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April 1st Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 01, 2024

If you like jewellery, and its traditional significance even more, golden amber promises marvels. Amber worn at weddings brings faithful husbands and fertile wives. It wards off sore throats and gives long life to the wearer.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 1, 5

April 1st Birthday Love Astrology

They have to rise above the day, endless April Fool teasing. Since it starts at birth and continues into the departure lounge, there's lots of practice in tolerance and expertly I masked feelings. Modesty is not an Aries characteristic, nor i diffidence, but they have a quiet dignity which impresses others.

Sometimes they must start work very young and determinedly work their way up, often from shop floor to the top. Those with little schooling are always conscious of it, so wise April fools must get an education at a later date, or grow chippy. Guard against resentfulness. There's a wet slither of self-pity beneath the dignity. Not to be mined.

Success and money may come quickly because they have a knack for spotting a need. Like a sponge which doesn't break I into pieces or an iron which doesn't scatter white powder over your i black jacket. Then the men, in particular find that having propelled i themselves into the stratosphere, they have attained something they don't want. A different way of life beckons, a leap from salesman to archaeologist, from policeman to deep sea diver.

The women don't go in for such violent life changes, perhaps because their energies are diverted by children. This is not a steady marriage date, so they may be struggling along as a single parent with little time to put their librarian's pen down and tap dance off to Hollywood. Both sexes are also always held back by responsibilities to parents and relatives. This is the one who looks after everybody, and that doesn't mean money. For April 1 it means energy, love and time.

There's a psychic streak here. Lurking, but could be usefully developed. They really do ‘see' a horse winning a race, a lost Rembrandt portrait in a junk shop, a box of jewels buried three hundred years ago in a village garden. Treasure-bearing moorland dotted with golden gorse waits for April 1.

In Love

There is no subtlety in your nature. When asked a direct question, you respond with the truth as you see it. Impatient and impulsive, you have an all-or-nothing approach to love and sex. You know what you want, and you don’t like being teased or put off. Even so, you’re in love with the idea of love. Idealistic and sentimental, you are the unlikely believer in fairy tales.

However, when you’re finished with a relationship, the fire inside you turns to ice, and you let your unfortunate partner know, in no uncertain terms, that the affair is over.

In Bed

Once aroused, the person born on this day is among the most passionate in the zodiac. Ardent and romantic, you are a great deal of fun to be with, in the bedroom and out of it. Yours is a healthy sexual appetite, with a strong need to try everything at least once. Your aim is to create a sensual atmosphere of unfettered passion, where nothing is unacceptable or forbidden.


This is an exceptionally long lived day, with a strong physique. Keep your heart strong with foods which fight artery disease. New research shows that apples, onions, tea and red wine, may help the healthy heart. All contain flavinoids, similar in weight and solubility to beta-carotene, and presently thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, also anti-allergenic, antithrombotic, antimicrobial and antithyroidal. So far theories are still being tested and it is hoped that in the near future the correct flavinoids can be isolated to prevent coronary artery disease. Meanwhile keep taking the red wine - a help - but cut down on the cheese - not


You are sexually enthusiastic and quite a fireball. True to Aries’ desire to be first in everything, you are easily aroused early in the morning. Because you thrive on impulse and surprise, the advances of the bold, inventive lover who catches you unawares during the night by initiating sex while you’re still half asleep provides a guaranteed turn-on.


If you like jewellery, and its traditional significance even more, golden amber promises marvels. Amber worn at weddings brings faithful husbands and fertile wives. It wards off sore throats and gives long life to the wearer.

Reality Check

Since you have such a hard time understanding the need for cooperation and compromise, living with you, while never dull, can be difficult. When the adrenaline starts pumping, you rush full speed ahead in single-minded pursuit of your goals. While your insensitivity is not intentional, you are wholly unaware of the feelings of others, and anyone who gets in your way is likely to be run over.

April 1 Date Share

Ali McGraw, film actress, Love Story. Debbie Reynolds, actress. Otto von Bismarck, German prime minister. Sergei Rachmaninoff, composer. Lon Qhaney, innovative actor, makeup artist, original Phantom and Hunchback, ‘Man of a thousand faces'. Jane Powell, film actress.

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