People Born on March 8th Personality,Stars,Numbers

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Planetary Influences:Ruling planet:Neptune;Second decan:Personal planet is Moon. Virtues:Perceptive, independent, persevering. Vices:Disconnected, obstinate, undermining. Careers:Motivational speaker, social reformer, writer. Skills & Aptitudes:Intellectual curiosity, originality of thought, principled. Compatible with:March 6–11, November 6–11

Highly imaginative

People Born on March 8th Personality,Stars,Numbers

People Born on March 8th Personality Reference

Your birthday shows you to be a hardworking and pragmatic Piscean with a friendly and charming personality. Although you are direct and prompt in your approach, you are inspired and highly imaginative. Often self-reliant and with a strong sense of purpose, you have natural diplomatic skills that imply that you prefer to work in collaboration with others as a leading member of a team. Avoid becoming involved in power games or manipulative tactics, however.

The added influence of your Sun in the decanate of Cancer indicates that you are receptive and sensitive. As you usually have powerful thoughts and an ability to sense the subconscious of others, you are naturally psychic about what motivates them. As a caring individual, you are sympathetic to others’ feelings but need to beware of fluctuating moods. If insecure, avoid resorting to arguments just for the sake of being difficult; escapism or self-pity will not serve you well, either.

Although you are ambitious and have good business sense, your birthday suggests that, due to your mental dynamism, you need to constantly reestablish a balance in your life. By creating harmony, you are able to overcome inner tensions and unexplained anxieties. An inclination for metaphysical subjects may draw you to spirituality or philosophy. When inspired by a cause or an idea, you are able to learn your subject thoroughly and even contribute your own original thoughts.

While you are between the ages of thirteen and forty-two your progressed Sun moves through Aries, suggesting that you gradually become more confident, assertive, and ambitious. You may prefer a leading role or start new ventures. At the age of forty-three there is a turning point as your Sun enters Taurus. After this time, you slow down and have a need for more stability and financial security in your life. From the age of seventy-three, when your progressed Sun enters Gemini, you develop a heightened interest in communication and the exchange of ideas.

Stars of People Born on March 8th


Sun: Pisces

Decanate: Cancer/moon

Degree: 16°30’-17°30’ Pisces

Mode: Mutable

Element: Water

Fixed Stars

Star’s name: Achernar

Degree position:14° 17’-15°11’ Pisces between the years 1930 and 2000

Magnitude: 1

Strength: **********


Constellation:Alpha Eridanus

Applicable days:March 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Star qualities:Jupiter

Description:a blue-white star located at the mouth of the river Eridani

Primary Star’s Influence

Achemar’s influence stimulates expanded vision and an ability to see the whole. You are likely to have an optimistic outlook, a love of justice, and high aspirations. This star bestows success and a flair for dealing with the general public. Achemar may also direct you toward philosophy and religion.

Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star bestows a generous, patient, and optimistic nature. This star gives prominence in higher education and a talent for writing. Rewards for outstanding work may be indicated. Achemar suggests that you can achieve success in business and dealing with the general public. If you gain fame, it is often long-lasting.

• Positive: justice, social sense, aspirations

• Negative: impressionability, escapism, speculation, misunderstandings

Secrets of People Born on March 8th

Intelligent and imaginative, you learn to value wisdom and understanding. Your desire for knowledge and your enterprising spirit can be your motivating forces. Although part of you would be quite happy just to relax at home and get stuck in a comfortable routine, your challenge is often concerned with the drive and determination that it takes to put your wonderful ideas into practice or turn your dreams into action. Your natural sense of leadership and pride suggests that unless you are mentally stimulated, you may not be tapping into your true potential.

Highly intuitive and imaginative, you deed something to inspire you to act independently. Usually you have original and progressive beliefs but need a creative outlet to express yourself. Leading a well-balanced life can be a key to your happiness. To avoid anxiety, especiaily worries connected to your work, you may need to break away from your day-to-day routine through other interests, hobbies, or travel.

Occupations suitable for individuals born on March 8th

Friendly and cooperative, you work well in activities that involve partnerships or collaborating with others. With natural business sense, you can succeed in commerce, banking, or financial ventures, but ideally you need to combine this with your people skills or creativity. Administrative work of any type can be aided by your superior organizational skills. Being diplomatic can help you in many different areas, such as public relations work and negotiations. Equally, your intuitive powers can always provide you with a sixth sense about your work opportunities. An interest in the arts and visual concepts such as photography and design may inspire your inventive temperament, or you may be drawn to writing, music, drama, or dance. Sensitive and with a need for creativity, you have the potential to put your ideas to practical use.

Famous people who share your birthday include actress Lynn Redgrave, writer Kenneth Grahame, painter Anselm Kiefer, ballet dancer Lynn Seymour, singer/actor Mickey Dolenz, singer Carole Bayer Sager, actor Aidan Quinn, and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

March 8th Birthday Numerology

Sees the big picture and aims for it, linked to abundance and material wealth, and uses financial success to give back to others. The power suggested by the number 8 birthday shows a character with strong values and sound judgment. The number 8 indicates that you aspire to great accomplishment and possess an ambitious nature. A desire for dominance, security, and material success is also indicated by this birthday. As a number 8 person, you have natural business sense and will benefit greatly from developing organizational and executive skills. A strong need to feel secure or established urges you to make long-term plans and investments. The subinfluence of the number 3 month indicates that you are multitalented and imaginative. At times your intuitive powers can provide you with flashes of inspiration. Sensitive and with a need for creativity, you use your ideas in a practical way. But as a natural opportunist, beware of attempting to do too many things at once. By becoming focused on a few projects, you can learn self-discipline and patience, which can lead to successful achievements. In order to achieve your aims, use your powers of persuasion to support and encourage rather than to manipulate partners and loved ones.

• Positive: leadership, thoroughness, hardworking, authority, protection, power to heal, good judge of values

• Negative: impatient, intolerant, restless, overwork, domineering, easily discouraged, lack of planning

Love & Relationships of People Born on March 8th

Although stability and home life are important, you have to find ways to express yourself and not allow your love life to become boring or monotonous. Finding a balance between duties and leisure time can help things flow. Although harmony and security or a settled relationship seem particularly important to you, you may become moody with your loved ones if you feel discontented or become too dependent on partners. Fortunately, when you focus your friendly charm and sensitive understanding on others, you have the ability to make them feel really special. Using your natural diplomatic skills can bring peace and harmony to your relationships with others.

The dream lover of someone born on March 8th

You might find friendship or a faithful lover or partner among those born on the following dates.

Love & friendship: Jan. 10, 26, 28, Feb. 8, 21, 24, 26, Mar. 6, 22, 24, 30, Apr. 4, 20, 22, 28, May 2, 18, 20, 26, 29, June 16, 18, 24, 27, July 11, 14, 16, 22, 25, Aug. 12, 14, 20, 23, 30, Sept. 10, 12, 18, 21, 28, Oct. 8, 10, 16, 19, 26, Nov. 3, 6, 8, 14, 17, 24, Dec. 4, 6, 12, 15, 22

Beneficial: Jan. 8, Feb. 6, Mar. 4, 28, Apr. 2, 26, May 24, June 22, 30, July 20, 28, 29, Aug. 18, 26, 27, 30, Sept. 16, 24, 25, 28, Oct. 14, 22, 23, 26, 29, Nov. 12, 20, 21, 24, 27, Dec. 10, 18, 19, 22, 25

Fatal attractions: Jan. 15, Feb. 13, Mar. 11, Apr. 9, May 7, June 5, July 3, Aug. 1, Sept. 8, 9, 10, 1 I

Challenging: Jan. 7, 9, 30, Feb. 5, 7, 28, Mar. 3, 5, 26, Apr. 1, 3, 24, May 1, 22, June 20, July 18, Aug. 16, Sept. 14, Oct. 12, 29, Nov. 10, 27, Dec. 8, 25, 30

Soul mates: Jan. 8, 27, Feb. 6, 25, Mar. 4, 23, Apr. 2, 21, May 19, June 17, July 15, Aug. 13, Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 7, Dec. 5

March 8th Birthday Personology Summary

March 8 people harbor a fiercely independent spirit beneath their outward veneer of endearing affability, so while they may give the impression of conforming to the norm, to some extent they are often actually working to undermine accepted conventions. This somewhat subversive approach is not prompted by a need to be perverse for defiance’s sake—although the free-spirited individuals born on this day are naturally resistant to submitting to hidebound rules and regulations—but rather because they find it easy to identify the flaws and contradictions of a previously unchallenged approach and to formulate a better solution.

Indeed, people born on March 8 are often blessed with highly developed intellectual qualities of inquiry and lateral thinking, as well as being inherently sen- sitive and empathetic toward others. Such character- istics mark them out as potentially great reformers or inspirational trailblazers, especially in the academic, scientific, artistic, literary and social spheres.

As children, March 8 people will have to accept the hard lesson that society demands adherence to its mores, but if their parents respect their individuality and give them understanding and a sufficient degree of sympathetic guidance, they will benefit from the opportunity to learn to channel their talents posi- tively. Otherwise there is a danger that the compul- sion experienced by these people will find negative outlets, or that they will cut themselves off from others altogether. This is not to say that they should suppress their independence of thought, but simply to remember the value of compromise.

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