March 31st Commanding Presence Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Last updated onMarch 31, 2024

☆Your greatest challenge is learning to control your temper

☆The way forward is to find an activity that helps release pent-up tension, such as sport, gardening, studying, or starting a new hobby.

The Birthday Of The Commanding Presence, The Day Of Tenacity

March 31st Commanding Presence Is Birthday Personality Analysis

Element of March 31st Birthdays

Sun sign: Aries

Ruling planet: Mars, the warrior

Symbol: The Ram

Birth date ruler: Uranus, the visionary

Tarot card: The Emperor (authority)

Favorable numbers: 4, 7

Lucky days: Tuesday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 4 and 7 of the month

Lucky colors: Red, silver

Birthstone: Diamond

People born on March 31 are often stable individuals with a profound sense of who they are. Their presence is commanding and the force of their authority unquestioned. They have little time for small talk but plenty of time and energy for action and common sense.

There’s a calmness and steadiness about these people, making them highly valued in both professional and personal environments. With a pragmatic and determined approach, they are also capable of compromise if life demands it, because they value making progress in an orderly and direct manner. If, however, they feel that others are standing in the way or complicating matters, they can be extremely argumentative and demanding.

The air of authority of these people marks them out as potential leaders but they tend to feel comfortable when they are contributing ideas or working within a team where their contagious energy motivates others to go along with them. They aren’t great risk-takers as they prefer security to gambling, but it’s important for them not to let opportunities to express their talents pass them by. They are most likely to favor a steady and pragmatic approach to life between the ages of twenty and fifty; during this time they should get out of their comfort zone every now and again, taking the odd calculated risk. After the age of fifty there is a greater emphasis on experimentation and new ventures.

These people do tend to be led by their head rather than their heart. Emotional control is important to them. When they feel threatened by their emotions, cynicism or sudden outbursts of temper are often their ways of avoiding dealing with them. Recognizing their need for greater emotional expression, life has a way of forcing them to get in touch with their feelings, through either the people they meet or the situations they experience. Once they learn to listen to their emotions as much as their common sense, these resourceful, realistic, energetic, and remarkably influential people are destined for a rare combination of success in every aspect of their lives.

☆ On the dark side:Unambitious, repressed, argumentative

☆ At your best:Commanding, energetic, tenacious

People bom on March 31 are fighters who will get ahead no matter what. They have the tenacity to hang in there for the duration. Once established in a post, they will be very difficult to unseat. They may have original ideas that remain unexpressed simply because they indeed relish holding on to a favorable position. When called upon in a time of crisis, however, they often come up with highly creative and practical solutions, winning them the appreciation of their superiors.

March 31 people can be difficult to work with as they tend to be argumentative and demanding of co-workers. But those born on this day are above all very realistic about the positions they hold and shrewd enough to guarantee their survival in the job jungle.

Perhaps once or twice in a lifetime. March 31 people will be presented with the opportunity to make a major change in occupation—if they take it they will probably succeed, though it may take time. If they decide to pass up the opportunity, their hidden talents may never see the light. Those born on this day react well to challenges but due to their love of security and realism about money matters prefer calculated risks to reckless gambles.

March 31 people are comfortable as the boss, but really do better as associates or partners, where their talents for innovation and creative thought can contribute to a team effort.

Those born on this day can live for years on their own. but function well in family life.

Because they often marry late, they may adopt children or even a ready-made family, acting the role of step-parent.

March 31 people hardly impress one as cuddly types, but are quite affectionate in their own way, expressing warmth through gentle teasing or humor. Overt love is something that unconsciously frightens them, hence their often ironic or even cynical exterior. But a deep need for caring, heightened by any parental rejection in childhood, demands a warm understanding mate who knows when to back off and when to come on. Reading the signals of a March 31 person is the key to relating to them. They are very intuitive and expect loved ones to be the same way. perhaps to understand them without a word being spoken. Indeed, they are very suspicious of anyone who is too glib, too giving of promises.

March 31 people do not really have the drive to be great leaders, but are patient enough to wait and ultimately get what they want. Generally they follow their head rather than their heart. Because they are so mentally oriented, others would do better not to appeal to them through emotions (particularly when manipulative) but plain common sense. This will elicit a heartfelt response, as straight talking is what those born on this day value most.

Power Thought:I radiate warmth and the love I project onto others is returned,Quitting is not always a bad idea

Numbers and Planets

Those born on the 31th day of the month are ruled by the number 4 (3+1=4), and by the planet Uranus. Since only seven months have a 31 s1 day. it is a less common number for a birthday, and the people born on these days are often difficult to fathom. The combination of Mars (ruler of Aries) and Uranus can mean an explosive temper and unpredictable, impulsive behavior. Those ruled by the number 4 can be stubborn or argumentative, since they see things so differently from everyone else. Their psyche is sensitive, particularly when it comes to rejection, which they take very hard. Generally March 31 people are reasoners and show good sense, muting the more erratic qualities mentioned above.

March 31st Birthday Tarot Card

The 4th card of the Major Arcana is The Emperor, who rules over concrete and worldly things through wisdom, the primary source of his power. The Emperor is stable and profound; the force of his authority cannot be questioned. The positive associations of this card are strong willpower and steadfast energy; unfavorable qualities include willfulness, tyranny and brutality.

☆Luck maker:(Practice stress-management techniques)If you’re under stress, you’ll make mistakes, lose the respect of others, and miss out on opportunities. Meditation, yoga, a relaxing walk, or taking short breaks from your routine at regular intervals will attract good fortune your way.

Love Loyal and true

You’re drawn to people born on January 21 to February 20:This is a case of great minds think alike; both of you place great importance on quality not quantity.

People born on March 31 are extremely loyal and faithful lovers once they have found the person who is right for them. Because trial and error is not their style and they want to get things right first time, they may spend many years on their own, possibly even marrying late. Great displays of affection are not for them, but tenderness and togetherness are.

Health Express yourself

People born on this day need to make sure they don’t repress their feelings so much that it affects their physical and emotional health, making them prone to stress, depression, lowered immunity, and high blood pressure. It is important for them to find a way to express themselves, and time spent with friends and loved ones is essential. Vigorous exercise, such as rock climbing, or exercise that is expressive, such as dancing, are highly recommended as these will help them open up. As far as diet is concerned, they need to ensure they make meals more a social occasion, limiting their intake of alcohol and saturated fat. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color orange will encourage them to open up more, as would hobbies such as art, writing and pottery.

The greatest health danger for people born on March 31 is that they will push their frustration or anger inside. This can result in chronic ailments such as ulcers, high blood pressure or even cancer, particularly at an advanced age. Those born on this day need to express themselves directly, since they are often concerned with keeping the ship on an even course, or serving as compromiser and mediator. Physical exercise of a quite demanding nature, such as running, boxing, gymnastics or mountain climbing may be just what the doctor ordered; because March 31 people like group activities, team sports such as baseball or basketball may be appealing. Since the social nature of March 31 people is usually well developed, they love group meals. Whether at cookouts or Sunday smorgasbords, they like to see others eat, talk and socialize. What better hobby for them, then, than cooking for others? Few restraints need be put on their dietary preferences.

Career Born business people

These people have the determination and the flexibility to achieve great success in the worlds of business, politics, education, and public service, but their commanding presence will serve them well in any field. In their choice of career they should make sure that they don’t get stuck in a rut and miss out on opportunities for travel, change and promotion.

Destiny To encourage others to work alongside them

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to relax their expectation of constant control. Once they are able to recognize the need to express themselves emotionally, their destiny is to encourage others to work alongside them and follow their energetic and determined example.

I fee your good sense to advantage but also tmst your deepest instincts. Beware of your argumentative tendencies. Open yourself to love and to affection. Deal with your fear of rejection.

Celebrities Born On March 31st

Ewan McGregor(Scottish actor), Christopher Walken(American actor and director), Al Gore(American politician and environmentalist),

Rene Descartes (French c. philosopher, Discourse on Method, mathematician, "I think, therefore I am"), Franz Joseph Haydn (Austnan 1 8- 1 9 th c. composer, Beethoven's teacher, innovated four major musical forms: string quartet piano sonata, symphony, concerto), Moses-ben-Maimon (Maimonedes, Saladin court physician, Jewish philosopher), Nikolai Gogol (Russian short-story writer, novelist, Dead Souls), Cesar Chavez (migrant worker unionist), Albert Gore, Jr. (US vice president, senator, Tennessee), Gordie Howe (hockey right-wing, played thirty-two seasons, 6x NHL sconng leader, I2x All-NHL, second in all-time points), Volker Schlondorff (German film director, The Tin Drum), Nagisa Oshima (Japanese film director, Merry Chnstmas Mr. Lawrence), John Fowles (novelist, The Magus). Christopher Walken (film actor), Liz Claiborne (fashion designer), Shirley Jones (singer, actress), Richard Chamberlain (TV, film actor), Herb Alpert (trumpeter, co-founder A&M records), James M. Nederiander (New York theater executive, producer), John Jakes (TV screenplay wnter, North and South), Leo Buscaglia (therapist, TV lecturer), Rhea Perlman (TV actress), Viscount William Waldorf Astor I (New York businessman, son of John Jacob Astor I)

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