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January 22nd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 22, 2024

Tarot's card in the Major Arcana for 22 is The Fool. He symbolises wisdom, although there are more negative impulsive aspects. In this case they rarely bring harm unless our moonbeam goes right over the outrageous top.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 4, 5

January 22nd Birthday Love Astrology

Wherever January 22 goes he makes an impact. Whatever he does, people watch with interested admiration, although some envy January's child, touched with magical moonshine. Others have to strive, but there was lightening at this creature's birth and they attain goals faster. Some have a problem with the jealousies of other less fortunate people who can't understand why it's easier for January 22. Some may even have to ward off nastiness - particularly at work - from those who want to denigrate and hold back this gorgeous moonbeam.

And this is where generous-minded January 22 must be watchful. If they were Cinderella they'd try to be nice about the ugly sisters and, once married to the prince, go about finding the awful pair good loving husbands. Yet there are those who will bring genuine harm to January 22 - out of envy - and so a spot of realism is practical.

Money is also a problem for January 22. The women aren't the natural shoppers of the universe and find money matters bring them down. Many prefer the man in their life to pay the bills and would be therefore better off marrying money. But since this shining sweetheart is not at all grabby, she won't try to fall for the guy with the fat wallet and usually finds herself with a much more interesting, but poorer, lifelong companion. If they can, the men will give their money away to grandma or their needy brother.

All are interested in natural beauty. Expect to find natural rocks and shells, or pieces of strangely shaped wood in January 22's house. A lump of sparkling quartz is more interesting than a Meissen figurine, a piece of natural wood more fascinating than any man-made artistry. Because of this, both sexes and their children will wander over beach and hill, stopping to murmur at the beauty of a shell or wild rose. It may not make them wealthy, but certainly healthy and wise.

In Love

You project a rather cool façade that belies your deep attachment to those you love. Although emotional shortcomings can make true intimacy difficult for you to sustain, friendship is the easiest thing in the world. You are witty and entertaining and you need a partner who is equally playful and intelligent. Even in love, you prefer the company of someone who can provide intellectual stimulation along with affection. Your desire for freedom may cause you to delay settling down. Until then, your love life could prove somewhat tumultuous.

In Bed

The contradictory characteristics attributed to today’s birthday form the basis of your approach to most things, including lovemaking. The unconventionality of your “anything goes” lifestyle is often in conflict with the more conservative aspects of your character and personality. Yet despite a mentality that is considerably more intellectual than emotional or physical, your open mind and progressive ideas favor novelty and sexual experimentation. Even when you’re not the one to initiate such moves, you are a willing participant.


January 22 is an extremely tactile and flirtatious starlet, not at all the PC sort and so should avoid those who are. For the rest of us, 22 promises an interesting dangerous liaison. This is the man who meets a lovely stranger and says ‘Marry me or have dinner with me And this is the girl who sleeps with someone on her first date because, why not? They often fall in love at first sight. They particularly like making love in dangerous, discoverable places such as the Royal Box at the Royal Opera House. If anyone's going to be found in flagrante at work, it'll be January 22.


Overt displays of romantic feelings can make you feel uncomfortable. Physically, you’re strongly sexed and passionate. Your mind, however, is easily distracted and can cause you to ignore your body’s desires. When this happens, a few verbal reminders of the sexual delights you are missing are usually all it takes to inflame your lusty libido.


Tarot's card in the Major Arcana for 22 is The Fool. He symbolises wisdom, although there are more negative impulsive aspects. In this case they rarely bring harm unless our moonbeam goes right over the outrageous top.

Reality Check

Your problem is finding a way to unite your fiercely independent nature with your desire for love and companionship. On one level you’re content living within the ivory tower of your own mind, yet on another level you want to get out and have some fun. Moreover, you’re very idealistic. When you do find your soul mate, you expect the relationship to be perfect.

January 22 Date Share

Kyle Maclachlan, American movie star. Ann Sothern, film star. John Hurt, stage, film star. Linda Blair, movie star. André Marie Ampère, French physicist, electrical units inventor. Beatrice Webb, early educator, social reformer. Lord Byron, great romantic poet, scandalous lover. Grigory Rasputin, Russian monk, therapist, attached to court of Tsar Nicholas II. Sergei Eisenstein, great Russian film director, Battleship Potemkin. Jerome Kern, musical comedy songwriter, composer. George Balanchine, Russian ballet choreographer. Sir Francis Bacon, essayist, philosopher.

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