February 26th Wise Soul Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onFebruary 26, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is to take yourself a little less seriously

☆The way forward is to understand that humor, when used positively, can be a powerful force for good.

The Birthday Of The Wise Soul, The Day Of Arousal

February 26th Wise Soul Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of February 26th Birthdays

Sun sign: Pisces

Ruling planet: Neptune, the speculator

Symbol: Two Fishes

Birth date ruler: Saturn, the teacher

Tarot card: Strength (passion)

Favorable numbers: 1, 8

Lucky days: Thursday and Saturday, especially when those days fall on 1 and 8 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, brown, violet

Birthstone: Aquamarine

People born on February 26 may often be described by others as old souls because they seem comfortable in their own skin. They often have great insight into how the world works and what the motivations of other people are.

When the great insight of these people is combined with their somewhat impersonal and detached persona, this can make others stand back in awe. In fact, they have quite a hypnotic power over others; people tend to do what they say or follow their example. It is important for them that they don’t abuse this power—fortunately they rarely do as they also have a powerful sense of integrity and social justice. They like to find something to like in everybody and in every situation, and their unfailing optimism is truly enlightening.

One danger for people born on this day is a tendency to preach and rant, or be rigid or harsh in their opinions. They will often be unaware when they are showing this side of their personality, which is emphasized between the ages of twenty-four to fifty-four. During these years they should surround themselves with close friends or loved ones who can warn them when they are heading off track. Fortunately, they respond extremely well to constructive criticism, possessing the ability to change their ways. If someone reaches out to them emotionally and opens their heart, they will more often than not transform themselves into a more fully rounded human being.

Often blessed with great wisdom, their ability to arouse and inspire others will help them achieve worldly success. Although they do enjoy social recognition, part of them feels more comfortable as an outsider looking in. They will sometimes feel an urge to be alone with their thoughts or to sacrifice themselves to a higher cause. Being wise souls, however, they will have also learned the importance of emotional connection with others, so when they do feel the need to withdraw it will not be to isolate themselves but simply to recharge before they take the next step forward.

☆ On the dark side:Dogmatic, moody, harsh

☆ At your best:Insightful, hypnotic, honest

Those born on February 26 have a great capacity to arouse others both emotionally and mentally. They are highly attuned to people's sensitivities and therefore able to stir them deeply. Very adept at wielding irony and satire, they are also able to bring critical faculties to bear on the faults of both people and social institutions. More highly evolved individuals born on this day devote themselves to selfless causes in order to benefit their fellow human beings, often awakening them to the possibilities of both material and spiritual advancement.

Although February 26 people are highly individualistic, often engaged in a somewhat lonely pursuit of personal goals, they have a quiet but magnetic effect on those they meet. Most born on this day are not given to public displays of affection, and are more comfortable when spontaneity and impulsiveness originate with the other party. But while in private they are often quiet, serious and peace-loving individuals, they generally adopt a much more aggressive persona in their work life.

Because those born on this day are capable of wounding others deeply with their criticisms and probing insights, they must beware of arousing enmity and antagonism. But though February 26 people, particularly as parents, can be overly authoritarian on occasion, they are rarely as finn or decided in their stance as they would like to appear. Actually they are very vulnerable to emotional appeals and their buttons a bit easy to push. Where indulgences for their lovers, family members or children are concerned, this may not be such a bad thing. However, it is best if those born on this day lessen their reactiveness when handling their business or professional affairs. Many February 26 people have a bad habit of presenting an overserious or even high-handed demeanor, and should therefore try to lighten up and take themselves a bit less seriously. More highly evolved February 26 people develop a much-needed capacity7 to laugh at themselves, without losing dignity or self-esteem.

Due to their empathic powers, February 26 people can strike a common chord in those whom they do not know that well or even have never met (through their work or creations).

Being on the same wave length with others and sharing good feelings is very highly valued by them. Those born on this day are extremely happy when there is no need to explain themselves but can feel assured that another person silently understands their thinking.

Because many February 26 people secretly feel on the outside of society, being accepted carries great significance for them. In gaining social recognition for their often unusual achievements, they are brought into meaningful contact with society at large. However, should they assume positions of importance or receive a great deal of worldly success, they may feel but a heightened desire to be alone once again with their work.

Power Thought:Today I will try to laugh at everything, myself included,Aivakening others carries tremendous responsibilities

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 26th day of the month are niled by the number 8 ( 2+6=8), and bv the planet Saturn. Saturn posits responsibility and a sense of limitation, caution and fatalism; in the case of February 26 people, conservative and dictatorial tendencies may be emphasized. The combined influence of Saturn with Neptune (ruler of Pisces), can make for magnetic, almost hypnotic powers of attraction. Those ruled b the number 8 generally build their lives and careers slow - lv and carefully Although they may be quite warmhearted, saturnian influences can lend them a forbidding, even grave appearance.

February 26th Birthday Tarot Card

The 8th card of the Major Arcana is Strength or Courage, which depicts a graceful queen taming a furious lion. The queen symbolizes the female Magician who can master rebellious energies and stands for moral as well as physical strength. This card's positive attributes include charisma and determination to succeed: the negative qualities include complacency and the misuse of power.

☆Luck maker:(Show the world your teeth)Open your mouth wide when you smile. Being a wise soul you should know better than anyone that the old saying, “Smile and the world smiles with you,” really does make sense.

Love Throw caution to the wind

You’re drawn to people born on September 24 to October 23:You are both tough on the outside but warm on the inside; this can create a close and tender bond.

People born on February 26 tend to see love as a threat either to their enormous self-discipline or to their work, and as a result they may not allow others to get too close. This is a mistake, as they have a huge heart with so much love to give and they need to allow that love to express itself fully. Once they are able to open up, they make loyal, passionate and supportive partners.

Health Food is not the answer

The optimism of these people tends to keep them in good health but if their need for love and closeness is denied they may find themselves seeking it in food, drugs or other addictions. Diet can be a real problem for them and they need to make sure they watch the amount of fat, sugar, cream, and refined foods they eat, otherwise their blood-sugar levels could go sky high, setting themselves up for future problems with their weight and with their heart, not to mention diabetes. It is also important for them to take plenty of gentle to moderate exercise, especially later in life, when there is a tendency for them to slow down. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color orange will help them feel warmer and more secure. It might also lift their love life.

Those born on February 26 often have confidence in their ability to keep themsehes in good health through autosuggestion and a positive outlook. They do, however, have strong fensual needs, often manifesting in a love of food and other physical pleasures. Diet can be a real problem for them for this reason. They must make a special effort to curb their love for butter cream, rich sauces and delicious, but fattening, foods. They can be prone to all sorts of allergies, particularly those that produce mucus, w hich makes cutting down on milk products still more ital. Although physically active in their youth, many February 26 people get too comfortable and sedentary as they grow older and in some cases ignore their need for physical exercise altogether. They should fight this tendency and partake in regular, moderate exercise (of a noncompetitive nature).

Career Born judges

These people have the wisdom and determination to be great judges or lawyers. They may also be drawn toward careers in teaching, lecturing, politics, counseling, consultancy, or social reform, where they can speak on behalf of others. Their need for artistic expression may be satisfied through art, design, music, writing, poetry, or drama.

Destiny To follow their conscience and right social wrongs

The life path of people born on this day is to learn that their need for love is not a weakness but a great strength. Once they are able to both give and receive love, their destiny is to follow their conscience and right social wrongs.

Keep things simple, and always human. Don't get carried away take yoursell a bit less seriouslv.Learn to listen, share responsibility and sometimes let others be the boss

Celebrities Born On February 26th

Johnny Cash(American singer-songwriter), Michael Bolton(American singer-songwriter), Victor Hugo(French poet and novelist),

Victor Hugo (French poet, dramatist, essayist, critic, novelist Les Miserables, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Honore Daumier (French painter, sculptor, caricaturist, lithographer, imprisoned for cartoon of King Louis Philippe), Buffalo Bill Cody (US Army scout colonel, buffalo eradicator, showman, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show), Johnny Cash (country-west- ern singer, film actor), Fats Domino (rock & roll singer, pianist), Jackie Gleason (comedian, film, TV actor, Ralph Cramden in The Honeymooners). Tony Randall (stage, film, TV actor, Felix in The Odd Couple). Camille Flammarion (French astronomer, writer, The Wonder of Heaven, psychic researcher later in life), Emile Couve (French psychotherapist, apothecary, hypnotist, founder autosuggestive healing), Orde Wingate (British-Indian major general, commando raider, cut off Burma railroad from Japanese, died in plane crash), Theodore Sturgeon (science-fiction wnter. More Than Human), Godfrey Cambridge (comedian, comic film actor), Madeleine Carroll (British actress). Emma Destinn (Czech operatic soprano). Irving Goldschneider (immunologist, pathologist, meningitis vaccine developer), Sir James Goldsmith (Anglo-French financier, mdustr Noboru Takeshita (Japanese pi minister), Robert Novak (TV journalist). Robert Tart (US congressman, Ohio), He Kang (Chinese Agnculture mirster)

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