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January 23rd Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 23, 2024

Beware sexual predators or any other kind of predator. Many people want to be like 23 and certainly to appear as talented. This individual should guard against those who try to capture them for their talent rather than themselves.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 5, 6

January 23rd Birthday Love Astrology

January 23 is the person others copy. From childhood they do things just that little bit different, the ones who can make school uniform seem stylish, the ones who are so good at football that smaller boys watch with shining eyes. And all their life this goes on right until very great old age.

It's a hard quality to define in January 23. But the cadence of their voice, the idiosyncrasy of their speech, the way they decorate their house, or the way they take the lead in the local drama society are all noticeable and somehow you find others talking like them, walking like them and using their catch phrases.

At work this is extremely noticeable, especially if January 23 rises high. They run their department or their business like a club which it's a privilege to join. There are no cruelties or acts of spitefulness with this person, and they see to it that others don't indulge. Endlessly helpful to colleagues, generous with their time, money and talent, this sugar plum can be easily out-witted and defeated by tough hunters with a nasty streak, and when that happens January 23 never plays dirty back. Instead they just pack their bags and go and set up business elsewhere, usually with enormous success.

Many like to travel and work abroad. They are drawn to old civilisations - this is the most civilised and mature of all the year's people - and may find happiness and inspiration in Far Eastern countries. If January 23 can't afford to travel, they will read about it, look at pictures and travel in their minds. Always open to new ideas, this creature develops a brilliant line in varying, foreign-influenced cookery. Or else January 23 takes fashion tips from abroad and modifies them to suit home life. They prefer to make clothes rather than find them in shops, which is why their style is so original and powerful.

In Love

The person born on this date is a one-of-a-kind individualist who refuses to be typecast or pigeonholed. Inherently self-motivated, you have little patience with other people’s rules and regulations. You want a relationship that’s solidly based on friendship, companionship, and common interests.

Although you may not admit to being fickle, there is a decided fear of intimacy in your makeup. While you’re in no hurry to surrender your freedom, once you do commit to someone you’re steadfast and not likely to end the relationship without a good reason.

In Bed

Naturally sensual and affectionate, you exude the kind of sex appeal that positively crackles with electricity. As a genuine nonconformist, you live in a brave new world of possibilities. Consequently, you are eminently well prepared to experiment sexually. While you have very little problem expressing yourself physically, it’s a lot harder for you to share your feelings. You rationalize everything, even your emotional reactions. Thus, you never lose control or find yourself totally swept away by passion.


Japanese or Chinese cooking fascinates this person, for its ease, style and healthiness. Try this Chinese Ornamental Raw Fish Delight. Take 400g plaice fillets, 1 tbsp sesame or soya oil, 2 tbsp sherry, 2 tbsp soy sauce, 2 spring onions, 200g small peeled frozen prawns, salt and freshly milled black pepper. Skin plaice, cut into narrow strips 5cm long. Thaw and wash prawns. Chop spring onions finely, put into shallow dish with remaining ingredients. Add fish, toss in mixture, leave 10 minutes. Mix in prawns, then arrange on pretty serving dish. Decorate with watercress, and or tiny florets of lightly cooked broccoli


In your intimate alliances, you’re more unconventional than romantic. A freewheeling, inventive lover, you enjoy foreplay and believe that nothing is too far out so long as it pleases both partners. Because your mind and imagination are your major erotic zones, you respond as readily to whispered intentions as to actual physical stimulation.


Beware sexual predators or any other kind of predator. Many people want to be like 23 and certainly to appear as talented. This individual should guard against those who try to capture them for their talent rather than themselves.

Reality Check

Your Aquarian unpredictability and the otherworldly quality you project give you the appearance of an absentminded professor with a mentality that is off somewhere in the stratosphere. Moreover, you’re not absolutely convinced you belong on this planet at all. So despite your loyalty to friends, dedication to humanitarian ideals, and obvious sense of responsibility toward loved ones, your eccentricities may still brand you as something of a flake.

January 23 Date Share

Died: Alexander Korda, movie mogul, founder of British film. Paul Robeson, legendary black singer, political activist. Bom: Humphrey Bogart, Hollywood film star, style icon. Jeanne Moreau, French actress, famous for skinny, husky sexiness and extraordinary mouth. Chita Rivera, Anita in West Side Story, world never recovered. Princess Caroline of Monaco. Anita Pointer, singer, one of Pointer Sisters. Edouard Manet, French painter. Stendahl, French novelist, The Red and The Black, made into movies, TV series.

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