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February 15th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 15, 2024

Not content with drinking in waking hours, February 14 also dreams of doing it. Sparkling champagne signifies a forthcoming celebration and excitement, warm drinks indicate sexual desire, water is a sign that you are currently seeking spiritual awakening.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Venus; Numbers: 6, 8

February 15th Birthday Love Astrology

February 14 people are a bunch of mixed aspects of love. All are sex orientated but some achieve less happiness than others. Because they were born on St Valentine's Day, many are expected to be love experts. But some are sourer in the grape department. For these, money plays an important part in their sex life. They may flit from rich flower to flower, scooping up honey and passing on until they accumulate their own wealth. This is definitely an own-yacht person and it's often got by making a series of lucrative marriages and divorces.

Naturally when either sex makes a career out of love, every chess move this pecuniary poppet makes must be a winning one, but quite often rich partners lose their money, won't divorce or won't die which is where the sour grapes come in. Still, he who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

Fortunately most February 14s use their oodles and boodles of sex appeal less complicatedly. They make their own living in a variety of professions, including transport and manufacturing, and what they want, outside work, is a good time. This less complicated little butterscotch tart knows little of depression and less of manipulation, and only gets into trouble in youth when they run of with too many mate's mates. Unlike sensibler people they also indulge in work affairs, immune to advice that it will all get sticky when they go off the unfortunate quarry. They are amazed later when colleagues tick them off because the rejectee is glumly sitting staring out of the window. And incorrigibly they make a play for the dishy new accountant with saucy eyes.

Goodish in bed, it's more quantity than quality February 14 appreciates. They settle down when somebody makes an honest man or woman of them, raise children and learn to keep their hands to themselves. What's left of their sensuous greed is now devoted to eating and drinking in copious quantities.

In Love

Love is very important to you, and you’re inherently more romantic and less solitary than other members of your Sun sign. Although not on the top of your list, finding a forever love is one of your life priorities. Even so, your independent nature is often at odds with your sense of being incomplete without a partner. Although you may realize early on that you need a home and family, you’re not inclined to rush into a long-term commitment.

Superidealistic and emotionally susceptible, you’re as likely to fall in love with a romantic ideal as with a real person.

In Bed

You’re a passionate and adventurous lover who is always open to innovative ideas for sexual experimentation. However, you don’t like your sex rough or raw. You’re capable of feeling things with your mind as well as your body, and your keen aesthetic perception adds a certain delicacy to your sexuality.

Despite your affectionate, caring ways, an airy detachment comes through even in the most intimate situations. In the bedroom or outside of it, you thrive in an atmosphere of beauty and harmony.


Excessive drinking can cause stomach disorders, gastritis, bleeding and ulcers, depression and other psychiatric and emotional disorders, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiency, sexual difficulties, brain damage, muscle disease, problems with the nervous system (especially nerve pains in legs and arms), hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), and cirrhosis, permanent scarring of the liver, cancer of the mouth, throat and gullet and even more problems for people with diabetes. And if that's not enough, it makes you fat. A half-pint of bitter contains 90 calories; 1 pub measure of whisky, 50 calories; an ordinary tonic, 35 calories; a cream sherry, 70 calories and a glass of wine 75 calories.


An old-fashioned romantic seduction scene replete with moonlight, soft music, champagne, and a full-body massage is a guaranteed turn-on.

However, the more up-to-date side of you responds even more readily to typically Aquarian methods of sexual stimulation involving appeals to your intellect and imagination instead of your body.


Not content with drinking in waking hours, February 14 also dreams of doing it. Sparkling champagne signifies a forthcoming celebration and excitement, warm drinks indicate sexual desire, water is a sign that you are currently seeking spiritual awakening.

Reality Check

Essentially an idealist and a humanitarian, you’re attracted to bold new ideas for making the world a better place. You patently refuse to give up on anyone and have helped many a grateful friend or relative stave off disaster.

However, at times your concern for others can be taken too far, and you could be accused of meddling in things that don’t concern you.

February 15 Date Share

Alan Parker, film director Midnight Express. Thomas Malthus, British clergyman, writer, economist, An Essay on the Principle of Population. James Hoff a, Robin Hood-style US union leader, aimed for presidency, arrested for crimes, let off, disappeared, suspected murder. Jack Benny, comedian, TV personality. Carl Bernstein, Watergate journalist, co-author of All The President's Men.

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