and to discuss what might be a trigger food so that they can limit their consumption of it. In general their diet should include a wide variety of foods and, to make sure they don’t miss out on nutrients, a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement is also advised as these people can be prone to lowered immunity during times of stress. Moderate exercise, in particular swimming and diving and all forms of dance, is recommended as well as enjoying plenty of fresh air by taking walks in the park or countryside. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color red will encourage them to assert themselves more.

Those born on March 7 must be extremely careful with their health. Because of their great sensitivity and their receptiveness they are prone to many types of infections and allergies. These can ultimately overstress their lymphatic and blood systems, constantly forcing the body to react and defend itself. It is imponant for March 7 people to pay particular attention to their diet Usually restriction of dairy products helps in reducing mucus and phlegm deposits. A wellrounded diet featuring regular meals and an emphasis on grains and lightly cooked or stir-fried vegetables will also help. As far as exercise is concerned, moderate to vigorous physical activity is advised, relative to general condition and energy levels. Dancing is usually very suitable for March 7 individuals, along with all physical endeavors that invoke graceful movement, such as skating, swimming, yoga and tai-chi. Getting sufficient sleep is important to those born on this day, but they should not indulge in excess, since it can easily become a means of escape from the world.

Career Born photographers

Whatever career these people choose—be it business, politics or sport—they will mount a determined campaign to assure their success. They do have a strong need to express themselves and may be especially drawn to careers in film, art, music, photography, or dance, as well as teaching, social work and the healing professions.

Destiny To realize their visionary goals and ideals

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to be more honest with others. Once they are able to assert themselves, their destiny is to realize their visionary goals and ideals.

Strengthen your position. Formalize your abstract thoughts and communicate them to others Don't gel mired in .self-criticism. Allow others into your private world and give more ol vour true sell

Celebrities Born On March 7th

Rachel Weisz(British actress), Piet Mondrian(Dutch artist), E.L. James(British writer),

Luther Burbank (experimental horticulturalisL developed many new strains of fruits, trees and other plants), Piet Mondnan (Dutch- American modem painter), Maurice Ravel (French impressionist composer), Kobo Abe (Japanese playwright, novelist, Woman in the (Czech tennis champion, 4x ranked World # 1 , 3x French, US, 2x Australian Open winner, computer whiz, speaks six languages), Joseph Niepce (French 18thc. physician, produced first photograph using the camera obscura), Janet Guthrie (auto racer, first woman to race in Indianapolis 500), Franco Hams (Pittsburgh Steelers football running back, 8x rushed over 1,000 yards. Super Bowi MVP 1 975, teammate of Lynn Swann), Lynn Swann (Steelers wide receiver, Super Bowl MVP 1976, sports commentator), Anna Magnani (Italian film actress), Ben Ames Williams (short-story, novel writer, Leave Her to Heaven), Mary Norton (US congresswoman, New Jersey — twenty-seven years, Labor Committee chairperson, working woman's champion), Gabnel Hauge (economist), Roger Revelle (oceanographer), Thomas Masaryk (Czechoslovaks Democratic Republic president), Edwin Henry Landseer (English painter, sculptor), Albert Carel Willmk (Dutch painter). Anthony Armstrong Jl Jones (British photographer, Lord Snowden), Peter Carey (Australian novelist Oscar and Luanda). Peter Wolf (songwriter, singer, j. Getls Band)

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