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April 2nd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 02, 2024

The Sex Shopping List Adventure is a bedroom game. Draw three columns, the first lists touching you like, the second, you don't like and the third, the shopping list, is missing touching you want to add. Show it to your partner.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 2, 6

April 2nd Birthday Love Astrology

Greedy in love, greedy for food and greedy for success. April 2 may appear to have the charisma of Miss Mouse, but don't be fooled. She gets a foot in the door and the next step is going to be a foot on your head. Older colleagues rush to help them. The peer group make a run for the door when they see Miss M lithsp her way over to the male boss, and ask pleath for his advice.

She'll answer your telephone, grab your work, your contacts and your boyfriend. And he will do the same. Naturally thin and often extremely good at very competitive sport. Mr Rodent usually has bags of doughnuts on his desk. He stokes himself with this jammy petrol all day, offering the fattening goodies to older fatter people, so that their abstinence and his hunger, their paunch and his tiny waist can be fully appreciated.

April 2 is promoted as fast as Trifflds procreate. The girls hang about their older woman boss in the loo, enquiring sympathetically how she feels now her time is up. Nobody ever lands a punch on the tip-tilted nose. They make the boss's job by twenty-five, and do it brilliantly. April 2 is a sun-burnished Mars warrior. Everybody knows it.

Early rewards give them a chance to develop young, but not lose out on personal and family life because they are so busy. They grow up accompanied by success, and after 30 develop all the most generous aspects of the Aries personality. Spontaneity is their trump card. And romantic enthusiasm. Socialising is their chosen way of life. They fall passionately in love, have children they adore more than they adore their partner, and give parties where everybody is made to feel glamorous and wanted.

They also travel abroad with groups of friends. Everybody is welcome to stay on the Spanish villa's floor. Nights sparkle with fun and days with good food and better conversation.

In Love

The character of the person celebrating a birthday on this day is extremely complex, with great inconsistencies in basic temperament. Although you yearn for action and excitement, you need roots and security. Your biggest challenge is to find a way of combining your desire for independence and adventure with a comfortable, secure home life. Your sexual persona consists of equal parts passion and romance, and as a lover you are quite capable of sweeping a prospective partner off his or her feet. In an intimate union, you can be difficult and demanding but also loyal and caring.

In Bed

You’re sexy, sensuous, and fun loving, with a lively zest for life and love that makes you a star in the bedroom. You crave both pleasure and excitement and enjoy passion and romance in equal doses. When making love, you know how to walk the fine line between arousal and consummation. Unlike some rams, you’re a patient lover with no intention of rushing toward completion. Intent on pleasing yourself and your partner, you take the time to savor every moment.


Provocative kissing on the nape of the neck or the hose of the throat (the Japanese count these as erogenous zones) can he done in public without offending others, hut are nevertheless unbearably exciting to the kisser and kissee. Other erogenous zones include the inside of the wrist, beneath the ear, inside elbow and, for some, on the forehead between the eyes just above the bridge of the nose. Adventurous kissers can try the backs of the knees. The Kama Sutra advises men in a public assembly to kiss a woman's toe if she is sitting down. Trouble for some duchesses maybe.


You have a marvelously tactile nature. You like touching and caressing and being touched and stroked, until both you and your bed partner are absolutely shivering with delight and anticipation. Following this mutual petting session, you can feel yourself being swept along a path strewn with unimagined erotic delights and sensual pleasures.


The Sex Shopping List Adventure is a bedroom game. Draw three columns, the first lists touching you like, the second, you don't like and the third, the shopping list, is missing touching you want to add. Show it to your partner.

Reality Check

Although outspoken and fond of your own opinions, you are usually tolerant of other people’s ideas when discussing subjects that do not touch you emotionally. However, you can be surprisingly dogmatic when your own beliefs are called into account. Your enthusiastic Aries personality helps you win others over to your point of view, while your more levelheaded, practical side puts forward arguments that sound so plausible they wear down the remaining resistance.

April 2 Date Share

Sir Jack Brabham, Australian racing driver, 3 times Formula One champ. Alec Guinness, film, stage, TV, actor, comedian. Giovanni Casanova, lover extraordinary. Marvin Gaye, soul singer, songwriter, shot to death by father. Loss to us all. Emmylou Harris, singer songwriter. Hans Christian Andersen, Danish fairytale writer, playwright, poet, The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor's New Clothes. Emile Zola, French writer. Max Ernst German expressionist painter. W P Chrysler, car manufacturer.

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