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March 31st Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onMarch 31, 2024

That strung out feeling can be helped by vitamins Bl, B12 and C. Eat some cheese for B12, and juice a watermelon for the other vitamins, finally blending, by using a spoon. Drink in an elegant, long glass.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Mars; Numbers: 4, 7

March 31st Birthday Love Astrology

March 31 is not a domesticated creature, will do anything to avoid housework. The men turn avoidance into an art form, a sort of psycheological battle when they are young with their parents, and when they are adult with their partner. They use their sex appeal to get round those they are leaving to clean up.

March 31 walks in the door, takes off his shoes and leaves them in the corridor, in the middle, one at an angle to the other, for somebody else to fall over. He sits at the newly cleaned kitchen table with his beer and chocolate biscuits, then leaves everything and wanders away. He can't go shopping because he has brought work home. And doesn't know how to turn on the washing machine.

It's not lighthearted, although possibly masked with wit. This person doesn't like any form of housework and doesn't ever want to do it. Marriages or partnerships may break under the strain, unless those who love them understand it's a deep-seated prejudice. In love, he temporarily relaxes the rules, but another comes by who doesn't require domesticity and he leaves.

Miss March 31 has but a shadow of this complex. Most can't change plugs, more daffiness than an aggressive statement.

These are successful gamblers. Lucky people who fall on two feet. Many will be successful salesmen. Others are content to hold down a steady office/factory job, putting their energies into gambling. Happiness comes late in life with a first, second, third or fourth marriage. Many have late children, the men possibly in their sixties and seventies, and the woman in their late forties and early fifties, helped by science. It's mostly because they are procrastinators. But when they decide not to put things off all their plans succeed.

This day's strong convictions could take the religious path, or manifest themselves in Third World charity work. Changes of direction mark their life.

In Love

More disciplined and controlled than others of your Sun sign, you try not to rush into romantic involvements. However, you soon discover that this is easier said than done. Your strongest impulse is to live and love according to the demands of your heart. Moreover, the passionate side of your nature runs deep and true. Sooner or later you must deal with the inner conflict between your desire for freedom and independence and your need for a stable, committed love relationship. However, when you form a romantic alliance, you can be relied upon to follow through on your promises.

In Bed

You have a romantic’s soul with a robust libido. Despite your fiercely competitive, assertive nature, when intrigued with someone new you are capable of remarkable patience and restraint. With a lovemaking style that blends eager, enthusiastic affection with subtle, alluring seduction, you manage to win your partner over one way or the other. Once the newness of the relationship wears off, you won’t hesitate to come on strong. You possess amazing sexual stamina and the ability to go all night if you choose.


Tooth and gum problems are an Aries affliction, so it would be an excellent idea to adopt a vigorous maintenance and cleaning routine. Clean them three times a day. Take a toothbrush to work. Use floss. Make sure you brush your gums as well as the teeth. Consult your dentist regularly and see a hygienist. Processed, starchy food can contribute to tooth decay if it is sticky, and especially if it is sugared, as can sweetened fruit juices. Eat fruit if you have a sweet craving. There is no evidence that sugar naturally present in fruit is a significant cause of tooth decay.


The aggressive side of your Aries character likes to lead and control. You also have a playful side that is fun loving and daring. You’re turned on by sexual games that involve challenge and conquest. A wild bedroom romp that turns into a jousting match or a competition for sexual dominance is practically guaranteed to ignite your passion.


That strung out feeling can be helped by vitamins Bl, B12 and C. Eat some cheese for B12, and juice a watermelon for the other vitamins, finally blending, by using a spoon. Drink in an elegant, long glass.

Reality Check

Work is central to your lifestyle, and you have big plans and even bigger dreams. You are too practical to get carried away by dreams that can’t come true. Nevertheless, driving ambition and career involvement can keep you away from those things in life that probably matter to you even more, such as home and family.

March 31 Date Share

Christopher Walken, immaculate Hollywood film star. Richard Chamberlain, TV, film actor, The Thornbirds. Rhea Perlman, TV actress. Nikolai Gogol, Russian author, Dead Souls. Rene Descartes, French 17th century philosopher, Discourse On Method, 7 think therefore I am'. Franz Joseph Haydn, 18th century Austrian composer, Beethoven's teacher.

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