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February 26th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 26, 2024

Tea Tree oil (Malaleuca alternifolia) comes from Australia and has powers of regeneration and has even been used in Australia to give relief to AIDS sufferers. More humbly, the oil can be used neat as an antiseptic for wounds.

Sun Sign: Pisces/Neptune

Decanate: Pisces/Neptune; Numbers: 1, 8

February 26th Birthday Love Astrology

The're made for love. Pisces is a pearl of pure sex appeal. Precious, rare, flattering to all who possess it. The colour of moonshine, it reflects the moon's own alluring light of love but isn't perfectly faithful. Like silky water, they slide through your fingers giving pleasure for a moment, and then it's gone.

What's worse, they get your sympathy vote with tales of woe. They get you to put up shelves, cook pearl attracting dishes, shop for nectarines (they're mad about fresh fruit and veg) and negligees, fix their computer in nanoseconds. They murmur compliments in your ear, get other stars to loan them all their sparkle for a big occasion and then they get bored and shoot off across the dome of the darkened sky with another space biker.

Privately Pisces is afraid of boredom. So much so that he or she can almost sniff it when it's coming and sometimes they can sniff it when it's not there. They thrive on uncertainty. The telephone call that doesn't come keeps them excited and so does something casually dangerous in the air. Let them demand attention, weep for reassurance and they're yours. Give either and they'll be somebody else's.

This child of Neptune simply ebbs away with the night and when you wake, they're gone. The men are always looking at their watches and flipping through their address books. Strangers telephone Pisces in bed with a lover and he pretends it's work. Actually it's the next darling on his list, phoning to say she can't understand why she hasn't received the expensive underwear itemised on his last credit card bill.

If you think he's terminally cheating on you, ask his local grocer to send round their entire stock of cauliflowers to his house. Just one makes a kitchen pong. Multiply that by fifty. Or try the old trick of telephoning him from a box and leaving it off the hook.

In Love

In your professional life, you are ambitious, hardworking, and considerably more realistic than other Pisces natives. In love, you’re a romantic idealist with a tendency to endow those you love with more virtues than they actually possess. Despite your rather serious façade, you have a whimsical, humorous side to your personality that makes you a great deal of fun to be with. You come off as independent and self-contained, yet you crave warmth and affection. Generous and somewhat overprotective of your loved ones, you have sensitive feelings that are easily hurt, especially when your help or advice is refused.

In Bed

Unlike some fish, you know how to set boundaries. Although it’s natural for you to give yourself body and soul to your partner, you refuse to let your feelings control your actions. Nor do you melt into an emotional puddle at your lover’s touch. Still, you’re an exceedingly sexy, sensuous, and generous bedmate. You intuit your partner’s unspoken sexual desires and instinctively respond to them. Then you rely on your own devastating sexual allure to telegraph what you want in return.


A lot of women report special days in the month when they positively crackle. Now experts think that men do to, due to a testosterone rise. Studies of both sexes sharing student hostels have also shown that the times of the month tend to synchronise for both sexes. It's already well known that groups of women working or living together tend to naturally synchronise their periods. Some experts think it's nature's way of keeping the tribe going by synchronising fertile days with desire. Whatever the reason, why not keep a diary and chart your own high rise days each month?


The feet are Pisces’ erogenous zone. You love having your feet bathed, stroked, massaged, or just held. Toe sucking drives you into a wild, erotic frenzy. You are particularly responsive when your lover recites romantic or sexually explicit prose and poetry while playing around with your feet.


Tea Tree oil (Malaleuca alternifolia) comes from Australia and has powers of regeneration and has even been used in Australia to give relief to AIDS sufferers. More humbly, the oil can be used neat as an antiseptic for wounds.

Reality Check

Your personal and professional agenda revolve around your desire to make your mark in the world, thereby garnering the recognition and respect that you think you deserve. You are inherently subtle and secretive and prefer playing your cards close to your chest. You’re rarely willing to talk about your plans and ideas with anyone, not even your most intimate companion, until you’re ready to set them into motion.

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Died: Edward G Robinson, Hollywood great, actor, gangster movies. Born: Sir James Goldsmith, financier, environmentalist, industrialist.Victor Hugo, French poet, novelist Les Misérables.Buffalo Bill Cody, US Army scout, showman, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.Johnny Cash, country and western singer, film actor. Fats Domino, rock and roll singer, pianist.

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