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March 9th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 09, 2024

Make the Christmas house both smell good and revive jaded livers and heads with invigorating oils, ravansara, rosemary and myrtle in a burner. Try pine, seasonal fragrance, sandalwood, love, and ylang-ylang, to smooth Christmas tempers.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Moon; Numbers: 3, 9

March 9th Birthday Love Astrology

They tend to get involved with much older or younger partners. It's a growing trend. Latest figures comparing the 1990s to the 1970s show a 32 per cent increase in men marrying a woman at least 11 years their senior, and there were twice the number of marriages between women and men older by 16 years. And statistics, as far as they can in a sometimes unrecorded area, show that there are many more such couples living together but not married.

Age gap relationships do work or there wouldn't be so many. March 9 is emotionally flexible, loving and kind and finds benefit in an age gap. From an older person there's wisdom, and a greater value put on human variety. And quite often, financial security. With a younger partner, there's all that invigorating energy and optimism. March 9 should sort him or herself out about the child bearing question, a classic age gap relationship breaker.

It's essentially a jolly sort born on this day, a try anything once person, with buckets of charm and enthusiasm. They make brilliant PRs. At work, nothing's too much trouble. They always return telephone calls and write thank you letters. They're full of ideas, adore travel and never mind its privations and give a whacking good party. Cooking is their strength. Party rooms will be decorated in style but for few pennies. At Christmas they really come into their own.

A Christmas party will look festive, perhaps with a mass of one colour balloons, all blue if this water sign goes for its best colour, all red or silver if she branches out. Trailing ribbons gleam, mistletoe hangs at the right kissing level and all the grown ups get to take away their own balloons at the end of the evening.

Christmas at home is always imaginative. March 9 lies in bed, planning the tree, the flowers - always scented - and the presents, often handmade for love, originality and inextravagance.

In Love

The incurable romantics born on this date are the quintessential examples of their Sun sign. Many of your experiences of romantic love are related to your dreams. You rarely need to look for love, because it finds you. One glance into your soulful eyes and admirers find themselves mesmerized by your charms. Moreover, you know how to make a spouse or lover feel needed and appreciated. As a mate, you can be high maintenance, because you require a lot of attention and encouragement. You’re perfectly able to take care of yourself, but you prefer being cared for by someone else.

In Bed

While not known for sexual aggression, the fish are among the most captivating inhabitants of the zodiacal circle. Like a chameleon, you change color to match your surroundings. The aura of mystery that surrounds you comes from Pisces’ ability to change manner and appearance in the blink of an eye.

The upshot is that you can be whatever your partner wishes you to be. With your finely tuned intuition, you pick up on the other person’s fantasies, then you fulfill them.


March 9 has wonderfully creative, practical skills. Children and aunties adore homemade tiny miniature gardens, with small mirrors as lakes and rivers, bearing a glass swan, tiny pebbled pathways up hills covered in turf (imitation will do), a bridge fashioned from twisted florist's wire, little lavender, curry or rosemary plants as trees and tiny embroidery silk French knot flowers glued onto half a matchstick stalks. Paint the matchbox ‘drawer in bright colours for a boat. Children love to make these too. Use a tin tray as a base for the earth, with a few intermingled stones in the soil to help with watering and keep your garden alive.


Three things are required to turn you on: romance, romance, and more romance. You want a lover who writes poetry for you, whispers sweet nothings in your ear, scatters rose petals on your coverlet, and makes love to you in a beautiful room illuminated by scented candles and pulsating with the sounds of romantic music.


Make the Christmas house both smell good and revive jaded livers and heads with invigorating oils, ravansara, rosemary and myrtle in a burner. Try pine, seasonal fragrance, sandalwood, love, and ylang-ylang, to smooth Christmas tempers.

Reality Check

Of all the zodiacal signs, Pisces is the most likely to cling to abusive relationships or participate in symbiotic associations. Too often inclined to accept negative situations as a matter of course, you may opt for adapting to them rather than working to change them. As a confirmed caretaker, the fish tends to fit the pattern of the classic enabler who hurts others by trying too hard to help them.

March 9 Date Share

Juliette Binoche, French beauty, movie star. Robin Trower, guitarist, Procul Harum. Bobby Fischer, world chess champion. Mickey Spillane, author, Kiss Me Deadly.Andre Courréges, French fashion designer.Mickey Dolenz, drummer with The Monkees. Yuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut, first man in space, icon. Bill Beaumont, British Lions and England international rugby captain.

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