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February 16th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onFebruary 16, 2024

You can tell rain is coming when trees rustle their leaves in calm weather and the scarlet pimpernel, known as farmer's weatherglass', convolvulus, and clover leaves draw their petals and leaves tightly together.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Venus; Numbers: 7, 9

February 16th Birthday Love Astrology

Fbruary 15 is the gardener date, always occupied with the delights of flowers, trees, herbs and vegetables in the garden. To this steady creature growing things, their fresh scent in both the day and night air, is all the occupation he needs and often having to go and earn a living is deeply resented. Many try to make a career of working on the land, in farming, parks, landscape gardening or gamekeeping, just to keep themselves outside four walls.

Both sexes also adore animals and will have three or four dogs roaming about the house if they can, usually with mongrel blood, and always well-trained because practical February 15 thinks a properly behaved dog is a happy dog. It's also true to say they think much the same about the human race. Their courtesy is exceptional, utterly charming, with the old-fashioned habit of warmly thanking a telephone caller for calling even if they weren't really welcome. With February 15, handwritten thank you letters are a must as is polite attention and thoughtfulness paid to older people. They can therefore be sticklers with their children, good as long as it doesn't become phobic. Which it won't because they are essentially kind and dislike any form of extreme.

February 15 may not wish to make a splash in the world, but she makes an impact in her neighbourhood. Drawn into the social and religious life of the church, she becomes a power in the land. When it comes to organising social events, everybody in the county always wants to come if she's involved.

The men and women are extremely superstitious. Garlic is always hung by the garden gate to ward off evil spirits. Black cats are never kept. Large numbers of shooting stars are always noted for the thunder they'll bring, and every fairy ring is jumped inside so as not to break the circle (which could bring bad luck) and so that a silent wish may come true.

In Love

Because you function better on your own, true intimacy may be difficult for you to sustain. You’re an enigma to some people and a genuine mystery to others. In a love relationship, you can be considerate and understanding one minute, cool and detached the next. No matter how close you get to your mate or partner, there’s always a part of you that you reserve only for yourself. Idealistic and compassionate, you fall in love with abstractions and get emotionally involved with world-altering ideas. Your perfect mate is the person who shares your interests and humanitarian concerns.

In Bed

You’re not as likely to jump into the unknown as some Aquarian lovers.

However, you are extremely curious and willing to experiment outside the mainstream when it suits your purposes. At times you may alternate between protracted periods of celibacy and wild bursts of eroticism and sexual daring. Although you don’t romanticize your physical desires, in one way or another you’re pursuing a sexual dream. You measure prospective partners against the romantic ideal that resides in your imagination.


These fine, imaginative cooks love to serve you something different they have made themselves. And naturally they've grown the ingredients. Try Carnation Petal Cream. Fold petals picked in the early morning into sweetened cream. Stand in cool place for several hours, then remove petals and whip cream. It goes beautifully with pears poached in vanilla syrup or with fresh strawberries or blackberries. Scatter a few petals on top. Borage flowers, traditionally thought to be an anti-depressant, newly opened primroses, slightly bitter marigolds, peppery nasturtiums and young broom flower buds are also excellent added to salads.


You’re turned on by living out your fantasies, the more bizarre the better.

Temperamentally you’re more serious than other water bearers, and you take your game playing very seriously indeed. You may dress up in costume or hold court in the buff. The important thing is that you immerse yourself completely in the part you’re playing.


You can tell rain is coming when trees rustle their leaves in calm weather and the scarlet pimpernel, known as farmer's weatherglass', convolvulus, and clover leaves draw their petals and leaves tightly together.

Reality Check

As a humanitarian, you’re prepared to fight for any cause you consider worthy. You refuse to tolerate injustices and can usually be found in the forefront of any battle against inequity. Impatient and impulsive, you sometimes forget to think before you speak. You can become so involved in the plight of the less fortunate, you would willingly give away everything you own.

February 16 Date Share

Jane Seymour, long-haired film star, beauty-book writer. Cesar Romero, movie star, original Joker in Batman.Sir John Barry more, stage, film actor. Matt Groening, cartoonist creator of The Simpsons.Galileo, Italian astronomer, suggested earth revolved round the sun, forced to recant by Inquisition. Jeremy Bentham, Utilitarian philosopher whose mummified body was displayed at London University. Sir Ernest Shackleton, Irish Antarctic explorer, writer, Heart of the Antarctic

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