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April 3rd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onApril 03, 2024

Maybe logical 3 doesn't believe in Fortune. Just in case, here are April's Fortune days, 5, 9, 15, 18, 21, 29. These are the best days to fall in love and embark on new enterprises. Lucky too for gamblers and speculators.

Sun Sign: Aries/Mars

Decanate: Aries/Sun; Numbers: 3, 7

April 3rd Birthday Love Astrology

If you want something organised, ask April 3 to do it. She's a list maker and a doer. In the local theatre production of Macbeth, she's the one who gets the paint free for the stage backdrop and persuades the artist who never speaks to anyone to paint it for free. He's never had such a good time in his life and loves the chips she brings at night while he's finishing the castle ramparts. She's a true Mars warrior, her shield, efficiency and imagination and her weapons, glib persuasion and charm. What she can't stand is people who say they'll do something and then don't.

In any place of work, find this person in Human Resources, where they run day release educational programmes with flair and keep up to the minute with latest government health rulings. If the office has to be reorganised, the lists come out, but everybody is consulted. Tact is another Mars weapon.

At home, this person is likely to be married. The list of prospective partners has been examined, and someone picked with the right qualities. There's nothing unromantic about this. They just crave simple happiness and abhor the expensive agony of divorce. Children will have labels sewn into all their school clothes. (She tried sewing them on ordinary clothes but the kids recoiled with embarrassment.) Books in the house are in alphabetical order and so are the CDs. In the medicine cabinet, nothing lies around for longer than the prescribed time.

Both sexes are excellent gardeners, preferring shrubs, because they are interesting and tidier than seeds, although a weakness is the poppy, a true Aries flower. They garden and they dream, pondering on a great ambition. Perhaps there's a book to write, or a new way of life to adopt? They're a ‘change in mid-stream' date. The one who leaves farming at 32 for an advertising career. Or turns his back on factory management for teaching.

In Love

Driven by spurts of nervous energy, you move fast, talk fast, and rarely waste a moment of precious time. Your playful, outgoing personality attracts many admirers and you probably have numerous romantic opportunities.

Generous, warm, and loving, you like interacting with people in social gatherings and intimate one-on-one situations. However, your mercurial nature and tendency to scatter your energies in a number of different directions make you hard to pin down. Although you enjoy sharing your ideas and interests with someone special, you value your freedom and independence so much that you have difficulty maintaining a long-term relationship.

In Bed

Your bedroom approach is exciting, enthusiastic, and spontaneous. Your aversion to boredom is legendary, and the idea of exploring new sexual territory fascinates you. With your action-oriented, restless nature, you are continually seeking fresh physical and mental sensations. Words get you going, and your urge to communicate encourages frequent verbal exchanges with your bedmate. Your major erotic zone is in your brain, and hearing about what your lover is thinking and feeling during sex is your ultimate turn-on.


Many April 3 people adore having their head stroked by a lover. It's affectionate, calming, sexy, intimate and pleasingly attentive. Without scented oil, massage your partner's head as if you were washing his or her hair. Concentrate on the crown of the head and the point at the back of the head where the skull joins the neck (the occiput, an important shiatsu point). A 10 minute massage can release tensions and banish worldly problems. And since the brain controls sexual activity, this area is of great importance to lovers. The head massage quickly opens the body's gateway to erotic need.


You never give up flirting, even with a long-term companion. You like discussing sex and talking about what you would love to do or have done to you. You can spend hours on the telephone rehashing past sexual exploits and exploring exciting future possibilities. A spicy email, arriving just before a hot date, gets all your juices flowing.


Maybe logical 3 doesn't believe in Fortune. Just in case, here are April's Fortune days, 5, 9, 15, 18, 21, 29. These are the best days to fall in love and embark on new enterprises. Lucky too for gamblers and speculators.

Reality Check

Although you process information quickly and release it just as fast, your energy flow is somewhat erratic and you need to learn to pace yourself.

Because variety is the spice of your life, you’re better at starting projects than finishing them. Easily sidetracked, you tend to go off on a tangent whenever something or someone more exciting comes along.

April 3 Date Share

Marlon Brando, film actor, icon. Washington Irving, 19th century short story writer, Rip Van Winkle. Eddie Murphy, comedian, film actor. Doris Day, singer, film star. Alec Baldwin, stage, TV and film actor. George Herbert, British metaphysical poet. Leslie Howard, British film actor. Helmut Kohl, German chancellor, effected German reunification.

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