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March 8th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 08, 2024

Good people are good because they have come to wisdom through early mistakes. It's necessary in the game of life to have a few initial losses, which give you insight and absolve you from the burden of unblemished success

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 2, 8

March 8th Birthday Love Astrology

March 8 people are drawn to gossip and although they know they should, they can't stop. A banana for all seasons, this sweet fruit of tropical rain and sun, is welcome everywhere and initially liked by everyone. Everybody wants to take a bite of banana-sweet's pure white flesh. Then our miscreant whisks off to another bowl game and unzips all its newly learned secrets.

Mayhem usually ensues. People slipping about on banana skins everywhere, cursing, explaining themselves, writing letters of apology, making desperate telephone calls and endless trips to the florist for apologetic flowers. Gossipers should understand before their little malicious ways become second nature, that others always discover the source of the gossip and if secrets were told in confidence - and many usually are - this is one banana which will get squashed flat and black.

Why do they do it? One part excitement at knowing something others don't. Four parts an overwhelming desire to let others know it. One part saying anything that comes into their empty heads. And one part is trouble-making. Gossip rage is commoner than road rage. Miscreants are attacked and their own reputation ruined. Once a gossip, it's hard to live it down. Promotion is harder because people fear that company secrets will get out. People avoid March 8 after a drink or two at parties, knowing they may say something indiscreet. Potential partners aren't so potential, because who wants to go to bed with a kiss-and-teller, and find next day that the, whole world knows you've got a beauty spot nowhere that shows?

So we're talking a touch of the unpopularity stakes here. Best way to cure it is to be seen to say nothing. At work, when everyone's talking, make no personal comments. In a scandal, pretend you didn't know. Protect a vulnerable person's back. Talk about general interests. Don't be drawn.

In Love

Hardworking and ambitious, you’re considerably more practical than many Pisces natives. In love and friendship, you are emotionally generous and sympathetic to the other person’s needs. You’re not given to small talk, and frivolous companionship just doesn’t interest you. You may not let many people into your inner circle, but you are totally devoted to those close to you. When you love, you love with a whole heart. You’re looking for a partnership that will survive the test of time. However, you need to be sure it’s the real thing before you reveal your deepest feelings.

In Bed

A romantic dreamer with a strong sex drive, you are persuasive and persistent enough to make your erotic dreams come true. With the right partner, your initial caution quickly gives way to desire and passion. Part of your devastating sexual allure is the unexpected air of mystery you project. However, spontaneity is really not your style. You don’t like being taken by surprise, preferring to set up “sex dates” in advance. Your bedroom approach is well planned and your sexual advances carefully orchestrated.


March people often suffer colds and bleeding gums and should keep their vitamin C intake high. Studies show that those who eat large amounts may be better protected from some kinds of cancer and heart disease. Vitamin C is depleted by smoking -each cigarette destroys around 25mg of vitamin C - re-heating of foods, caffeine, and cooking. Find in fruits and vegetables, especially blackcurrants, oranges, broccoli, cabbage and potatoes.


Sensuous movements excite you. You’re sure to respond to a slow, seductive dance that evolves into a mutual striptease. When you’re both naked, you can continue dancing together in a deliberate rhythm, or you can move the performance into the bedroom for another kind of “dirty dancing.”


Good people are good because they have come to wisdom through early mistakes. It's necessary in the game of life to have a few initial losses, which give you insight and absolve you from the burden of unblemished success

Reality Check

Although practical and realistic on the outside, you have an artistic temperament. You may give the impression of great forcefulness, but there are two distinct sides to your character. Your confident exterior masks an inner nature subject to numerous doubts. As a result, you’re not an easy person to live with. However, once you satisfy your need for emotional security, you make a loyal, devoted partner.

March 8 Date Share

Kenneth Grahame, children's writer, The Wind In The Willows.Lynn Redgrave, stage, TV, film actress, comedian. Douglas Hurd, British foreign secretary.Lynn Seymour, ballet dancer famous for interpretation ofAnselm Kiefer, German modern painter.

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