March 6th Refinement Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 06, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to avoid searching for perfection

☆The way forward is to understand that in life there are no exact measurements for what is right because we are not statistics and geometry.

The Birthday Of Refinement, The Day Of The Beauty Lovers

March 6th Refinement Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 6th Birthdays

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Venus, the lover

Tarot card: The Lovers (choices)

Favorable numbers: 6, 9

Lucky days: Thursday and Friday, especially when these days fall on 6 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, pink, lavender

Birthstone: Aquamarine

People born on March 6 are at their happiest when they are searching for or surrounded by beauty. They find themselves pulled irresistibly toward ideals of loveliness, perfection and refinement that appeal to their senses and, although they are unlikely to realize it, they also have a strange beauty of their own.

They have the gift of being able to open the eyes of others to the beauty of the world around them and to teach them to appreciate every nuance of nature. They really can see eternity in a grain of sand, and the childlike wonder that they project is one of their most endearing qualities. There is a danger, however, that in their idealization of everything and everyone around them they can lose touch with what or who is actually there. Others may feel that they are more in love with the idea of romance and beauty than with the reality. And when reality does finally bite and their initial intensity fades, disenchantment may be the cruel result.

It is important for people born on this day to learn to be a little more objective in their assessment of situations and people, especially between the ages of fifteen and forty-four, during which are likely to become more active and assertive but also more vulnerable to disillusionment. Fortunately, after the age of forty-five they often become more emotionally steady and practical.

Above all, these people are motivated by a desire to experience and be uplifted by the ideal of true beauty. Much of their lives will be devoted to a never-ending quest to translate this perfect ideal into reality. Others may see this as pleasure seeking or superficiality, but there is real depth and originality under their often charming and sensuous exterior. They do need to learn to develop a more realistic and less demanding attitude, accepting that their lofty standards may not always be attained. In their search for true excellence, however, they are a constant source of energy, inspiration and beauty for all those who cross their path.

☆ On the dark side:Naïve, lazy, confused

☆ At your best:Youthful, refined, sensual

Anirresistible attraction to beauty is central to the lives of March 6 people—less often an aggressively forceful or passionate attraction, but rather a subtly magnetic one.

March 6 people find themselves drawn toward certain people, situations, environments, music, drama and art that please their senses. They themselves often have attractive powers of their own which they may not fully realize. Easygoing March 6 people need to spend time getting to understand this power and how it can work for them if they wish to be more successful in their careers and progress in their personal development.

March 6 people may be going along peacefully in a certain direction when something or someone catches their eye, and though they may view this thing of beauty but for a brief instant, they cannot get the image out of their mind. Irresistibly they are drawn to it and before they know it they are caught. Perhaps this is due to their unconscious sensitivities or even psychic powers and the nature of romantic attraction and howr it works. March 6 people tend to project their own series of internalized and idealized pictures out on the world, or at least an unconscious set of strong expectations. Especially when viewing that which strikes them as beautiful, they often do not see what is really there, but rather what they wish to see. Perhaps what they see reinforces and complements their internal needs. Thus they may, like Narcissus, be actually falling in love w ith their own reflection.

Many March 6 people are highly aesthetic creatures, willing to devote their lives and if necessary sacrifice themselves to their ideals. They themselves are capable of inspiring great admiration, even adoration in others. Such attraction might be called irrational were it not for the fact that it often satisfies concrete, objective concerns and needs.

For March 6 people, all forms of sensuous experience—textures,; sounds, colors, smells and tastes—combine in a kind of bouquet which buoys their spirits but sometimes overwhelms them. Some born on this day may well become slaves to their desires and attractions, but for many March 6 people the purely sensual does not satisfy their need to adore and appreciate beauty. They need to do far more—to idealize the object of their affections, and once having done so, to share their life with it, perhaps even merge with it.

Unfortunately, disenchantment and disentanglement are two possible painful results when an initial ecstatic period of involvement has faded. For those born on March 6. learning to be objective in handling their attractions and attractiveness is key to their maintaining control over their lives and fulfilling their potential as human beings.

Power Thought:Today I will appreciate others for who they are and not as I want them to be,Falling in love too easily and too often nut) in fact be an expression of disaffection with oneself

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 6th day of the month are ailed by the number 6 and by the planet Venus. Those ruled by the number 6 are magnetic in attracting, but also expressing, both sympathy and admiration. For March 6 people the added influence of Neptune (ruler of Pisces) may push venusian tendencies in the direction of sentimentality and impressionability. Often love becomes the dominant theme in the life of those ruled by the number 6.

March 6th Birthday Tarot Card

Emphasizing this last point is the fact that the 6th card of the Major Arcana is The Lovers, symbolizing the love that unites all of humanity through integration of masculine and feminine polarities. On the good side this card indicates affections and desires on a high moral, aesthetic and physical plane; on the bad side, unfulfilled desires, sentimentality and indecisiveness. Too often March 6 people think they are living in a most desirable, blissful state when actually they are either slaves to their desires and passions, or under the strict control of some less impressionable individual.

☆Luck maker:(Allow yourself room for improvement)It’s okay to have weaknesses, to be unpredictable, to make mistakes and to misunderstand. The issue is keeping a balance so that neither these, nor the search for perfection, make your life unhappy or unlucky.

Love Strong romantic streak

You’re drawn to people born on August 24 to September 23:You share a passion for beauty and refinement, and this can create a match made in heaven.

People born on March 6 are made to love and to be loved. In fact they seem perpetually in love and have a powerful romantic streak. The only danger is that they can sometimes mistake sex for love and love for sex; this can confuse both them and potential partners. It is important for them to find a partner who can share their love of beauty and sensual pleasure.

Health Nature lovers

People born on this day need to be careful that their love of sensual pleasures does not lead to overindulgence in rich fattening food and sexual experimentation, as these will negatively affect their health and their waistline. Fortunately, as lovers of beauty they are likely to be nature lovers and will be drawn to long walks in the countryside which is an especially good form of exercise for them. They would also benefit from a more structured exercise routine that includes regular muscle toning sessions, such as push-ups, sit-ups, etc., or gym work. Yoga and tai chi are also recommended, as these can provide great physical and emotional satisfaction. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color green will encourage them and others to seek harmony and balance.

Those born on March 6 will generally want to surround themselves with as much beauty as possible. Long walks in the country and regular vacations far away from the bustle of cities are strongly advised, if possible. Gardening is a perfect hobby for March 6 people if they have access to a flower bed or vegetable patch, since it can provide needed exercise as well as aesthetic satisfaction. Improving their health can be seen by March 6 people as a way of enhancing their appearance, as well. The more sensuous born on this day have to watch diets which can too easily go in the direction of highly fattening foods, particularly those with an excess of animal fat. Controlling such urges can be very difficult. Though denial is an item that is foreign to many March 6 people, they must get to know it better if they wish to accomplish their goals.

Career Born sculptors

These people may find themselves drawn toward the beauty, fashion or health industries, but they may also be interested in the world of music and art, wanting to create sublime pieces of art, poetry, sculpture, or music. They may also have a natural affinity for the world of politics and social reform as well as the leisure and beauty industries, but whatever career they choose they will invest their considerable talents to achieve extremely high standards.

Destiny To inspire others with their ideals of beauty

The life path of people born on this day is to understand that perfection is not a natural or even an attainable human state. Nevertheless, they will always inspire others with their ideals of beauty.

Not only beauty is worthwhile. Beware of being too easily seduced by n Discover your real source of power and use it constructively. What about your personal development' Sometimes one must move on, no matter how painful separation may be.

Celebrities Born On March 6th

Michelangelo(Italian Renaissance painter and sculptor), David Gilmour(British guitarist), Gabriel García Márquez(Colombian writer),

Michelangelo [Buonarroti] (Italian Renaissance master sculptor, designer, architect, Sistine Chapel painter, poet), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Colombian- Mexican Nobel Prize-winning shortstory writer, novelist, One Hundred Years of Solitude), Cyrano de Bergerac (Spanish soldier, poet, dramatist, Voyage to the Moon, fought more than a thousand duels over insults to his big nose), Valentina Tereshkova (Soviet cosmonaut, first woman in space), Elizabeth Barrett Browning (British poet, Sonnets to the Portugese), Ring Lardner (short-story writer, humonst), Wes Montgomery (jazz guitanst, innovator). Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (New Zealand operatic soprano), Andrzej " Wajda (Polish theater, film director, Man of Iron, Danton), Rob Reiner (comic TV actor, Meatball in All in the Family, film director), Mary Wilson (singer, Supremes), Lou Costello (comedian, film actor, Abbot and Costello), Dick Fosbury (US Olympic gold medal-winning high jumper, revolutionary b~a "Fosbury Flop"), Ann Curtis (US Olympic 2x gold medalist first woman. Tier to win Sullivan Aw i Stargell (Pirates baseball outfielde baseman, "Pops," 2x NL HR leader, MVP), Flora Punm (Brazilian singer), Lonn Maazel (conductor), Tom Foley (US congressman. Washington. House Speaker), Alan Greenspan (Federal Reserve Board chairman). Manon S. Barry, Jr. (Washington, DC mayor)

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