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January 24th Birthday Love Astrology

Last updated onJanuary 24, 2024

If successful, this traditionally fortune-producing rhyme, could provide a stress-free rest of your life. ‘Holly tree, O holly tree, Let much wealth come to me! Say it to the tree while clasping it around the main stem.

Sun Sign: Aquarius/Uranus

Decanate: Aquarius/Uranus; Numbers: 6, 7

January 24th Birthday Love Astrology

This is a shy creature. The dragon fly of the universe, January 24 hovers near for a fleeting moment, all iridescent blues and greens. Reach for her and she's gone in a second. Many Aquarians are more desired than desiring and this is one.

Although some slightly tougher individuals may do well at work, pioneering breath-taking projects, provoking a popular response and making whacking sums of boodle, many find high-powered environments too pressurised. They do better working alone, or occasionally joining a company of people, then disappearing to recover. Stress is a problem for the dragonfly, and when suffering from it her poor wings lose their lovely shimmer.

With love, January 24 can be difficult. Many can't tell the difference between love and lust; OK for them as they frequently prefer lust to love. But others fall for them, which this flittering creature - of both sexes - finds difficult. Irresponsibly, they blame the poor afflicted one, with little self-exonerating cries of, ‘But I said it was just for fun and I was going away in two weeks.' So in their twenties and thirties there will be quite a few broken hearts around and it serves them right if a fed up désertée sends them twelve dozen bunches of rhubarb.

Many may marry and live happily ever after. But if a marriage or partnership doesn't work then 24 lights out faster than most. Some of the girls are happy to live singly, finding happiness in f

Expect to find this individual happily living abroad, where people accept their solitary mystery. Others will withdraw to far away places in the British Isles, where the lovely surroundings, slow pace of life and interest in natural things make them happy. All 24s are excellent with animals and if they can, find a life spent near them and caring for them, the best way to fulfilment.

In Love

You project a friendly, breezy affability that makes you seem more devil-may-care than you actually are. In social situations you’re very charming, with a sparkling personality that draws people into your orbit. Basically an intellectual and idealist, you are long on theory regarding intimate relationships but short on genuine understanding of your own and your partner’s feelings. Although you would prefer living your life according to carefully rationalized ideals, you may quickly discover that passions and irrational emotions have a way of messing with your plans.

In Bed

More relaxed physically than emotionally, you are an uninhibited, inventive lover. Pleasing your mate is very important to you, and with a like-minded partner you’re likely to try almost anything, at least once. Both your sense of humor and love of adventure extend to the bedroom, and you don’t take the sex act itself all that seriously. What you do expect in a committed union is a loving companionship that includes friendship as well as sexuality.


Stress can make you ill, lose concentration and see the world askew. Get somebody else to answer this for you. The Stressophile Test. 1: Is it always somebody else's fault? 2: Are you often late? 3: Do you lose your glasses, pen, wallet, keys, notebook, socks, telephone book, visa card, sense of humour, earrings or book more than once every two weeks? 4: Suddenly fly into red faced rages? 5: Think other drivers are inadequate? 6: The boss is a half-wit? 7: Think others are often too needy? Four ticks or more? It's not your surroundings but you that needs an overhaul.


Sometimes you seem quite content living within the ivory tower of your mind. However, you want a bit of fun and romance in your lovemaking.

You enjoy being with someone who is able to amuse you as well as stimulate you mentally and physically. Stylized role-playing sex fantasies can add a touch of spicy glamour to your love life.


If successful, this traditionally fortune-producing rhyme, could provide a stress-free rest of your life. ‘Holly tree, O holly tree, Let much wealth come to me! Say it to the tree while clasping it around the main stem.

Reality Check

When allowed to go your own way, you cheerfully float through space unaware of what is going on around you. Emotional detachment can make it seem that you’re unfeeling, when actually the opposite is true. You’re more humane and sensitive than most people, but in such an abstract way that others don’t know where you’re coming from. The paradoxical nature of your Aquarian character makes you fascinating to know but quite maddening to love.

January 24 Date Share

Neil Diamond, singer songwriter. Daniel Auteuil, movie star. Michel Serrault, French movie star. Sharon Täte, film star, married Roman Polanski, Manson murder victim. Edith Wharton, novelist, Ethan Fromme. John Belushi, Hollywood comedian, film star. Nastassja Kinski, film star, daughter of Klaus. Desmond Morris, anthropologist, writer, The Naked Ape. Hadrian, Roman Emperor, ruled 21 years. Frederick the Great, Prussian ruler. Ernest Borgnine, film and TV star. Maria Tallchief, ballet dancer.

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